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VI : Sun-Hee

”Appa wake up its Saturday ”, Hee-chul excitedly jumped on his fathers bed excited to start their day. Min-Jun wrapped his arms around his son, eliciting excited giggles from the little boy. After a bit of playing, they both lay down feeling a bit winded from laughing too much, he realized that he felt really good this morning. A big part of this was because he would have his son to himself all day while another part was because of the date he had with Sun-Hee. Grabbing his phone, he sees a text message from her putting a bright smile on his face.

Replying to her texts he focuses his attention back on his son, who had somehow fallen asleep while he was grinning at his phone like an idiot. He couldn wait for the second date, he wanted to know more about her, so while his son was passed out, he searched her up on YouTube wanting to see some of her other content. An interview catches his eye that was done just a couple of days before their date and he wanted to see her as an idol. He couldn help the chuckle that left his mouth while watching the interview, is this really the type of questions that idols get asked all the time. He felt for her, he could see the irritation coming off of her and couldn even blame her. ”I wouldve cussed that woman out, who the hell cares if Im dating or not ”, ”What the hell are you doing in my house at 7 in the morning Ji-Hoon? ”

Not even a little bit surprised that his best friend was in his house this early, Ji-Hoon just shrugs making himself comfortable on the bed next to Min-Jun. ”Why are you watching an Idol interview, has Hee-Chul finally converted you to a Sun-Hee fan? ”, ”She was my date last night ”. Min-Jun stared in amusement at Ji-Hoons surprised expression, ”YOU WENT ON A DATE WITH BAEK SUN-HEE ”. He went to cover Ji-Hoons mouth while checking on Hee-Chul who seemed to be having the best sleep of his life despite Ji-Hoon acting like a crazy fanboy. ”Shut up you idiot don wake him, and yeah it turns out that the woman my dad has been trying to set me up with for the last few months was her ”, ”How does your dad even know her? What is she like?, Is she as gorgeous in real life as she is in pictures?, Did the date go well? Are you going on a second date? ”

They quietly walked out of the room while Ji-Hoon was rambling on, excited. ”Would you keep quiet please, apparently Dad and Mr Wong set up the whole thing, shes really nice and very beautiful face to face. The date went really well, we spent most of it just getting to know each other, we had to end the date a little earlier than I would have liked because she had a really busy day today but I really want a second date ”, Ji-Hoon was surprisingly quiet staring at Min-Jun with a small smile on his face. ”Thats really great Jun, Im really happy for you. You should definitely go on that second date. Make sure you get her autograph for me please and thank you, you
e such a great friend Jun ”, Min-Jun laughed softly at the request knowing that Ji-Hoon was a Sun-Hee fanboy mainly because of Hee-Chul.

”Did you and Hei-Ran set up your date yet? ”, the smile on Ji-Hoons face dropped almost immediately, he looked down, he was really hoping that Min-Jun would not bring her up. ”Oh, uhm, thats not happening ”, ”Did she cancel on you? ”. Min-Jun let out an irritated sigh, he knew this wasn easy but that doesn mean that she could hurt Ji-Hoon like this he just wanted her to have a nice night out because he knew Ji-Hoon would never do anything to make her feel uncomfortable but she was being so stubborn. ”Well, I turned her down when she asked me, Im actually seeing someone right now. I realized that it was time to stop acting like I had a chance with Hei-Ran when I knew how she felt about you. I really like the woman Im dating and Im not ruining my chance by getting my hopes up with someone thats emotionally unavailable ”.

Min-Jun was surprised not only because he didn know that his best friend was dating someone but also that he hadn noticed that his best friend had also given up on being with Hei-Ran, I guess thats what happens when you constantly wallow in self-pity. ”Thats so great Im so happy for you man, why didn you tell me you were dating someone though? ”, ”I know youve got a lot going on and besides I kind of wanted to have this to myself for a while, I wanted to see where it was going before I said anything ”. Ji-Hoon awkwardly scratched the back of his head, ”Hei-Ran was pretty surprised when I said no though, I could tell she was a bit offended that I had turned her down. I just can put myself in that position anymore, I want to be happy, I want someone to love me, I want to have a family and she wasn willing to give up on the fantasy she made up in her head about you. ”

