n no sex for two years…”


“Every day I am anxious.
I can't sleep at night and can't wake up during the day, and I lose a lot of hair.
I have no thoughts about that.
When I went out with her, I waited for a long time to find out that there was someone beside me.
No one said anything along the way, only thought about our own affairs.
Sometimes I think about the other person and want to find a topic to talk about, but I feel tired of talking about everything, and I am prone to disputes, so I don't say anything at all.”


Shi Ye, who was sitting next to Xu Youyuan, took a sip of coffee and shook her head repeatedly: “A Gan is now thinner like a rod.”


A Gan smiled bitterly: “A rod that breaks easily.
Look at my nails.”


She opened her fingers, her friends leaned forward and saw that there was a clear depression on her somewhat yellow nails, almost on every nail.


“You have insufficient energy and blood, it's a bit serious.” Shi Ye said, “You have to go for an exhaustive inspection, don't delay, in case there are other problems…”


“I want to go, but I don't have time or mood, I have no spirit to do anything.”


“Aren't you depressed?”


“It's possible.” Agan lowered her head and drank a whole cup of black coffee.


“I have my troubles, and Chen Shu also has her own difficulties.
We all know that the other has a difficult life, but there is no desire to communicate.
We have said everything that should be said, and persuaded all that should be persuaded.
There is no improvement.
Knowing that it is all in vain, as time passed, I was reluctant to speak.
In fact, the root cause was that I was not motivated.
She said that I do have other ways, I just didn't want to make progress and didn't want to leave the comfort zone.
I knew she was right, and I didn't rebute.
Instead of taking the risk of resigning and going to the sinking area, it is better to stay in the current company, at least everything is familiar, the salary is enough to maintain the current life, and I opened my eyes and thought that the rent of 15,000RMB a month could barely be paid.
I can breathe at least.


“Chen Shu was very disappointed with me and felt that I was not self-motivated.
As for me, I felt that she thought nothing about home at all, and she didn't care about me.
Let alone sex, she didn't say more than five sentences with me in a day, we would rather don't see each other.



After A Gan finished speaking, everyone present was thoughtful.
They drank the coffee and tea in front of them, and no one spoke for a while.

The friends present are similar in age, all over 30 years old.
At the watershed of life, every time they meet, they complain about those three things: health, work, and relationships.

A Gan seems to have understood it, it is not tangled.
What she said to her friends had circulated in her mind hundreds of times, and she had talked to herself thousands of times.
In the end, the main idea was only five words-broken jar broken broken.



Xu Youyuan leaned on the soft sofa cushion, Shi Ye asked her what she would like to drink, latte?


“Let's have a cup of black tea.” She said, “I can't sleep with coffee at this o'clock at night.”

“A Gan is really nothing.” Jiang Yun, who has not spoken a word, drank two large glasses of wine, and her cheeks are already slightly red, said, “It is better not to do it for two years than a Hulunbuir prairie above one's head.
“Once again, everyone turned their attention to her in disbelief.
Seeing that her cheeks were flushed, she was slightly drunk, her eyes were looking straight at the desktop, her chest was rising and falling from time to time, as if there was a mouthful of bad pressure in her heart, and her eyes were full of hate.


“Isn't it…” Seeing Jiang Yun's appearance, the best friends who had been incredible for A Gan and Chen Shu no sex for two years had already guessed from her words, “Could it be that Wu Zhuo cheated on her? “


Jiang Yun smiled and nodded: “It sounds incredible, you can't even think of how I discovered it.”


Everyone immediately raised their ears.



At the end of each year, Wu Zhuo's company has an annual meeting.
 Family members can also join the annual meeting.
I have been there.
You all know it.
Her colleagues basically recognize me.”Last year I attended as usual at the end of the year, and then a little girl from their company looked at me involuntarily, and I asked Wu Zhuo who she was.
Wu Zhuo said she was new here, and asked me why I asked her.
I didn’t say anything, just just ask.
At that time, I felt something was wrong, but I couldn't tell it clearly, and then I forgot.”


Everyone: “You confirmed the eyes, is it the one who has greened you?”

Jiang Yun rolled her eyes, and then said, “My dad got sick some time ago, so I took time off and went back to my hometown to accompany him.
Wu Zhuo usually asks me to take a taxi to the station by myself.
This time she was very diligent and drove me to the station.
After her car drove into the vacuum track, I wondered, the feeling of something wrong seemed familiar.


“Wu Zhuo would send me good night every night, no exception, and same the next few days when I go home.
It is sent on time at 11 o'clock every night, and the fluctuation basically does not exceed 15 minutes.” Jiang Yun took a sip of a friend's tea, moisturized her throat and continued, “Our work and life are stable at this age, and the routine of work and rest is not easy to break.
We all know this…”


Someone couldn't help but interject: “One night Wu Zhuo's goodnight was posted late?”  


Jiang Yun shook her head.


“She didn't send it at all?”


“No.” Jiang Yun said, “She posted more than an hour earlier, saying that she was tired and went to bed first.”


Everyone was silent, and it was clear in the silence.


Jiang Yun said: “I didn't sleep all night that night.
In addition to thinking about who the bastard Wu Zhuo was with, I was thinking more about my dad.
The doctor said that my dad had to undergo radiation therapy.
The cutting-edge treatment method has the best effect among all the current programs.
But it is expensive, really expensive, and I almost kneeled when I heard that number.
The doctor said that if other programs are used, the survival rate within three years is 30%, and the implant radiation therapy is used to survive.
The rate is 80%, which is very promising.
Expenses, I sold the house, put in a deposit, and borrowed a little bit to barely cover the cost, which is equivalent to taking out all my savings since I went to work.
Only five years later, there will still be danger of disease, and the probability of death is equally high, the doctor said clearly.
To put it bluntly, should I use all my property for my dad's life span for a few years.


“I'm just the one who makes decisions at home, so I didn't dare to tell my dad that I was still thinking about Wu Zhuo on the other end.
I was upset.”


Friends said: “Why don't you tell us?”


“I don't want to make you worry about me.
I wanted to ask you to complain when I came back this time, but I didn't expect to be hit head-on as soon as I came back.”





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