tip of Luo Xi’s ear as her warm breath ran along the sides of her neck.


Cheng Qing exhaled lightly as she asked seductively, “Am I bullying you if I do this?”

Her voice was full of amusement but Luo Xi was momentarily seduced and became speechless.

Seeing that Luo Xi didn’t speak, Cheng Qing thought that she had done something wrong so she leaned back and softened her gaze, “If you’re afraid of pain, don’t force yourself to continue.
You’ll only hurt yourself more.”

Luo Xi was still in a daze as she turned her head to look at the 10 cm long scar on her arm and held back her coquettishness aggrievedly, “But she provoked me fir- “

“Oh my~!” Cheng Qing feigned a shocked face and mercilessly sprayed more medicine on the wound.

The stimulation of the medicine penetrated through the wound and Luo Xi narrowed her eyes at Cheng Qing, “You did that on purpose!”

Cheng Qing smiled gently as usual, “No, I’m giving you medicine~” The tone was gentle as always.

Luo Xi: “…” 

The two stopped talking and Cheng Qing quickly covered the wound with gauze to prevent bacterial infection.

After cleaning up the scraps, Cheng Qing picked up a coat and put it on Luo Xi.
She then walked over to the closet to place the medicine box back where it belonged.

Luo Xi followed directly behind her but Cheng Qing didn’t see her until she turned around and nearly bumped into her.
Fortunately, Cheng Qing responded fast enough and stopped steadily.

She leaned against the closet behind her, looking down at the gleaming hair twirling on Luo Xi’s head; it was as adorable as Luo Xi!

Luo Xi saw Cheng Qing’s smiling eyes and moved closer to her, closing the gap between their bodies.

Cheng Qing was caught off guard and asked, “What’s wrong?”  

Luo Xi touched Cheng Qing’s arm and tugged on the sleeve of her checkered jacket.
The neckline slid down Cheng Qing’s arm exposing her refined collarbone.

From the camera’s perspective, Luo Xi appeared to be leaning into Cheng Qing’s arms but in reality, there was still a small gap between the two.

Luo Xi didn’t dare to raise her head, her delicate brows furrowed together as she softly whispered, “That Zhou Minli, what did she say to you?”

Cheng Qing’s gaze was immediately attracted to Luo Xi’s ruby-colored lips and tilted her head to look at her expression.
She could feel her heart begin to throb as she noticed Luo Xi’s eyes wander on her face from the bottom up.

Cheng Qing froze for a second before reaching out to touch Luo Xi’s cheek, it was so smooth and soft. 

“Zhou Minli said she saw you slap Ye Lingyun.”

Luo Xi pursed her soft lips and asked, “Do you believe her?”

“I believe it.”

Luo Xi furrowed two upset eyebrows at her and said “Hmph” as she turned to leave.

“Wait, listen to me, I believe that what she said is true but it doesn’t mean that I don’t trust you!” Cheng Qing softly held her arm and pulled her back, sighing.

Luo Xi was feeling better and finally looked at her, “That day, Ye Lingyun provoked me first, she stepped on my foot while wearing high heels! She clearly knows what I can’t stand the most and provoked me on purpose.”

Cheng Qing nodded, “Mm…”

Luo Xi’s eyes widened in disbelief, “That’s your reaction!?”

Cheng Qing blinked, thought for a while, and answered carefully, “Same hatred.”

Luo Xi: “…” 


When the two returned to the cars Liu Suoyu and Lin Shandie were already sitting inside.
Liu Suoyu spotted them enter and saw Luo Xi’s candid expression. 

He asked Cheng Qing in a low voice, “Teacher, did you make her angry again?”

Cheng Qing drooped her head and was thinking very seriously, “I’m still thinking about what I did wrong just now.”

Liu Suoyu: “…”

Seeing that Cheng Qing was really thinking seriously Lin Shandie couldn’t help but secretly laugh, to be honest, she didn’t blame the increase in CP fans.
The chemistry between the two was a little too attractive.

In another car, the cameraman that had just captured the scene inside the locker room showed it to the assistant director, she closely observed it and nearly suffered a nosebleed.

After a while, several people returned to the villa where Li Mingyao, Ye Lingyun, and Feng Qiuyi were still making cakes with Zhang Lingzhen.

Ye Lingyun wasn’t very skilled so her face, hair, and clothes were all smeared with cream while Li Mingyao stood aside, arms folded as if giving up.

Feng Qiuyi was serious but he wasn’t any better than Ye Lingyun.
The person who baked the entire cake flung himself on it and nearly transformed into one!

In the end, Zhang Lingzhen barely praised Ye Lingyun with a few words.

As for the group led by Zhou Yong, they had already returned and were relaxing in the living room.

Seeing Cheng Qing and the others come back, Kong Mingyan asked the assistant director, “How was it over there?” 

The assistant director showed a wretched smile and said, “Very good, very good.”

Kong Mingyan: “???” What happened?

He looked behind the assistant director and saw Luo Xi’s left arm wrapped with gauze. 

The director immediately stood up in fright while gawking at Luo Xi’s arm, “Oh my god, what happened? Are you injured?” If her manager finds out, she’s going to kill me!

Luo Xi placed her other arm on her hip and bluntly said, “The NPC you invited is a follower of Ye Lingyun, she exacted her petty revenge, and I- “

Cheng Qing quickly covered her mouth from behind before Luo Xi could finish speaking and politely smiled at Kong Mingyan. 

“This matter is complicated but you will know about it when the show airs later.
I will take her upstairs to change clothes first it was stained with blood.”

Luo Xi tried to struggle out of Cheng Qing’s hug but Cheng Qing’s hand stretched out to pinch her waist.
Luo Xi was ticklish so when Cheng Qing squeezed her hip, Luo Xi giggled under her palm.

The two then left under the director’s shocked, numb, and suspicious gaze.

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