Min-Jun couldn help the guilt that coursed through him, he didn know that his best friend was feeling this hurt, he loved both of them but couldn help feeling proud of Ji-Hoon for moving on. He knew that Hei-Ran was a good person but her constant rejection of Ji-Hoon had really put a wedge between them, Ji-Hoon had always accepted this because he knew that she had feelings for Min-Jun, he always tried to win her over but she was always too focused on Min-Jun. ”So, am I going to be introduced to the woman you
e seeing? ”, ”Only if I get to meet Sun-Hee, of course I would also need her autograph, a picture and a private concert would be great ”. Min-Jun burst out laughing at the ridiculous request, ”Not happening, I really enjoy her company, she has enough people trying to use her I don want to be one of them ”.

”Whose company do you enjoy sweety? ”, Min-Jun smiles at his mom hearing the mumbling under Ji-Hoons breathe about him being unreasonable. ”Uh the girl I went on a date with last night mom, by the way dad you couldn give me a heads up about my date? ”, ”Wheres the fun in that? And you probably wouldn have gone if you knew who it was? ”. He hated to admit that his dad was right to assume that, he had never really paid much attention to the idol industry only knowing the bare minimum thanks to his younger sisters obsession with them. ” Im confused, who was your date? ”, He looked between his mom and dad shaking his head. ”It was Baek Sun-Hee, mom ”, Baek Sun-Hee? The idol Hee-Chul is obsessed with Baek Sun-Hee? ”, He chuckled at him moms surprised expression also noticing the very curious expression on his sons face who had come downstairs after his nap at the mention of Sun-hees name.

”Yes, thats the one, I had a really good time with her and we
e even planning on having a second date. Don be too smug about this old man, but thanks for setting me up with her ”, he rolled his eyes at the very smug expression on his dads face he knew he was never going to hear the end of this. ”How did you even manage to set him up with her? ”, ”You remember Dong Hyun right? Well, hes one of her managers, he told me that she has had terrible luck on dates. He asked me how you were doing and if you
e looking to date and the rest is history ”. His mother has a quizzical look on her face throughout the entire story, ”So you just set everything up without even consulting Jun about it ”, ”Yes I did, he was becoming more and more depressed as time went by and I want him to be happy besides I met her a couple times, shes great ”

”You didn think to tell me about all of this? I couldve helped you, and I want to meet her too this is so unfair ”, seeing the pout on his mothers face made him laugh out loud. He was used to his parents being all loved up and gross one minute and bickering like kindergarteners over really stupid things the next minute. It made him happy that even after all the years that have passed in their marriage, they still acted like they had just started dating. It was the type of love he craved from his partner and it didn help that he was just a little bit of a hopeless romantic. Truth was, he had only ever been in love with one woman and that turned out to be horrible for everyone involved. He wanted to do it right this time, he wanted to be patient and just let things happen naturally. ”Appa, you met Sunny? ”, startled, Min-Jun nearly flew out his chair at the soft voice of his son breaking him out of his thoughts.

”Yes, I did, by the way bub we need to talk about those songs you like so much later. You know I told her that you were a fan of hers and she was surprised ”, Hee-Chul was a ball of excitement at this point ”Can we meet her please, I want to meet her Appa ”. ”Its too soon for that bub, but she saw a picture of you. She told me you
e very cute ”, he could hear Ji-Hoon cracking up at the adorable pout on his sons face at being called cute. ”Im not cute Appa, Im handsome. Why is it too soon Appa? ”, ”I agree you
e very handsome and because we just met last night bub, I don want to make her to feel uncomfortable ”. The frown on his sons face made him feel bad, ”Im sorry bub as much as I want to see your uncle Ji-Hoon faint when he meets her, well have to be patient for a little bit ”. Hearing his sons giggles at Ji-Hoons over dramatic gasp at his little jibe at his best friend while his parents join him in the teasing.

They spent the rest of the day together laughing and joking mostly at poor Ji-Hoons expense, Min-Jun occasionally getting teased for checking his phone at least 50 times for a reply and little Hee-Chul in his own little world. Overall, a Saturday well spent.

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