rrived, Toma-chan?” 

“What do you mean by ‘special someone’?” replies Toma, not understanding.

“I mean exactly what I said.
Go for it today.” 

Miki said with a cheerful expression, trying not to disturb the atmosphere of the restaurant.

“Also, there’s one more thing I want to tell you…” 

Miki said suddenly, her tone became serious.
The playful atmosphere disappeared, and Toma understood that something important was about to be said.

“Today, please provide customer service that brings Sasaki-san a little closer.
The atmosphere at the table has changed a bit.”


When Miki said “the atmosphere has changed,” it can be rephrased as her wanting to engage with the regular customer Sasaki.
Miki, who has seen various customers in the past, seems to be able to sense such things.
There may be no scientific evidence, but Toma always follows her instructions.

As a bartender, it is also their job to remove the source of trouble and create a fun atmosphere.

“Toma-kun, can you take my order?”

At that moment, Sasaki’s order came in at the perfect timing.

“Yes, what would you like?”

“I’ll have this.”

Sasaki pointed her long, slender index finger to a part of the menu.

“That would be the Rouge Cassis Orange.
Please wait a moment.”

Sasaki’s order was a foreign drink that used Luge Creme de Cassis.
It was a popular cocktail among women, with a combination of the sweetness of cassis liqueur and the sourness of orange.

“Miki-san, number 19, please.”

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“Number 19.”

As you can see, the name of the cocktail is long.
To maintain the atmosphere in the store, the employees are instructed to use numbers instead of the name of the drink.
When Toma first started working there, he was struggling to memorize the names of the drinks, but now, with one year of experience, it’s a piece of cake.

Miki prepared a tall, cylindrical glass called a tall glass, which is used when enjoying a long drink, with a capacity of 300-360ml.

She seemed to have all the measurements in her head.
She added the deep red of cassis and the orange color to the transparent glass with precise and confident movements.
The two colors contrasted and created a visually stunning drink.

Miki placed the freshly made cocktail on a black lacquered tray with a “kon” sound, and Toma left the counter to serve it.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.
Here’s your Rouge Cassis Orange.”

“Thank you.”

Toma puts the glass on the table quietly.
Since no customers have come in since earlier, Toma’s remaining work is just to communicate with Sasaki, his customer, unless there is an additional order.

“Sasaki-san, did you come from university?”

“Yes… Toma-kun, are you working after a date with your girlfriend?”

Sasaki takes a sip of her cocktail, giving a sidelong glance.
The sound of ice and glass is clear.

“W-Why do you always bring that up…? I’m also a university student, you know that, Sasaki-san.”

“Hehe, sorry.
Is this our usual conversation?”

“It would be helpful if we could change it.”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible, I’m afraid.”

Sasaki seemed to be looking forward to talking with Toma, and despite her mature atmosphere, her expression was lively.
Her gentle smile was so charming that it was hard to look away.

“Toma-san, don’t you work more shifts at this shop? I think it was only two days a week, right?”

“Yes, it’s only two days, on Mondays and Sundays.
I want to work more, but I’m afraid it will interfere with my studies, so I’m saving it.”

“University is a busy time.”

“I’m desperate to keep up with my studies… Sasaki-san, you don’t seem to be as busy though.”

“Oh, is there a reason for that?”

“I don’t know… Just a feeling, I guess.”

Despite being unable to express himself well, Toma finds Sasaki studying after school.
The answer she gives is not wrong.

“Hehehe, that’s quite vague.
It might be true since I don’t hate studying.”

“May I ask about your grades out of curiosity? I was thinking of comparing them with mine,” Toma asked.

“Well, just comparing them wouldn’t be interesting, would it? Since we’re at it, how about we make a bet and compete with our grades?” 

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“I don’t mind, but what do you mean by ‘bet’?” Toma asked, showing his bartender-like calmness and attention to details.

“Well, how about this? The one who loses based on their grades must fulfill a request from the winner.
How does that sound?”

“I’m sorry, but using the word ‘must’ is a bit…”

As a bartender, Toma values calmness and composure.
Using the word “must” implies that it has to be done without fail.
Forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do only creates a negative atmosphere.
To entertain customers, they shouldn’t resort to that.

“Don’t be so tense.
It’s just a simple request that anyone can do… that will be the condition.”

“I see.
In that case, I don’t mind.”

“I’ll let Toma-kun go first.
Let’s base it on the most recent grades, shall we?”

Then, I’ll go first… I got an ‘A’.”

At universities, the grades range from A (100-90), B (89-80), C (79-70), D (69-60), and F (59-0).
If you get an F, you won’t be able to get credit.

“Well, I’ll go along with this competition.
But it’s not a great grade, is it?”

“It’s just slightly above 80, isn’t it? What about you, Sasaki-san?”

“I got an ‘S’.
That’s equivalent to ‘A’ for your university, Toma-kun.”


The grading system at Sasaki’s nursing school ranges from S to D, and it’s the same as Toma’s university’s grading system except for the use of letters.

“Now, since I won… what should I have you do for me?”

“W-Wait a minute.
A-Are you really telling the truth that you got an ‘A'(S)?”

As can be seen from the numbers, there are a limited number of people who can score in the 100-90 range.
Even if she’s a regular, it’s hard to believe.
It seems to be a problem caused by an excellent grade being too good to be true.

“Hehe, I have my report card at home.
Why don’t you come over and check it after Toma-kun finishes his shift?”

I’ll believe you.”

As expected from a mature person, he said something like “I have no choice but to believe her.” But looking at Sasaki’s confident attitude, it seems that her ‘S’ grade is true.

“So… what kind of request do you have for me?”

“Well, let me think about it until I finish this cocktail… be prepared for a surprising request that will make you surprised, Toma-san.”

I’m looking forward to it.”

And then, after about 25 minutes of sipping her cocktail, Sasaki calls Toma again and suddenly makes a request that no one could have predicted.

“About the request earlier… I want you to confess your feelings to me.”

Whether it’s because of the alcohol or not, she blushes and shows a seductive smile.

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