Regardless of who you are with, there is a remarkable feeling between two hands that hold each other.
Compatibility, warmth, pulse, and joy can all be expressed through just two hands.

And like in this world, there will always be that one individual who is exceptional to you.
Luo Xi was unable to see her emotions but when she was with Cheng Qing… It seemed as if she desired for more.

Cheng Qing is a gentle person, and Luo Xi could tell from the moment she saw her.

Having gone through a sad upbringing, Luo Xi was aware that her qualities were not as appealing, she also believed that she lacked any special talents.
Who would want someone like her, who is squeamish, contrived, and irritable?

When Luo Xi was a child, even her mother would be dissatisfied with her.
She would hold her hand and say, “Luo Xi, if you can’t do your best, you might as well do nothing at all.”

She’d stood in the shadows countless times, telling herself that all she’d ever be was a pain in the ass.

This was the reason Luo Xi disliked reality television.
It didn’t matter if there were scripts or designs; it was difficult for people to hide their true nature.

As a result, netizens on the internet criticized Luo Xi, though she didn’t think any of it was strange, wasn’t it normal for people like herself to suffer?

Because of this, she disliked people who were the complete opposite of her personality, the contrast was too tragic she was almost jealous. 

It wasn’t until she experienced that tenderness for herself that she would realize herself being at ease.

Why pamper yourself? Why coax yourself? Why do you smile softly at yourself?

It wasn’t surprising that people liked Cheng Qing.

While Luo Xi’s hand was still being gently held by Cheng Qing, she thought to herself, “Why isn’t she upset with someone like me? It has only been three days since Cheng Qing appeared on the broadcast; I will eventually know her true intentions right?”

Just like those people in the show who avoided Luo Xi in the end, Cheng Qing will be the same one day…


When the two finally entered the locker room, it was obvious that the space was small, most likely due to the scarcity of students.

The room was filled with lockers that covered the walls, wardrobes that hung from the ceiling, as well as a wide bench that sat in the center of the room, it was probably used as a rest area for the team members.

Luo Xi pushed her muddled thoughts aside and glanced around curiously.
Huh, so this is where Cheng Qing usually lives.

Cheng Qing let go of her hand and grinned at her, “I’ll go get you a set of clothes.”

Luo Xi nodded, “By the way, I don’t wear what other people have worn before.” 

Cheng Qing stopped for a moment before walking to a locker and opening it, “Are my clothes okay?”

Her jade-like hand pointed to a neatly folded pile of garments in the locker.

“I’m reluctant, but I suppose it’ll do!” Luo Xi blushed, turned her head, and crossed her arms.

Cheng Qing softly chuckled as she grabbed the clothes, “Mhmm! It’s fine since we share the same bed anyways.”

Luo Xi was initially indifferent but after hearing her remarks, she dropped to the ground with an “ouch”.

Cheng Qing’s gentle eyes became crescents as she giggled helplessly at Luo Xi’s actions, “I was just kidding, are you that bad with jokes?”

Luo Xi reddened as she glared at her, “That was a joke?”

Cheng Qing didn’t refute as she walked to her, “Here, I’ll help you get up!” Offering her hand in assistance.

Luo Xi returned her gaze to the hand extended out in front of her, but rather than taking her hand, she sat still unmoved.

“Are you still angry?” Cheng Qing arched an eyebrow and took the initiative to reach for Luo Xi’s hand instead.

“Not angry, just out of breath.” Luo Xi finally took Cheng Qing’s assistance and stood up.

“That’s alright, I’ll help you wear it then.
Can you hold the sword?” Cheng Qing leaned closer to her.

“I can wear it myself.” Luo Xi creased her soft eyebrows.

Cheng Qing slightly curved the corners of her mouth, “Trust me, you can’t.” 

Unconvinced, Luo Xi looked back; the clothes Cheng Qing placed on the bench included a metal vest, multiple layers of protective underclothing, slacks, and other sorts of garments she couldn’t identify.
It appears that it wasn’t simple.

Luo Xi could only hold her breath and say, “I’m going to have to trouble you then.”

Cheng Qing happily nodded then squatted in front of Luo Xi and picked up a piece of the uniform.

“This is a metal chest protector.
Turn around and I’ll help you put it on.”

