Toma’s Consultation and Haru’s Imagination.

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While Mio and Nanami were executing their secret operation, the South Public University where Toma attends had also reached the end of its after-school hours.

Toma and his best friend Haru were in the student cafeteria.
It was a good place to have a meal after classes or to use as a space for conversations.

However, since it was a cafeteria, they needed to refrain from using it as a chatting space when it was crowded.
This was something that all the students who came here understood.

“So, what happened after that? Toma, how’s the progress with the beautiful Sasaki-san…the angel from the nursing department?” Haru still hadn’t confided in Toma.

Of course, there was a reason for this…to avoid making Toma feel nervous about it.
If Toma knew that the person he was interested in was someone who was well-known in this South University, he might become too shy to approach her.
Therefore, Haru believed that it wasn’t the right time to tell him.

Haru wasn’t completely sure, but he had a feeling after talking with his sister Nanami.
He felt that “Nursing’s Angel, Sasaki Mio, is interested in Toma as a potential romantic interest.”

“There isn’t much progress to report… Oh, but I happened to run into Sasaki-san at the convenience store yesterday.”

“Oh, really? That’s pretty rare.
So what happened after that?”

“Well, I was holding a chocolate and a cream puff at the time, and I felt embarrassed when Sasaki-san saw me with them.”

I still remember that day vividly.
It was already embarrassing enough to be seen with those items by a close friend, let alone by Sasaki-san, who was a regular at the bar.
This memory was not easily forgotten.

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“Hey, what’s up with that combination that looks like a kid picked it out… But it’s damn tasty, though.”

“I wonder what Sasaki-san had with her.”

“Haha, I see.
It must have been the same product as yours, right?”

“If only that were the case, but Sasaki-san had black coffee with her.”

“Black coffee is pretty cool…”

“It suited her really well and made her look mature, like she was making a fashion statement.”

Toma would never have expected this.

“I get what you are saying, Toma.
Yours was not very manly, and it might have hurt your pride.”


“But I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.
If anything, it might have raised your status.
Being a bartender makes you look mature, and when you ran into Sasaki-san at the convenience store, you were showing his cream puff-like side.”

“Huh? Cream puff?”

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It was an example that Toma couldn’t understand at all.
It’s understandable why he was bewildered.

If this is enough for Haru to get her point across, then it’s quite something.

“So, it’s possible that I showed a gap by showing both an adult-like and a child-like appearance.
She didn’t make a disgusted face when she saw me shopping, did she?”

“Of course not.
Sasaki-san is a kind person too.”

“Well, let’s think positively and say that it raised her impression of you, shall we? There are plenty of guys who like sweet things, so there’s no need to worry about it.”


While propping his cheeks on her hand and making a smug face, Haru fulfilled her promise with her sister Nanami by helping out with Toma’s problem when he consulted them.

“To help him out when he consults you,” was the promise.

And they successfully led Toma to the solution to his problem.

“So, it’s not just that you went shopping together, right? Knowing Toma, did you take Sasaki-san home with you?”


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“Oh, it seems like things are progressing pretty well.
So, let me ask you this…what if Sasaki-san became your girlfriend?”

“I wouldn’t have any complaints.
I think it would be strange if it didn’t happen.”

“I see…well, of course, that’s the obvious answer.”

Haru murmured something here.

“What did you say?”

“Oh, nothing.”

It’s precisely because it’s Haru that he can assert that it’s “obvious.” The reason is that Nanami and Mio are involved.

When Nanami brags about her friend, she always says something like, “And Mio-chan is…!” and “Mio-chan is so great!” until she reaches her final destination, “That’s why she’s such a wonderful person!” He can grasp Mio’s personality just by seeing how happy and excited she looks when Nanami talks about her.

“But, I feel like something doesn’t add up… don’t you feel the same, Toma?”

And, that’s what Haru had sensed.

“W-what, you can tell…?”

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“We’re best friends, after all.
Will you tell me about it?”

“Okay… I guess I still see Sasaki-san as just a customer in some ways and haven’t fully seen her as a woman.”

“I see… well, that’s not unreasonable for you to feel that way.
Plus, she’s apparently a regular at the place where you work.”

Regular customers can be tricky… it can lead to a situation where a man and a woman who are already in a close friendship can turn into a romantic relationship.

“It’s not worth thinking too much about it, Toma.
Once you start to be interested in Sasaki-san as a woman, you’ll naturally start to see her that way.”

“If you say so, Haru…”

“Well, take it slow and don’t rush things.”


And with that, the topic ended and the two started working on their assignment for their university.

While working on the assignment, Haru imagined:

“What kind of things will that Nursing’s Angel do when she seriously tries to win over a man…”

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