ifically, a one-sided beat down and it was Lily and Liam who were beating down on this one kid.

”Whoohoo Lily beat the living Sh!t out of him. ”

”Get him, Liam ”

Surrounding Lily, Liam, and the nameless child who was getting the beating of his life were a bunch of other children who were cheering them on from the side.

”It seems like kids these days are quite energetic, ” Jude said as he watched the beatdown from the side. ”They look like they are having a lot of fun. ”

What? The kid who is getting beaten the sh!t out of him is crying. Nonsense, those are tears of joy.

How could he not cry from having so much fun?

Also, it seems like Yuri isn the only one who learned how to swear.

Who is teaching all these kids how to swear?

Seeing as there were no problems, Jude quickly wiped everything he had just witnessed out of his brain and continued his walk with Sera, only for the tip of his lips to twitch again after witnessing something completely unrelated to what just happened before.

”Hey, Auntie, you
e looking extra pretty today. ”

”Ohoho, you
e so sweet. ”

Instead of a beat down, this time what Jude witnessed was something too sweet for his eyes to see.

”Yuri? Eh, isn that the auntie who runs the food stall? ” Jude said as he watched the black-haired boy who barely reached puberty try to flirt with a middle-aged woman. ”Did that brat get tired of playing with the young grass and instead started chasing after their mothers instead? ”

”No, that doesn seem right. That brat, no matter how shameless he is, would never try to chase the skirts of those more than three times his age. ”

”The auntie blushing must have been my imagination, ”

Jude concluded that it was probably a side effect of his reincarnation.

Once again seeing as there were no problems Jude once again wiped whatever he just witnessed out of his brain before continuing on his walk with Sera.

As for Sera, it seems that she has been quiet for quite a while now.

Jude could tell ever since leaving the orphanage that she had been quite nervous. Seeing this, Jude couldn help but sigh.

On the first day after regaining his memories, he was forced to play matchmaker. Well, its not like he hated it. An ordinary life like this was one that he had always wanted, after all.

Finally, after greeting a few more townspeople on the way, they soon reached their destination.

Standing at the bottom of a small hill not too far from them stood a fairly large mansion, and although he had visited this place quite a few times, Jude couldn help but feel dazed, not because of awe of the mansion but because he couldn understand how a person could live in such a place.

The Arden mansion, although not as big as other Noble family mansions, currently has only two people residing within it, the first being Millize de Arden and the second being Julius de Arden. With only two people living in such a big mansion, Jude couldn help but think of it as excessive and a waste of space.

Finally, after remembering his original purpose for coming to this place in the first place, Jude decided to begin his upward climb uphill, but before he could take his first step, Jude suddenly heard a casual yet dignified voice coming from behind him.

”Yo, what are you doing here ”

Turning around, Jude found himself faced with a dignified and elegant blond-haired young man.

”Yo, ” Jude said before smiling, ”I came here looking for you. ”

It seems the person they had been looking for ended up finding them instead.

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