It looks like an angel. 


“Woo, baa…”


It was Enoch Rubinstein’s first thought as he watched the baby smiling in his arms. 


She’s 2 months old.


Even though the baby had only seen the light of the world for two months, she seemed to know that the man holding her in his arms was her father.




Hair like silver thread and clear blue eyes.


Enoch, who had looked at her for a long time as she looked exactly like him, was confused by the strange feeling in his heart. 


It was an irresistible attraction.


The bond of blood, or perhaps the affection—.




Enoch couldn’t understand himself feeling that way.


Like most people with a strong ability in the Empire, they created a child in order to inherit the family.


So he thought he wouldn’t feel anything.


She is just a small individual with the same blood as me, and when she grows up, she will live as a dog of the Empire as a person with strong ability, a noble, and a soldier—.


‘I hate it.’


He was struck by a strong impulse.


‘I don’t want you to live like me.’


The moment he made up his mind, his heart started beating fast.
He left the barracks holding the baby in his arms. 


Outside, the battlefield was in a calm state. 


There was smoke everywhere because they hadn’t extinguished the fire yet.


The sight made him even more determined.


‘You… you can’t.’


Both of the child’s parents are extremely powerful people of the highest class and outstanding among them. 


So there was no need to verify the child’s ability.


With a sword, a shield, or a staff—more than half of her life will be spent on the battlefield. 


“Are you going to run away?”


A voice that laughed slowly pulled him back.
Enoch swallowed his breath and turned around slowly.


The woman who appeared in the dark was the child’s mother.


“No way, you will bring the child?”


She went out during pregnancy and gave birth on a battlefield.
She rejoined the lineup after a month. 


Some people may not understand why pregnant women went to the battlefield, but that was the duty of a person with strong ability.


“What the hell are you thinking?”


“I don’t want to raise her like me.”


“She’s my child, too.”


The woman snorted.


Enoch’s worries as he looked at the child in his arms again were short. 


“…Let’s go together, then.”


You were more impulsive than I thought.”


The woman who was laughing out loud came one step closer.


“We were born as people with strong ability and as aristocrats, and lived, and lived again… and we must die like that.
The same goes for this child.”




“Well, I understand how you feel.
It’s probably more because she’s a daughter.
It makes me think a lot too.” 


The woman just passed by Enoch.




Enoch was surprised.
And then he realized.


A woman must have thought the same thing as him while looking at the child. 


She doesn’t want her to live like this.


“…I’m thinking of going to Xenon.
However, I don’t know if I’ll stay there.”


It was like a deserting soldier announcing his whereabouts, but—.


This woman was the mother of the child.
She should have had the right to know that much.


“Yeah, I wish you good luck.”


Leaving behind the woman’s brief greeting, Enoch disappeared into the darkness.


That day.


Thus, the Empire’s only sword saint, Enoch Rubinstein, disappeared.


It was seven years ago.




Chirp, chirp, chirp—.


Through the window of an old cabin, the dazzling sunlight pours down in the morning.


“My princess, it’s morning.
Let’s wake up.”


“Ung… 5 more minutes.”


“No, no.
Hurry up, we should brush your teeth and have breakfast.”


I lifted my eyelids with difficulty as the hand pulled the blanket off.


Wearing a cute cherry apron and holding a spatula in his hand, this househusband level 9’s name is James Brown.


That’s my dad. 


“Ung, I’m not hungry.”


“Daddy made a very delicious egg dish that my princess likes.” 


Dad lifted me as I tried to get back under the covers.


I closed my sleepy eyes again and sniffed them as I hung around my dad’s neck. 


It smells like broccoli that has fallen into the water, not an egg?”




My dad’s conscience was pricked.
I opened my eyes wide. 


“Ah! I thought I said I didn’t like broccoli!”


“Shh, my princess, Lilith.
Let’s eat just two broccoli today.
Then I’ll sprinkle apple jam on chocolate macarons for dessert.”




Trying to negotiate childishly with chocolate macarons sprinkled with apple jam.


Do I look like a kid who’ll just get caught up in that kind of thing and end up eating broccoli that doesn’t taste good?


Then, just the two of them.”


…You saw it well.
I’m that kind of kid. 


There are only two of them.


“Ah, whose daughter is this nice?”


My dad smiled and kissed me on the cheek.


James, who was level 9 in househusband, was also max-level in childcare.




My name is Lilith Brown.


I’m seven years old this year. 


Growing up, I slowly remembered my past life as a little child with a special secret.


“Say, Aah.”




I’m brushing my teeth. 


“This time iiii.”




Even though I could do it on my own, I laughed when I saw my father, who helped me brush my teeth.


“Why are you laughing?”



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