t a reality.

The cheerful voice could be heard somewhere, but there was noone to hear it.

Meanwhile, Zaxton wholeheartedly thanked his history teacher, and went home.

Ance he got there he had only one thought on his mind.

[Sleep. I have, and I want, to sleep for a while.]

He was having trouble sleeping lately, which disgruntled him for two reasons.

Firstly, he couldn get into his dream, which meant he couldn enjoy the view of the machines he developed in there.

Code name: Z-S-M.

Short for Zaxton Steam Machine.

One of the best parts of his dream, in his opinion, was the fact that he had complete control of how realistic certain parts of it were.

As such, he managed to come up with a whole country, where he was responsible for designing weaponry with his subordinates controlling the country, and even though he didn come up with enemy countries, the fact is, that even without his wish his country was under attack of swarms of weird monsters, so he naturally had a way to vent his wishes, while feeling a tiny bit suspicious.

And even though he didn have a limit on how unrealistic his designs were, he tried to keep the unrealisticism to a minimum, and as such there was only one thing he didn know how to achieve in real life to make his machines come to life, and he was proud of his mind for such an achievement, even though he was embarrased to admit that.

And second reason for his dissappointed on his inability to sleep was…

…the fact that his parents were worried about him because of it.

And he was very worried when his parents were worried.

And now, he was going to go to sleep early to make up for the unslept time.

-Pheeww. Well, good dreams…z z z z z z….

___ ___ ___

Back to where the weird voice was, a strange figure materialised.

– …Its time to start…

A light flashed, and something weird started happening.

In real world, some strange creatures started to appear.

And people would find out soon enough.

Since they were the prey now.

Of course, thay weren the only thing that has begun appearing.

Some of the most vivid dreams also started to realize, to a lesser extent, but it still began.

And so, unrest slowly started to rise, all the while Zaxton kept on sleeping.

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