s nothwing.” (It’s nothing.) 


I have the memory of 32 years of my life, which includes 25 years from my past life and 7 years from my current life.


But my dad, James (27), who doesn’t know anything, treats me like a child and even brushes my teeth.


I’m actually a kid who hid a secret—.


“Now, bubbling it.
And spit it.”


“Spit it.”


My dad, who wiped my mouth with a towel as I spit out, hugged me again.


“Excuse me, uncle.
I have legs too, you know?”


“I know.
But a princess is not supposed to move.
All you have to do is lift your finger and the servants will do it for you.”


“Phew, Dad.
What will you do if I become spoiled because of how I’ve been raised?”


My Dad, who was heading to the kitchen, paused and laughed.


“Our Lilith, you sound like an adult.”


Because I’m an adult. 


Memories of my previous life started to come to me one by one from around the age of 3, when I could think to some extent.


And now that I am seven years old, I have completely remembered my previous life.


In addition, this world is in a fantasy novel I read in my previous life.


“Now, brave Princess Lilith! Let’s get rid of the evil Count Broccoli today!”




Fried egg and sausage—.


In the meantime, I sighed as I rummaged through two pieces of boiled broccoli with a fork.


The past life slowly came to mind, but before that, I was no different from a normal baby.


Even now, if I don’t recall it on purpose, my past life will only feel blurred.


Instinctively, I get into my present life—.


‘Should I hide the broccoli under the egg?’


Therefore, even if I could think like an adult, the taste of children who still hated broccoli remained unchanged.


“Oh, what do you want me to do with your hair today? Rabbit? Or princess?


My dad, who had dragged a chair behind me, asked, brushing my hair.


Rabbits are pigtails, and the princess is a half ponytail.


“Dad, am I kid? Just a normal ponytail.”


My dad, who stopped, just laughed.


“My princess is still a baby.
You can’t even reach Daddy’s waist.”


“It’s only in the body, you know?”


I grew slower than my peers.
I was smaller than 5-year-old Jimmy, the youngest son of a house with a persimmon tree. 


However, I know how to think of adults perfectly now.


‘Hmm, still… it’s good to be a smart kid, but not to the point adults feel weird, right?’


I made up my mind to keep my secrets well while twisting my tongue and doing a rabbit hairstyle, and then said.


“I’ll just do rabbit hair.”


“Rabbit? Okay.”


Dad tied my hair with his skillful hand.


“Oh, it’s pretty.
Whose daughter is this pretty? Hmm?”


“Whoa, don’t kiss mee!”


My dad gave me a big hug and kissed me on the cheek, which made my cheeks feel like steamed buns.


“Yes, princess.
Daddy has to go to the market today, so go play next door.
I’ll tell Aunt Susan.”


“Why? Can’t I go with you?”


I asked, stamping my short legs that were not yet touching the floor.


“Not for a while.
There’s a lot of scary military uncles around these days.”




The scary military uncles that my dad refers to are elite soldiers belonging to the imperial family.


The imperial army sometimes came down to this very far distance territory, which was far from the capital, to discover ‘those with strong ability.’


“But it has nothing to do with me.
I don’t have as much ability as ant poop.”


“But you can’t.
It’s dangerous.”


To worry for nothing. 


‘Dad, maybe you don’t know, but we are extras whose names are not mentioned in this world where only great protagonists work hard, the ‘Imperial Citizen’ in ‘Many Imperial Citizen’ and the ‘Incompetent’ in ‘A lot of Incompetents’!’ 


I swallowed what I wanted to say.


This world is in the fantasy novel .


The biggest characteristic of this novel is that it is a worldview in which humans are divided into people with ‘strong ability’ and ‘without strong ability’.
(T/n: It’s like people with the perfect or strong ability(competent) and people with no power/incompetent.
I’m not sure how to put it, but it’s probably like transcendent;; If I will change it in the next chapter I will make sure to put the note.) 


Simply put, if you can use magic, you’re talented.
If you can’t, you’re incompetent.


The incompetent is the average human being, not even a supporting character in this novel.


That’s my dad and me.


“But… It’s rather good! Hehe, it’s such a great blessing to be born normally?!”


“Ung? What do you mean?”


I tilted my head, looking at my father’s face.


He is tall, fit, has a handsome face, and a fool for his daughter, but he is an extra.


‘James’ with normal brown hair, brown eyes, and the common surname ‘Brown’, and even his name, is something you will come across a dozen times on the street.


“It’s a scary world.
But, I love living a normal life with my dad.
I’m happy!”


A worldview in which only competent people are treated with the title of nobility.


A hierarchical pyramid system that is thoroughly classified according to their strong ability.


In particular, the war that takes place and the people with strong ability employed there.


And the story in which the main characters die relentlessly—.


If this is in , where every page of the novel didn’t have a good moment, the extras without a single name are a life that sucks honey.


I was a person who thanked God as soon as I realized the significance of my existence as ‘Imperial Citizen 1’ and ‘Extra 1’.


“…Yeah, that’s right.
Daddy will be happy as long as I have my princess.”

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