After hearing her words, Luo Xi listened obediently.
Cheng Qing came closer, lowering her head until her mouth was directly over Luo Xi’s neck.
She gently assisted Luo Xi in putting on the intricate layers one by one.

Cheng Qing’s exhaled air, with its warm dampness, brushed across Luo Xi’s exposed neck.
It felt like… Cheng Qing was about to come close and kiss her.

This type of thought made Luo Xi feel as though the air was a bit warm, causing her to shudder.
Her cheeks couldn’t help but blush even more.
Cheng Qing, on the other hand, was too preoccupied with strapping on the metal protector to notice the irregularities on Luo Xi’s face.

Luo Xi was not foolish enough to overlook her rapid heartbeats.
She realized that her shyness was causing her heart to flutter and decided to rid herself of the weird sensation.

Cheng Qing’s whole focus was on fastening the protective layer when the strap in her hand was swiftly pulled away.

She was momentarily stunned when she watched Luo Xi grab the vest, sit on the bench, and remain silent.

Cheng Qing: “???” 

What you said earlier about not being angry, how come you’re mad now???

When Luo Xi refused to speak, Cheng Qing thought about her actions for a while but couldn’t figure out how she had provoked her.
She would not take the suffocating silence any longer!

Cheng Qing strolled closer and softly asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Stop, don’t move,” Luo Xi said, her face still flushed.

Cheng Qing came to a halt, her expression kind.
Luo Xi was also surprised by her own words.

The air seemed to freeze in time before Cheng Qing suddenly said, “Luo Xi you’re blushing.”

Luo Xi: “!!!” 

“W-who told you to say that!!!”

Luo Xi impulsively moved her arm to grab the sword at her hip.

Cheng Qing noticed this and immediately reached out to stop her action, “Wait, that sword can’t be smashed!!!”


After a while, Cheng Qing finally brought Luo Xi into the fencing field, her hair being a little messy.

Liu Suoyu had also changed into his fencing clothes and caught sight of Cheng Qing.
His gaze was immediately drawn to the ”nest” on her head and covered his mouth as he tried to suppress a laugh, “I heard shouts from inside, did something happen?”

Cheng Qing looked at him with sadness, I also want to know what was wrong!

“…Ehh, pretend I didn’t ask.
Anyway…who are we going against?”

Cheng Qing turned her head to face the assistant director who was following them, and soon, the program team introduced the rules in detail.

It was later revealed that the students’ opponent would be a fencer named Zhou Minli.
For Zhou Minli to win, she had to score 15 points before a student could score one point.
But if the celebrities wanted to win, they just had to score one point against Zhou Minli.

The group of people made their way to the rectangle-shaped arena[1].
The arena’s design was built so that the two opposing challengers could only be on either side, attacking or defending their vital points depending on the situation.

Cheng Qing called her students over, gathering in a small huddle as she briefly explained the effective impact of protective clothing, cables, and sabres.

“The sabre’s effective strike weighs 500g, however, it doesn’t count as a hit if you only touch your opponent.
Initially, the foil sword would be more user-friendly for beginners but it doesn’t have many useful elements.
Although there is the epee which has several effective elements, it’s just that…”

Cheng Qing looked at the two girls, “The epee weighs 750g, so it’s not very favorable for ladies.”

Several people were exposed to this information for the first time unaware of what they were getting themselves into, but they all understood one thing.

Liu Suoyu touched his chin, “In other words, we can only hit the upper body of the opponent but the force of the blow must be greater than 500g.” 

Cheng Qing gave a thumbs-up, “Yep that’s correct.” 

“Hmm…It shouldn’t be too difficult so I’ll go first.
If I get a hit in, the two ladies won’t have to go.” 

What a gentleman! Cheng Qing smiled and allowed Liu Suoyu to go first. 

A few minutes later, Zhou Minli scored 15 points in a row and Liu Suoyu was kicked off surprisingly fast. 

Liu Suoyu’s face flushed as he shouted with great embarrassment, “The speed of the opponent was so fast I couldn’t even see her arm qAq!” 

Cheng Qing smiled and didn’t reply. 

Luo Xi: “…” 

Lin Shandie later went and was also kicked out after losing 15 points.
She, on the other hand, was not embarrassed, “I almost hit her several times, but then her motions became so quick.”

