It was about time gloomy memories that started with thoughts of Shin Heejae rose little by little.
Then suddenly, the alarm from my message app sounded.
I knew it was that jerk Heejae’s message, but in the end I couldn’t ignore it and read it.



[Heejae: ㅇ_ㅇ?]

[Heejae: you’re still not sleeping ㅇ_ㅇ] 

“It’s because of you, you damn jerk…….”


After mumbling and rubbing my eyes, I roughly responded.

[Me: i woke up because of the spam message you sent]

[Me: for the sake of my sweet sleep, im blocking soon]


[Heejae: <ㅇ_ㅇ>]

[Heejae: emoticon for letting noona use arm as pillow]

[Heejae: you don’t have a separate pillow right?]


[Me: your armpit smells] 

[Heejae: ah ㅇ.ㅇ]

[Heejae: you actually didn’t know how to lie down]

[Me: shit get lost]

[Heejae: lololololololololololololololololololololololololololol] 


Today Heejae sent different emoticons to me.
I didn’t know where he learned and took those kinds of emoticons from.
What a loser.
However I wasn’t sure if it was because of the aftermath of yesterday’s words, but for some reason I was bothered.

That was the problem.

* * * 

Everyone // Party // Clan // Friend // Whisper

[Clan] [Heejae: ㅇ.ㅇ starting]

“10 seconds left.”


Today is Sunday.
The long awaited siege day.

In the Discord voice chat where clan members participating in the siege were, only the clan master and staff had their mics on, while the rest of the clan were muted while separately keeping their previously prepared positions. 

Additionally, Shin Hee-jae started live streaming on YouTube.
The siege where clans stole and were robbed of each others’ castles was not only a very large scale event, but similar to its scale, many people wanted to watch the game.

It hadn’t even been 5 minutes since Shin Heejae had turned on the livestream, but the people watching had already surpassed 4 digits.
I also, obviously, had Shin Heejae’s broadcast on my phone, listening to it like a radio.


Finally the siege started. 

The waiting [Argo] clan members surrounded the castle for this siege and started to attack.
They were tearing it apart and starting to enter.

In a siege event, the system is better at defending the castle, but as soon as the [Argo] clan master [Siben] used his skill, the entire castle gate flew away.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.
If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Lf ygbxf atgbeut atf ogbca ujaf ojrafg atjc j gfueijg rlfuf.
Ktf nlfkfgr bo atf ilnfragfjw kfgf jirb kbcvfglcu lo, ilxf atf ujaf, atf mjraif kbeiv yf rabifc jr delmxis jcv kfgf nfgs fzmlafv.


“Vffwr ilxf Vlyfc tsecu mjwf kfii qgfqjgfv abvjs.”

Shin Heejae calmly started speaking with his characteristically indifferent and somewhat condescending tone.
After breaking through the gate, Siben nonchalantly kept his position even as he listened in discord.


Ejatfg, atf qfgrbc atja kjr rb cfgnber atflg tjcvr rtbbx jr Vlyfc jqqgbjmtfv, kjr wf. 

If it was before my thoughts changed, I wouldn’t have been feeling like this.
In the first place, participating in the siege as a pair with Shin Heejae was because I was forced to.
If he lost his castle or had his castle robbed, I’d have felt that nothing better could happen to me.

However, the issue was that I had changed my mind a bit recently.
I still hated Shin Heejae, I just didn’t hate him the same way anymore.

“Anyway, we have to go out together for a month, so…….
I’ll have to make one serving today…….”

I muttered this like an excuse, but I knew better than anyone where it came from. 

“Shit… I shouldn’t have listened.”

Suddenly, I was frustrated and gulped down the caffeine energy drink that I had opened next to me, but I ended up putting it down, unable to take more than a few sips.
I thought that, since it was an hour long siege, I didn’t want to have to go to the bathroom,


In the meantime, I recalled the information of the user I knew in the [Argo] clan called “Siben.”

In truth, I was actually subscribed to Siben’s YouTube channel.
So I knew well that Siben and Heejae had enmity with each other. 

In particular, Siben often either lost or narrowly ended in a draw whenever he faced Heejae.
There were many comments that said he was one step below Heejae.

