– That concludes the final exam of the year. I hope the knowledge of history which I taught over the last few years will stay with you, since its basis of current and coming, youll always see it around you.

Final day of the 11th grade. Last exam of the year. History.

[A great subject, always relevant, or, at least, thats what they are trying to remind everyone about. I know very well what almost everyone else thinks of our history classes.

”An unavoidable obstacle. ”

thats what most of them think it is. And while for most of them thats what it is, for me, its a window to the past, which gives me inspiration.]

Inspiration for his own history, which he was never able to write down, but which he lived through in his dreams.

Zaxton is a freshly graduated student. Hes average in most classes, with a higher score in foreign language and history.

He may not be the best student in the grade like his friend, or the most attractive in the class like the annoying guy whose personality never liked but he liked his position.

He didn complain, and he had some plans for the future, so he was quite content with his place in the world.

He did have some things about himself that he didn like though.

Like his indesiciveness, inconfidence and surprisingly…

…inability to write down his thoughts well when he wanted to.

He tried to write a novel a few times, but everything would stall just after a few words, since he would get too confused to continue.

This doesn mean he didn have anything to write about, because oh boy he did.

His dreams, his story which he would watch unfold, and most importantly his interest.





Artillery, tanks, mortars, cannons. revolvers, rifles and general explosives too.

But in his dream he could get so much more.




War machines.

What he would do to get one in real life… Even he didn know. He knew, that he wanted at least one, and in his head it was, almost, completely possible.

– …of course, the way that he thinks of is a lot more logical and long term then what is about to happen, but it doesn matter. I also like his dream, and I know full well what Im going to do in order to make i

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