Cheng Qing smiled and still didn’t reply. 

Luo Xi: “…”

Luo Xi thought at this moment that fencing seemed…not so easy, and it was soon her turn.
Zhou Minli drew her mask up and glowered at Luo Xi, her eyes holding dark shadows as she stared intently at her.

Cheng Qing reassuringly patted Luo Xi on the shoulder, “Don’t be afraid; the purpose of the protective clothing is to keep you safe.
Since the director assigned you a task so quickly today, there isn’t time to teach you basic offense and defense.”

Cheng Qing helped Luo Xi put on the protective hat and pulled down the mask.
She then whispered in her ear, “If you lose, you lose.
It’s okay to just be happy!“

Luo Xi was pushed into the field, but she looked back at Cheng Qing and wondered, can it be done without having to work so hard? As long as you’re happy?

“Luo Xi face the front!” Cheng Qing urgently pointed behind her.

Luo Xi was startled, and hurriedly turned around but was instantly hit on the head by the opponent.
She had already lost a point. 

Luo Xi: “…” 

“Don’t let your guard down.” Zhou Minli sneered at her provocatively.

Luo Xi frowned, she felt that Zhou Minli was… hostile to her. 

She calmed her thoughts and began to concentrate.
I just need one point to win the game; as long as I earn one point, the game is finished and Cheng Qing will be happy for her, right? Her fencing ability shouldn’t be that bad, should it?

However, as Cheng Qing said, the sabre is the Olympics’ second quickest sport, not to mention that the opponent is a professional player with significantly different levels of skill.

When Luo Xi attempted to attack, she couldn’t even respond and could only watch her sword be repeatedly deflected by the opponent.

With each strike, Zhou Minli knocked Luo Xi’s sabre to the side until she turned around and hit her right arm.
Luo Xi felt an excruciating pain spread and began to clutch her right arm with her left hand in an attempt to soothe it.

Cheng Qing’s face slowly chilled as she watched the match begin.
It turns out that this exercise…will cause injury.

“Do you want to continue?” Zhou Minli pulled up her mask, revealing a delicate face that quickly turned into a scrutinizing gaze.

Luo Xi scowled at her, “Continue.” 

Cheng Qing had been sitting on the sidelines watching the game intently, but when she saw Luo Xi cradling her battered arm, she sprang up and pursed her lips.

The skill disparity was too large for Luo Xi’s blade to touch the opponent.
Zhou Minli would repeatedly launch high-speed attacks at the exact spot where Luo Xi’s arm had been hurt.

Once is by chance, twice is by coincidence, and three times is by enemy action.
The malice was very obvious.
It wouldn’t take much effort to score against a beginner if a professional was fighting against one.
Zhou Minli was doing this on purpose.

“What’s the deal with Zhou Minli?” Cheng Qing felt enraged.

Xiao Xing sat up, “Don’t you know? She’s a fan of Ye Lingyun! Oh wait, I forgot you don’t follow celebrities.”

Cheng Qing scoffed in Zhou Minli’s direction, “So she’s a fan of Ye Lingyun?”

Cheng Qing rose from her seat and entered the arena heading straight to where Zhou Minli stood.

Her long legs emanated an authoritative demeanor, her back straight, eyes cold as ice as she strode toward her target.
She seized Zhou Minli’s wrist, yanking her back.
Zhou Minli’s sabre dropped to the ground with a “clang”.
The competition was discontinued.

“Zhou Minli, there must be a limit to your maliciousness!” Cheng Qing hissed into Zhou Minli’s ear.

“Fencing is a gentleman’s sport, why are you being so nasty to a beginner?” Cheng Qing let go of Zhou Minli’s wrist but her expression remained unchanged yet surged with a wave of silent rage.

Luo Xi stood close to Cheng Qing, staring at the defiant figure in front of her.
An awful grievance could be felt since she couldn’t win the match, but the pounding of her heart was far greater.
Cheng Qing was here, she was safe.

Cheng Qing turned behind her to gaze at Luo Xi with compassionate eyes, “Go down first, I’ll be with you later.” 

Luo Xi bent her head down a bit, the end of her lips curling up slightly as she softly replied, “Yes… thank you.”

[1] Rectangle-shaped arena in fencing looks like this.

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