Could it be said that because of those comments, Siben had a considerable sense of inferiority towards Heejae? Even in live broadcasts, he would often snipe at Heejae’s every move.

“Honestly, I also thought that Hyumjae……, I thought that maybe he was Siben.”

The constantly malicious commentator [Hyumjae] in Heejae’s broadcasts was extremely similar to Siben’s way of speaking. 

In addition, in livestreams where game control was the main content, Heejae would end up surprised and shake suddenly, as if startled during livestream comments.
So every time Hyumjae commented, Heejae’s livestream fans would each comment in a grand way [Siben nim if you do this hereㅠㅠ]… The attached comments would pile up quickly, to the point that it could end up making someone swear.

And I…….


Up until two days ago, I had supported Siben.  So my mood became mixed up. 

Originally, I pressed [Like] consistently on every comment made by Hyumjae.  I even watched the boring “Siben broadcast” without skipping advertisements.
I subscribed, liked, set alarms – did all that.
This was because the action of tearing apart Heejae itself, without hesitation, made me so grateful.


I can’t believe I sympathized with Shin Heejae back then.

Even though I thought it wasn’t funny, before I participated in the siege, I had memorized the skill tree of Siben and his healing partner Yuven like crazy. 

So maybe that could be why I was more nervous now.
When the thought rose that it would be over if I made a mistake, I felt my palm on the keyboard fill with sweat.

However, Shin Hee-jae, who was unaware of my great determination, spoke to the viewers watching his livestream without any tension in his relaxed tone,

“Siben hyung, I heard you recently used 20 million won?”

The live chat window quickly sped up with Shin Hee-jae’s words. 

LIVE Breaktime Chatting:

– 20 million ㄷㄷ


– why ㄷㄷ

– where’d you use the money??? 

– rumors that he sold his house lol

– became homeless?

– sleeping in the castle ㄷㄷ?

– awesome ㄷㄷ 

– seeing the castle’s front gate was sent flying, sensing that its right ㄷㄷ

– that guy is arizona river right?

– Server 1st place King Si ben!

– Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben! 

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n!

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben!

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n!

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben! 

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n!

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben!

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n!

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ 

– Even if you’re a fan, to be honest, this time Argo should win ㅠㅠ

– look at Hyumjae not showing up like a ghost lolololololol


– ah shit lolololololololololololololol

– Hyumjae nim where 

– Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben!

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n!

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben!

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n! 

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben!

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n!

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben!

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n! 

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆

– that guy says he’s busy tearing open the front gate ㅠㅠ

– guess heejae will be fast

– As least now lets apologize ㅠㅠ! 

– going to hit our heads, start

– sorry siben nimㅜㅜㅜ 

– we apologize siben nimㅜㅜㅜ

– sry sbn ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


– wow…

– lololololololololololololololololololol 

– Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben!

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n!

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben!

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n! 

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben!

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n!

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ Vic ★ to ★ ry ★ King ★ Si ★ ben!

– A ☆ r ☆ go ☆ W ☆ i ☆ n! 

– ★☆Wishing for Siben nim’s victory★☆ lolololol

– hitting our heads, start

– if u cant pierce through even after u attack, shit lolololololololol

– wow insane lololololol 

– firepower is pretty awesome

Just like that, each comment from the viewers noisily giggling was seen.

But abruptly, Siben, who was breaking through into the castle, stopped and stood still in the middle of everyone’s attention.
High-performance loudspeakers that crossed 3 map lines on the screen suddenly blasted across the entire server.

Everyone // Party // Clan // Friend // Whisper 

[Everyone] [Siben: lololol Do you think you’re the only one gaming with your parents’ insurance lolol]

In the midst of Siben leading the siege and the chaos, he sniped like this as if he was watching Shin Heejae’s livestream.


I felt dizzy as my blood ran cold.  I glanced at Heejae who was sitting crookedly while wearing a crown on the castle’s throne.
At that moment, I felt Heejae give off an expression that was cold and hardened.

However the tension soon disappeared, as if Shin Heejae treated it like it wasn’t even a buzzing noise.
He laughed and with a languid tone, mocked Siben. 

Siben hyung.
Seems like your butt is itchy again today…”


“You’re asking me to act like a jerk, right?”

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