[Sesam: don’t do that bullshit really ㅡㅡ]

[Heejae: lololololololololololololololololoololololololololololololololololololololololol]



[Heejae: no, it’s not like we’re going to meet and do something, I just want to see your face ㅇ_ㅇ??]

[Heejae: I can see it in front of the police station in broad daylight ㅇ.ㅇ] 

Shin Heejae was sweet-talking like he was trying to lower my guard, but it was impossible for me to do this from the beginning.


He couldn’t get over my stubborn refusal in the end.

“My noona is really shy… perhaps, are you worried about what I’d say if I saw your face?”

[Sesam: don’t assume there’s a problem with my face, fcking bastard]


“No, then why aren’t you going to meet me? Noona, I know you drooled over the item.”

“Damn it…”, I muttered to myself.

Shin Heejae waited for my answer.
After he was finally rejected, he stopped talking for a while.
It seemed that he was very disappointed.
I sat quietly listening into the headset, feeling uncomfortable and sorry.


However, contrary to my expectations, Shin Heejae spoke to himself minutes later. 

“Well… Still, I bought it to give it to noona.”


“Where are you noona?”

It was a nuance in tone, as if he was just giving away the item. 

I was embarrassed by his unbelievable naivety for a while and I ran straight to his character.
The sound of Shin Heejae’s small laugh passed through my ears, but I was able to pretend that I didn’t hear it that much when I thought of the staff.

Standing right next to him, I waited patiently for the [Trade Request] to come.
However, instead of requesting the trade, Shin Heejae asked a random question.

“But, noona.
I have a question for you.”

[Sesam]: What? 

“What do you think of me?”

Of course, usually, I would have cursed with sincerity.
But now, Shin Heejae was holding the staff in front of me and waving it gently.


My choices: Say whatever I want to and play the game F2P, versus, enduring a moment of disgust and get the best weapon on the server…

No matter how much I thought about it, I had to choose the latter.
If it’s 10 million won for lip service once, I had to do it unconditionally to be honest. 

So, I endured my desire to swear and responded kindly.

[Sesam: ㅎㅎㅎ I think… you’re good at games]

For me, it was a compliment I gave with a magnanimous heart.

However, the bastard Shin Heejae answered with bitterness. 

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.
If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Not stuff like that is already obvious, I mean noona’s thoughts.
What do you think of me?”

“Memx… Ctt.
P’w oemxlcu qlrrfv boo, gfjiis.”

Cr ws qjalfcmf kjr ribkis vlrjqqfjglcu, Vtlc Lffpjf wjvf j vfji klat wf jr lo tf kjr jlwlcu obg atlr wbwfca.

Lf gjlrfv atf rajoo.
Pa kjr yijajcais jc lcvlmjalbc atja atf rajoo kbeiv yf ulnfc vfqfcvlcu bc ws jcrkfg. 

[Sesam: ㅎㅎ… cute? ㅎㅎ…]

Vtlc Lffpjf rjk ws mtja wfrrjuf jcv ibkfgfv atf rajoo.

I hurriedly typed in the chat again.

[Sesam: cute ㅎㅎ!] 

Shin Heejae giggled and smiled and raised the staff again.
However, he did not press [Confirm Trade] and asked in a slick tone.


“What do you mean ‘and’? fuck!”

I was banging my fist on the desk when I saw him take the staff off the trading window again.
I hurriedly started chatting again. 

[Sesam: handsome ㅎ!]

“No, I want you to tell me what you think.
Not objective facts, but thoughts.”


“I really want to kill you, you crazy bastard…”

I felt like I was going to collapse from high blood pressure.
However, every time the staff disappeared from the trading window, I was chatting without realizing it. 

[Sesam: voice is nice to hear ㅎㅎ]

[Sesam: very fun to be together ㅎㅎ]

“What would it be like to have a boyfriend like me?”

“It’d be suicide, crazy punk…” 

[Sesam: this is happiness… something like that? ㅎㅎ]

“Noona, you actually like me a lot huh…?”

“Die! Die! Die!”

[Sesam: does it… look like that? ㅎㅎ] 

After answering this far, I finally came to my senses and ripped out my hair.

“Fuck, now can he please! Stop and give it already… ! You bastard!”

However, the in-game notification sounded as if he had heard me.
What? Did he send the item? I lifted my head in anticipation.

[‘Heejae’ has applied for [Relationship].]

It was a terrible message after anticipating for so long for the staff.
Even Shin Heejae whispered in my ear with inquiry as I did not press accept.

“What are you doing not accepting it, noona?”


“I’m waiting for you.” 

