”Everyone its time to wake up, ” Jude yelled in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear.

With Jude himself being the eldest it was his responsibility to help Sister Theresia with taking care of the children along with any other household chores.

Due to this, even before he regained his memories, Jude was able to mature much faster than most children his age, and it was due to this maturity that he was able to gain both the respect and affection of all his younger siblings.

To them, Jude was the cool and dependable older brother who could solve all of their problems.

”Good morning Sera ”

”Mnn ”

”Good morning Yuri ”

”…Ah, Fu*k ”

”Good morning Lily and Liam ”

” ”…Mn, G-good morning Big brother Jude ” ”

Jude smiled brightly as he greeted them one by one.

The first to get up was Sera, With an undeveloped face, she possessed short blond hair along with golden-colored eyes, giving her both an immature but also a Noble image.

Her hobbies consist of cooking and hanging out with her friends. She also although not really a hobby, likes to stalks-er, I mean likes to admire Julius. Back on that one later.

Following her was Yuri, who spends most of his time alone reading books. With black hair and black eyes similar to Jude, along with a rectangular pair of glasses, He was also the one who swore while waking up.

Where did he learn how to swear? although Jude was curious he decided to let it slide.

It seems like hes been reading too many books.

As for the last two, Lily and Liam were a pair of twins and also the youngest among everyone at the orphanage. Lily had long white hair while Liam had short black hair. Along with similar faces to each other, they also possessed ruby-colored eyes.

”Lets go everyone, make sure to wash up before starting Breakfast ”

” ” ”Understood ” ” ”

Seeing as how everyone had successfully woken up without any issues, Jude issued his command as he exited the room to help set up breakfast before any of the other children arrived.

With the four children of the Orphanage leaving to wash up, along with the combined effort of two people working together to prepare breakfast, it didn take long before everything was ready and breakfast was prepared.

Finally, with everything completed, everyone came together to surround the table for morning breakfast.

”We offer up this prayer as a token of our appreciation to the holy goddess Altina for granting us this opportunity to have this meal. ”

” ”Thank you for the food. ” ”

”… ”

Clasping their hands together with Sister Teresia taking the lead, all the children sang prayers to the goddess before digging into their food.

As for Jude himself, he couldn help but stay silent, as he had never been the type of person to believe in God.

There was once a time when Jude believed in God during the lowest point of his previous life, but it didn take long for him to realize that simply praying won get God to help you or solve any of your problems. To Jude, God was just a false sense of hope. Because of this, Jude developed the belief that if someone wanted something, they should work for it.

”Oh, I just remembered. I heard Julius is going to depart for the capital in a couple of days. Jude, if you have time, you should go visit him after this. You won get the chance to see him for a long time, after all. ”

”Mn, Ill go see him when Im free. ”

Julius de Arden.

Son of Viscount Millize de Arden and also an aspiring knight. Although there was a difference in status between Jude and Julius, after being saved in the forest once by Jude along with them being the same age, it didn take long for them to warm up to each other and become good friends.

”U-um ”

”Whats wrong Sera? ” Jude asked his younger sister.

”C-can I come with you? ” She asked with a face blushing from embarrassment.

”Of course, ” Jude replied, with a smile on his face. In truth, Jude had no other choice but to say yes.

Since the day she met Julius, she had always admired him, but due to her shy nature, she was never able to take the initiative and could only stalks-er, I mean admire him from the side.

As the big brother, it was Judes duty to help the little sister out.

Hearing his positive response, Sera couldn help but have a bright smile on her face.

Although she was the second oldest in the orphanage, she was still a child no matter mature she tried to act.

While Sera was still held up in her own world, watching their interaction from the side another one of the children of the orphanage couldn help but frown.

”Yo big bro, is it me or do you seem a little different from normal. ”

”What do you mean? ” In response to Yuris question, Jude could help but tilt his head.

”Uh, you seem more mature than usual, like I don really know how to describe it, but I think its based on love, you know. Like our love feels more different than usual. ”

”Un, Liam Thinks so too ”

”Un, me too, me too. ”

Love? What are these brats talking about?

”Haha, You guys are imagining things ” Jude laughed as he brushed off their questioning gaze.

I suppose this is a normal reaction

Although he is still the same Jude as before it would be difficult for him to still act the same as usual after regaining his memories from his past life this morning.

Although the change was a slight difference in maturity to his family, who has been with him for almost his entire life, it wouldn be strange for them to find something odd about the current Jude.

After changing the subject, Jude and Sera continued to converse with each other with smiles on their faces, while the twins, on the other hand, argued with each other while stealing each others food.

The twins fighting was a normal occurrence, so no one didn think much of it. As siblings of the same age, they were always competitive with each other and would compete at every possible chance. Although they did argue a lot, that didn change the fact that they were siblings that would care for each other just as much as they argued with each other.

As for Yuri, finding the twins fighting a little annoying, he contemplated whether he should stop the twins from fighting or not. In the end, thinking that stopping them would be a bigger pain in the ass, he just continued eating his own food.

Watching everything from the side, Sister Teresia just smiled with a gaze filled with both love and warmth at the lively breakfast table.

Although they didn have much, the morning breakfast was still filled with the liveliness and joy of children, proof that they were happy.

If only this moment could last forever.

Perhaps then no one would have to suffer.

Feelings would never change and the pureness of a child would forever remain white.

As long as a person lives, they will age. That is both the beauty and ugliness of life.

I Prey that everyone could smile like this for the rest of their life.

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