In the instant that everyone hasn’t responded in time, hundreds of millions of yuan have been swiped away, and the number is still growing at a rapid rate of 100,000 per second.

The strange thing is that large-scale abnormal transfers in the past will be monitored by the government, thereby freezing the transfer account and path.
But this time, the hacker seems to have gotten through the key point a long time ago, very cleverly avoided monitoring and transferred huge sums of money overseas.

The transfer process was extremely smooth, and the players did not even receive the transfer information.

Everything is going on in secret.

The past success of “Reshaping the Universe” and the huge number of users it is proud of seem so ironic at the moment.

More than 40% of people across the country have accounts of “Reshaping the Universe”, and there are more than one billion players worldwide.
And the game uses an online hosting system, which allows players to keep their accounts active in the game world while working or sleeping.

There are a lot of activities in the fifth-anniversary version, and the massive rewards and gifts naturally attracted countless players to flood the server, and the number of online users hit a record high.

The more people online, the higher the amount stolen.

It was an achievement that should have been worthy of pride, but it became a mountain of backlash.

Someone finally found out that their money was gone.
They quickly reported the crime and went online.
The incident was spread at the speed of light.

Players checked their accounts one after another.
It was too late at this time and the accounts had been emptied.

There is no evidence to prove that all this is caused by “Reshaping the universe” because the transfer path is encrypted and has not been cracked for the time being.
From the perspective of the encryption level, even if it is cracked, the real path may not be found.

The public does not let SQUALL go although there is no real evidence.
Venting their anger has never needed the support of evidence.

There are constant criticisms on the Internet, and SQUALL has never shown up.

How much money was taken away, the police did not announce the result to the public, and there was not even a public press conference.

According to legend, by the time the accounts involved in the case were fully frozen, a total of $800 billion had been transferred.

However, 800 billion is just the beginning.

“I didn’t tell you that when I came back from my hometown, the police had already waited for me and took me away directly at the station.” Xu Youyuan was calm when talking about this, but Shi Ye felt a chill run down her spine.

“800 billion…My God…” Shi Ye said, “I thought about the amount of money may be very big, but I didn’t expect it to be so terrible…”

Xu Youyuan said: “Economic losses are actually easy to say, and the more terrifying ones are yet to come.”

“Reshaping the Universe” As the pioneer of holographic immersive games, the game access device directly connected to neurons was hailed as a revolutionary product when it came out, and it was even called one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century.
It allows players to truly immerse themselves in the perfect game world, in a game world that is infinitely closer to the real world to get the most direct and exciting gaming experience – this is the main reason for the unprecedented success of “Reshaping the Universe”.

However, from the beginning of the game’s launch to today, the voice of doubt about it has never stopped.

The operation of directly accessing neurons can indeed build a very real game scene in the brain, but what damage it will do to the brain, the critics feel that the report given by SQUALL is not authoritative enough to prove that their games are harmless to the human body.

SQUALL does not intend to bother with these doubts.
After all, all the data show that players are not affected by these doubts, and the money earned is real.

As a producer, Xu Youyuan always puts “guaranteeing the personal safety of game players” in the first place.
She is indeed like all contemporary young people who want to be successful and want to do something great that will change the world, but the four words “life is at stake” have always been hanging in her heart.

She was the first batch of volunteers since the earliest research and development.
All the experimental reports prove that her game has no harm to the human body.

What she has seen and experienced will not be fake.

But this vehicle incident not only emptied the players’ accounts but even caused fatal damage to more than two hundred players.

According to their family’s description, less than two minutes after accessing the game, the injured fell into a coma with a scream and foamed at the mouth.
They are still unconscious and they all have very similar symptoms.

For a time, all the media and the public’s attention was aimed at “reinventing the universe”, and there was a constant barrage of criticism.

Regardless of whether she admits it or not, Xu Youyuan, the project leader, has been pushed to the edge of the cliff.

Xu Youyuan spent two weeks in the police station before being released on bail.

What happened in the past two weeks, she has no idea at all.

When she returned to the company, everything seemed to be settled.

It is said that the company hired people to recover most of the money and appease the families of the victims, and the families of the victims also decide not to pursue the case.
What is even more magical is that the family members changed their testimonies, saying that the wounded lying in the hospital were not because of playing “Reshaping the Universe”, but because they had a history of other diseases.
The way of directly connecting to neurons has no problem at all.

The most important thing is that someone has already taken the blame.

Xu Youyuan was completely dumbfounded.

Immediately afterward, many clones rushed into the social network to completely flush out the previous negative public opinion about the company.

The hacker group that invaded the game and transferred 800 billion yuan was picked up by SQUALL and submitted to the police.
The action was extremely fast.
The public’s attitude has naturally changed dramatically from a collective crusade of outrage at the beginning to recovering money and receiving objective compensation.
By the late stage without using the clone accounts to control the field, many people spontaneously speak for SQUALL.

It can be said that SQUALL perfectly avoided the dead center in this disaster.
Instead of sinking to the bottom of the sea by a huge wave, it rushed to a higher place through the turbulent waves.

All this was solved perfectly within two weeks, which is incredible.

Shi Ye gasped when he heard this: “It’s like…”

“You feel the same way, right?” Xu Youyuan’s gaze is sharp, “It’s like everything has been prepared.”

“You mean, SQUALL executives had anticipated this a long time ago?” Shi Ye said, “Could it be that you are overly concerned? Even if the PR is great and someone is paid to talk, SQUALL itself can not escape the negative stalking, which is not good for anyone, right? Besides, didn’t someone take the blame?”

Xu Youyuan said: “It was someone who took the blame, and the reason why it was called ‘take the blame’ is that everyone understands that the person was sent to prison for me, and the real source of the problem lies with me.

“The two weeks in the police station were longer than two centuries.
At that time, I really thought my life was over.
However, when I came out and saw the situation clearly, I had another subtle feeling.”

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