[Relationship Request] was, to put simply, a request to become a couple between characters in the game.
They became a couple and had to go to the wedding hall to get married.

To be honest, whether getting my in-game character married or dating others, I didn’t feel much emotion about it.
I had already done this dozens of times with my previous account… Only this time, the other person was Shin Heejae.


The problem was the staff.

“You bastard, you don’t seem to want to give it to me…” 

Even if I say that I accept the request for relationship, will the staff really come into my hands?

Judging by Shin Heejae’s attitude, he must have intended to tease me.
He would want to see myself shaking and being swayed by him.

I knew that, but… Even so, the shimmering staff was in front of me, which seemed to be within in my reach.
It kept making me hesitate.

I stared at the screen in anguish.
Did I have to keep being dragged around by him like this? Or should I just throw away my regrets and swear coolly… 

But just then, Shin Heejae made a strange proposal.


[Sesam: ?]

“How about dating me for just one month?” 


I frowned, wondering if I still could get rid of my regrets of meeting this bastard, but Shin Heejae added quickly, “You don’t have to show me your face,” as if sensing my frustration.


I looked at the game screen and the Discord screen where Shin Heejae’s voice came from confused.
Did he mean dating in-game without having to see my face or hear my voice? 

I was skeptical of what it meant.
Shin Heejae tempted me when I didn’t answer with something I couldn’t resist.

“If you go out with me for a month, I’ll give you the staff.”

[Sesam: fine ㅎㅎ]

It was the answer that came out before I could think deeply into it.
Shin Heejae continued talking straight away, as if he had predicted that I would agree. 

“In return.”

[Sesam: ?]


“If my interest is lost, it is invalid.”


I wanted to ask what that meant, but Shin Heejae just said that and didn’t say anything more.
It was as if he had finished explaining himself.

For a moment, I couldn’t break through the silence as I kept thinking about what he said.
What did that mean? Was he asking me to do more romantic stuff because I’m being too curt?

[Sesam: what do you mean?]

In the end, I asked Shin Heejae about his intentions. 

He replied with a smirk.

“Honestly, noona, all you do is eat and be blunt with me right now.”

I wanted to deny it instantly.
Even if I think about it, I’ve been honest with Shin Heejae about everything.

The only thing that I wasn’t honest about was my gender.
Shin Heejae was not an idiot, and it is enough time to know that I have no romantic feelings for him at all… I chose to be silent. 

Shin Heejae continued his words without showing any signs of being sad.

“So, from my point of view, it’s not fun if you just want to kill time not responding to anything.”


“Noona should also actively date me.” 

Haa… Even if it’s acting, I guess you should do it properly.

I shuddered for a while thinking how there is nothing in the world that you can do without effort.
It was just dating in a game after all.

If I held on for just one month while chatting politely, expensive items that I could never have collected, even with a year’s salary could fall into my hands.
Even if this deal was subject to the condition of “showing sincerity,” I had an advantage.

Shin Heejae also slyly made a remark. 

“If you don’t like it until the very end, you can just get the staff and we can pretend to be strangers.
Well, I can look for another girl.”



“How about it? I think it’s a good deal for noona.”

As Shin Heejae said, it was too good for it to be just an okay deal.
Above all, I liked the part about the having a clean ending because there’s no way I would ever fall in love with Shin Heejae. 


Ha, Fuck… Something is unsettling.

Since I had been swayed by Shin Heejae’s eccentricities, I felt like a huge trap was lurking.

But, but… 

No matter how much I thought about it, it was foolish not to accept this offer.
It was a problem that I hated Shin Heejae so much, but one month was a really short period of time.
Besides, my original plan was to pretend to be dating Shin Heejae, then reveal that I was a man and destroy his mentality…

But why do I feel cornered…

In the end, I couldn’t resist the temptation and asked the guy.

[Sesam: are you really going to give me the staff in a month?] 

“Would you like me to write a contract?”

Shin Heejae replied with another smirk.
He seemed to know what I was thinking.

But, strangely, the more relaxed he appeared, the more anxious I became.
My heart gradually leaned towards going out with him.

I have nothing to lose anyway. 

Even if he doesn’t give the staff, the fact that he offered the expensive staff to ask a man to date him doesn’t change.

A smile was drawn on my lips when I thought about how humiliated Shin Heejae would be when I later revealed this fact.
Also, Shin Heejae would be spending a lot of money even if I excluded the staff…

If I just eat a few more chickens while we’re dating…

After I finished the calculations in my head, I answered him. 

[Sesam: fine ㅎㅎ ​​let’s date]

t/n: seyoung accidentally became a discord kitten lololol

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