After the quick greetings and introductions, the boss of the fencing gym finally led the group in.

As soon as Cheng Qing entered the hall, the students that were previously scattered around in an orderly fashion all quickly stopped what they were doing and shouted, “Hello teacher!”

Cheng Qing smiled warmly, “Keep practicing hard.” 

Seeing that she looked the same as usual, Luo Xi thought blankly.
So she was kind to everyone, is that it?

She is gentle to everyone, not just me… 

Suddenly, a clear female voice came from behind them. 

“Sister Qing.”

The gym owner puzzledly looked at his daughter who had just entered, “Why did you come here, don’t you have a test today?”

Luo Xi followed the sound and noticed a girl with a ponytail dressed in a white shirt and a houndstooth pleated skirt.

The girl’s gaze was immediately drawn to Cheng Qing as soon as she stepped through the door.

“I’ve already completed the exam! Besides, didn’t you say that Sister Qing would return today?”

Cheng Qing turned her head and locked eyes with the girl who just entered, “Xiao Xing?” 

The girl excitedly stepped forward and fondly held Cheng Qing’s arm, “Sister Qing, you haven’t been here in a while.
Why don’t you spar with me while you’re here?”

Cheng Qing shook her head while withdrawing her hand.

“No can do.
I’m still recording the show and I brought my three students here today.”

Xiao Xing was taken aback and frowned as she looked at the three people behind Cheng Qing.

“Sister Qing, you are capable of joining the national team, do you need to waste your time on them?”

In Xiao Xing’s eyes, Cheng Qing is a shining star.
She was the god who one day kicked open the fencing gym door and defeated everyone by herself.

Why would she go to record a variety show? It wasn’t because her father had her enrolled in the program without permission.

“I don’t have that intention.” Cheng Qing simply smiled.

This was because she had already won the highest award in her previous life – the Olympic national title! She has not missed out on any gold medals, large or small, both at home and abroad.

Naturally, there was no intention of walking along the same path again.

As the saying goes, every success comes with a price.
So when Cheng Qing awoke in this world, there had to be something she needed to complete.

She thought about it for a long time and ended up recalling the princess in the book who broke her leg and sat by the park fountain, humiliated by everyone.

Her pride, self-esteem, fame, and even love ceased to exist.

Cheng Qing knew of her unfortunate ending, so she felt distressed.
She decided that no matter how many times Luo Xi would throw a fit and play a petty temper, she would not be angry.

She wanted to change her fate, a girl like Luo Xi should be high-spirited.

“What a pity, with your talent you should be on the national team.” Xiao Xing expressed a look of regret.

“Don’t worry, it’s not a pity.
Besides, I also gained something from the show.” Cheng Qing quickly glanced at Luo Xi before turning her head back.

Since the beginning of the conversation between Xiao Xing and Cheng Qing, an unknown feeling suddenly crept into Luo Xi’s heart as she watched the two get along easily.
Her brows creased as she turned around and left feeling dissatisfied.

Cheng Qing seemed to have a Luo Xi anger radar and sensed that she had become angry. 

Cheng Qing instantly became confused, “My harvest is gone?” 

“…Huh?” Liu Suoyu was clueless.

“…But teacher, we’re still here.” Lin Shandie cheekily waved her hand in front of Cheng Qing’s face.

“Then why is Luo Xi angry?” Cheng Qing scratched the top of her head.
Was the gym not adequate enough? I didn’t even do anything!

Liu Suoyu: “…” I’m curious as well!

Cheng Qing wanted to coax the upset Luo Xi and urgently touched her empty pocket.
She became displeased when she couldn’t find what she was looking for, “Did anyone bring toffee?”

 Lin Shandie was puzzled and touched her chin, “…Who would bring that without any trouble?”

After taking a few steps away from the group, Luo Xi blushed in response to hearing Cheng Qing’s concerned questions of her and rushed back hurriedly.
When Luo Xi returned, she was pouting.

 Luo Xi crossed her arms, “I’m not upset.”

She really wasn’t angry, it was just that since discovering she wasn’t the most special person to Cheng Qing, she felt a little… lost.

Cheng Qing smiled brightly, “That’s good then!” 

She then gently took Luo Xi’s hand and gestured for her to follow, “Come with me, I’ll take you to change your clothes.” 

Xiao Xing saw this and wanted to go with Cheng Qing as well, “I’ll come too!” 

Cheng Qing pushed her elsewhere to practice, “No, you don’t want to.” 

She continued to lead Luo Xi away.

Xiao Xing: “(⊙_⊙)?”

Luo Xi was stunned and looked at Cheng Qing whose soft hand was on hers, lightly pulling her away.
Finally, she smiled.

[1] Sabre form of fencing: The sabre weapon is for thrusting and cutting with both the cutting edge and the back of the blade (unlike other modern fencing weapons, the épée, and foil, where the methods of making a hit are scored using only the point of the blade). [Taken from Wiki]

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