“L, let me go!”


It was a better situation than when he lifted my back, but I didn’t like how he caught my waist like a suitcase.


I screamed as I struggled with my hands and feet.


“Let me go!”


“Where’s Enoch Rubinstein?”




I couldn’t think of anything else because hearing this and that made my stomach hurt, and it surprised me to think about the name.


‘Why is that name coming out of here now?’


Enoch Rubinstein (Main character)


Knight Commander of the ‘Dos Paladin,’ the most powerful armed force in the novel .


‘Dos,’ the highest rank among the people with power. 


Paladin, Swordmaster, and Duke.


The adoptive father of another male protagonist, Cheshire Rubinstein.


The strongest person in the world view.


As a young man, he sharpened the blade of revenge after losing his young daughter to the Imperial Family.


So, after losing his daughter and deciding to take revenge, he was one of the two-top main characters, a man who raised Cheshire after saving him, the male protagonist.


The title of is because he, who is of the ‘Dos’ class, defeated the Imperial Family with his adopted son, Cheshire, and eventually won the victory.


‘Looking for Enoch Rubinstein and his daughter, I guess the story is before the original story.
When his daughter isn’t dead yet.’


But with me?


It has nothing to do with me. 


“Excuse me, Mister! W, wait! You’re misunderstanding something!”




The Knight Commander looked up at me.


“F, first of all… The blood on my head, the blood on my head… could you please make me sit up straight…?




The Knight Commander, who had been silent for a moment, sat me on the horse to face him.


When I faced the Knight Commander’s unusual purple eyes, I felt a strange sense of mystery.


‘The black hair and merciful eyes.
I think there was a character who looked like this, but who was it?’


My own nose is three feet long.
(T/n: It means an expression used to describe a situation where one’s own business is so urgent and difficult that one cannot afford to help others.)


I shook my head and asked hurriedly.


“Are you talking about the paladin and swordmaster, Duke Enoch Rubinstein? Silver hair and blue eyes?”




“You must have mistakenly thought that I look like him because I have silver hair and blue eyes, but my father’s name is James Brown and he’s not Enoch something.
My hair color and eyes looked like my mom who left home a long time ago.” 




The Knight Commander, who was looking at me, laughed.


“He has done a good job with his child education.”






It was then.
A familiar voice pierced my ears.


I turned around and saw my dad holding a poker.




“What are you doing? If you don’t want to die, put my daughter down right now.”




I’m perplexed. 


‘D, dad, are you crazy? You don’t know who these people are?’


The Paladin, commanded by the powerful people, especially the top-ranked ‘Dos,’ were all high-ranking nobles.


In this world view, only powerful people can have the title of noble, and people who don’t have power aren’t even considered human.


So, my father, who is at the bottom of the food chain and has no power, can be executed just by talking to them informally.


But there’s one more thing—.


Is he even threatening to kill them with just one poker?


‘Oh my.
Dad is crazy.’


With my back stiff, I immediately curled up and crouched.


“M, mister.
My dad must have been out of his mind for a while because he couldn’t live without me.
If you’ll be generous, I’ll take it as a lifetime grace!”


To make use of how cute I look, I cling to the knight commander’s waist and smile sweetly.


Then I pointed to my father with a small hand.


“Then, look! That’s the one who just showed up! It’s my father! The symbol of commonner, brown hair and brown eyes!”




The Knight Commander only looked at me indifferently.


A cold sweat broke out on my back.


I swallowed my saliva.


“H, he’s just the Passing Imperial Citizen 1 even if you look at it, and he’s a 27-year-old unmarried father living in a mountain village with a young daughter and working hard to make a living.”




“—Excuse me, sir? Over there? Whoa!” 


The knight commander handed me over to the subordinate next to him as if tossing me, then jumped off the horse and approached my dad.


“N, no! Don’t do that to my dad!”


I was just floundering with my hands held back.


The knight commander glanced at the box of macarons lying next to my dad and laughed.


“It doesn’t make sense.”


“Why are you here?”


Talk informally again? What’s wrong with you, dad?


With just one sweep of the knight commander’s sword, he will blow my father’s head away.


