Its been a year now, its no news to the werewolf community that theres a new she-wolf in town.

They all want me; they want to claim me for themselves.

Alfred is a great alpha. I can see why Liam adores him. He can also be scary sometimes when he has his head in the wolf business.

I have gone hunting with the pack from time to time. Rivalry packs and rouges sometimes launch an attack on our pack to get me.

Some profess their love for me, while others want to experiment on me to see what made me survive. I wonder what made me survive too. It makes no sense. While others want to keep me for breeding purposes.

I kinda understand them, but there will be no breed in here. I have been reading every werewolf book to see how I can revert the effect of this on me.

I want to be human again. I want to go far away and forget everything that ever happened. I want to forget the betrayal and heartbreak. I want to forget Liam. But there is no cure for this now. This is my reality now.

I have bonded with the pack. I knew I wanted a family and I think I got it. Even though I never imagined it like this.

I wanted a normal family not this pack of flesh-eating monsters! Oh shit, I forgot Im one of them now.

But I got them anyway and they protect me with everything they got.

Im cool with all of them except Liam! I will never forgive that bastard.

Some months back, I had a conversation with Alfred concerning how I would like to leave vine valley and move somewhere new.

He didn dismiss it at all, he asked me to make preparations for it on the condition that one of the pack members will come with me.

Well, anything to get a bit of normal in my life again.

Today I got a letter in my mail about a job I interviewed for in Canada. I got the job!

Its in an art gallery. I am an art enthusiast so this is just perfect. I need to work on opening my art studio, so this is a start.

I share the news with Alfred and he is happy but his face says something different. I think hes sad.


A year Later

Its 3 am, and Im with my baby and I love to have him.

On the bed have lusty sex, or make love like some would call it but Id rather call it mating.

My heart racing like I am riding a real horse. He tries to hold me up and take control of my body but I push him back. I like to be in control.

He has no choice but to surrender. I feel like a wild animal; I feel something else taking over.

I realize that something else is taking control of my body, I need to get away.

No not this! Not now!

No one can see me like that. I jump off the bed and put on my clothes.

Max is shocked by my sudden reaction

He is not ready to let me go, and I wouldn blame him.

I had to lie that I had a work thingy at the Gallery and I am running late. Of course, I can always lie about work. Max knows how much I love my work and he would never try to hold me back.

He tries to persuade me to stay longer but I can .

I assured him that Ill make it up to him soon and so I ran off.

I can feel my body changing. I rush into the elevator but the pain in my spine is holding me back.

The fool beside me is trying to be snoopy, asking if Im alright.

”Im alright bitch! ” I say with hoarseness in my voice. She wants to run off the elevator but its too late.

The elevator closed on us already.

I can hear her heart beating in fear and thats the way I like my meal. She has no idea what is going on with me but she can tell its not good with the look in her eyes. Smart girl!

But I have to control myself. Thats what differentiates us from the Mutts.

At least, I need to turn first.

The elevator hits the last floor and I jump off. Faster than the lady who was in fear for her life.

I run to the alley in the middle of the street to pull off my human clothes and shoes, I feel the pain in my spine hit heavier and I can tell that she won wait for a second longer to take over.

Shes here, she hungry and she needs to eat!

She runs off madly from the dark alley to the woods searching for food.

Anything foolish enough to cross my path will be her meal and I feel sorry for them already.

Of course, I can smell my food. I can hear her coming closer, I can taste her. so I wait no longer.

I creep through the woods to analyze my food.

As it gets closer, I get excited and attack.

Snap its neck and dig in.

it passed out too easily and there you have it, ”Dinner is served! ”

I am glad to be back to myself after Sheila had her meal.

I would feel sorry for the little thing but Sheila gets hungry, what can I do?

She is a part of me, or should I say she is me.

I locate the alley to get dressed the find my way home.

Its 7 am and I know that max should be awake, getting prepared to go to work, which is just perfect.

We can finish what was interrupted hours ago.

I see max in the shower and I am automatically turned on. Thats my baby, looking sexy in his birthday suit.

I can hear my tummy grumbling loudly. Oh, I forgot to mention that its not only Sheila who gets wicked hungry.

Emerald gets super hungry too.

Yea thats me! Emerald. A werewolf. A female werewolf which is weird.

I eat like a starving child, no that doesn quantify it enough, I eat like a starving Rottweiler but I can let anyone see that part of me. But heres the funny thing, I look good as hell!

If you don know me, youd think I only feed on leaves. Its otherwise on this side, I feed on meat, oh do I love good meat! Every kind of meat! Pork, lamb, Beef, turkey, and other kinds that you can imagine.

I guess thats one of our curses/blessings. Prolonged youth

I quickly picked the burger on the table and munched the shit out of it before I proceed to the other business.

I walked slowly behind and he was so startled by my creeping.

We both giggled. I wrap my hands around his waist while kissing his neck.

”How was work? ” Max asked returning the kisses.

”Pretty stressful, but while I was out, all I could think about was you…your lips on mine and your hands on my hips, and this… what my hands can do… ” I whisper slowly removing the white towel around his waist, while my hands find their way to his cock; massaging it slowly and enjoying the sound of maxs low grunts.

I can tell that he is excited to see me from the way his cock went from soft to hard rock.

I could hear his heart beat faster and the timing was perfect…morning sex always makes my day better.

He couldn take my messages anymore, so he turned around and grabs hold of me, and pinned me to the wall.

He plants intense kisses on my lips, ripping my buttons off to take me just the way I love to be taken.

Max is my lover, the sweetest normal thing that has ever happened to me since you know. Even though in the real world, having a relationship with one of the Armanis, is not normal considering the position, wealth, and attention they get from the world.

But to me, its the most normal I have gotten all my life and I love it.

His sisters are nice at least but I can say the same about his mom. My best friend Sarah who is also Maxs sister set me up with him and its the most beautiful set ever.

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