Does he know if my heart is anxious? 


I had never seen my dad look so scary before as he pointed the poker at the knight commander.


“My daughter, let her go.”


“Enoch Rubinstein.
This is the Emperor’s order to return to the Knights and do your duty immediately.”


“No, my dad is not Enoch something!”


I cried and shouted, but my eyes met my father from afar.


My father’s jaw was trembling as if he was very angry when he saw me being held poorly.


“It’s been seven years.
If that’s the case, isn’t it time to end the trip?”




“As you best know, according to the Pavilion Military Law, deserters are subject to summary execution.
In the case of an escape, a wanted person is treated as a first-degree criminal until it is confirmed if they are alive or dead.”




“But His Majesty, the merciful Emperor, highly valued your deeds and abilities.
Although you clearly violated the military law, he didn’t issue a wanted order, and  he didn’t take away your title and property.”


Excuse me—.


Why on earth is that knight commander holding the mountain village extra 1 and talking about things I can’t understand? 


“Now that he has waited with his eyes closed for all the wrongdoings you have committed, it is time to return.
Disobedience to orders is death.
I will once again deliver the words of His Majesty the Emperor.”


The Knight Commander lowered his voice and added, glaring at the innocent people. 


“Enoch Rubinstein.
As of today, return to the Knights Templar and do your duty.” 




My dad laughed.
I got chills down my spine.


“His Majesty’s snout is always such a smooth talker.”


I covered my slowly opening mouth.


W, whose snout?


Don’t tell me he’s talking about His Majesty’s snout, the top predator of the imperial throne?


‘Dad must have gone crazy—’


My dad has already done everything, from tricking the nobility to insulting the royal family.


“Isn’t it time to be a little honest? He must have just left the dog house open so that the dog could come back whenever it wanted.”


After saying something about the snout, my mind went blank and I couldn’t hear my dad well. 


All I could think of was that I had to close my mouth and run away.


I bit the back of the knight’s hand holding me as tightly as I could.




The knight’s arms let go of me in an instant, and I fell off the horse. 




My hips tingled as I fell, but I don’t care now.


I sprint towards my dad with my short legs—!


As I fell, my badly fall buttocks were throbbing, but I didn’t care anymore. 




—and I was caught. 


The back of the knight’s hand caught me, and I hung there and groaned. 


Dad shouted with a pale face.


“Damn it! Let go of that hand!”


“Ugh, wait—Dad, be, be quiet!” 


Fortunately, the Knight Commander was a man of mercy for a child, so he hugged me nicely. 


“Cough, cough.
Excuse me.” 


I put my hands together and look at him. 


“Mister…I’m sorry.”




“I, I’m so sorry.
Please save my dad.
My hair color is like this… Yes, I know why you misunderstand.
I’ll go.
I’ll go, okay? I will do all the investigations.
Then you will know I’m not the person.


I suddenly felt sad.
And I hated the main character.


Why does Enoch Rubinstein look like me?


“Hik… Actually, I know Enoch something very well.
I’ll tell you everything I know about where he is hiding right now and help you find him.
So please just turn blind eye to my dad, I, I’ll follow…”


I felt like a traitor because I couldn’t stand the torture and gave away information about the independent army, but I can’t help it. 


The most important thing to me right now is not the main character’s well-being, but my dad’s life.


At that moment.


The Knight Commander was startled and drew his sword.


His gaze was not on me, but on my dad. 


I instinctively looked back.




A scary expression that I’ve never seen before.


Blue energy fluttered over my dad’s old poker, which he pointed like a sword. 


I rubbed my eyes and looked again.


‘W, what is that?’


A strange air flowed only around my dad.


There was no wind, but my dad’s hair and collar began to shake. 


Dad’s brown hair and brown eyes, which were the symbols of Extra 1—.


It changed gradually.


“Oh my.” 


With dazzling silver hair and sparkling blue eyes that shout, ‘I am the main character!’ 


Tears welled up. 


It was embarrassing for my mouth, which had been crying hard because I thought they were looking at the wrong person.


‘E, excuse me? Isn’t he a 27-year-old single father living in a mountain village with a young daughter—’


—James? Is this real?

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