As soon as ‘Heenyangie’ leaves, ‘Heejae’ comes on?

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‘Heenyangie’ was ‘Heejae’? Then what is [Rolling]? [Rolling] is… [Malicious]?

For a moment I felt as if my brain had stopped. 4sCpYL

The jubilant noisy chatter from a while ago no longer entered my eye.
All I could see was that bastard Heejae’s unlucky character entering the clan room.

For a moment, the possibility that he might be a different character from the one I had encountered a year ago came to mind, but my strong foreboding was not wrong.
Moreover, that guy is…

“This bastard still has that character design.”

He was wearing the same character design that he had when he destroyed me.
Short black hair, plate armor with a high-end item, and a lance worn by the Night Walker on his back.


There was no way there was another person on the same server with the same nickname, the same occupation, and was even a large clan master.

As soon as I confirmed his identity, I pressed the R key, the ultimate skill key.
In the middle of the clan room, [Paranoma], the ultimate skill of the Spirit, hit [Heejae]’s back.

[Heejae: ?]

Of course since we were members of the same clan, skills used in places that are not in the PVP area were just fleeting effects and had no meaning. 4VmnjK

Heejae was bewildered by the water bomb that soaked his back.
He quickly approached me as if flying.

[Heejae: ㅇ_ㅇ?]

Then he pulled out his lance and swung it swiftly over my head.
I avoided it by reflexively using the [bend down] motion.
In fact, it wouldn’t do any damage and it didn’t matter if I was hit, but somehow I didn’t want to be hit.

However, it seems that this series of exchanges felt like a very funny joke to the clan members. USg92f

[Huha: wow what is this adaptability ㄷㄷ]
[Lemonade: already close friends?]
[Yewoo: when i first came, i was so scared that i couldn’t even say hello to clan master-nim… how extraordinary]

“Fuck, what kind of bullshit!”

Seeing those foolish reactions by others, suddenly everything felt useless.
I stopped the movement of my character, and this Heejae fellow pretended to stab me several times.

[Heejae: you’re a newbie right??]
[Heejae: you dodge very well lol] umz pZ

As Heejae evaluated me with a cheeky tone, I began to get really angry so I responded with sarcasm to Heejae’s words.

[Sesam: you’re the clan master right lol]

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[Sesam: you die very well lol]

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Yo mbegrf, P kjr lc j rajaf ktfgf cbatlcu mjeuta ws fsf fzmfqa obg Lffpjf, rb P cfjais lucbgfv la.
Ccskjs, atlr ujgyjuf mijc, P mbeiv ifjnf jr rbbc jr P kjca.
Fcali atfc, P tjnf ab qgbnbxf tlw jcv aegc la lcrlvf bea rbwftbk…

[Heejae: lololololol]
[Heejae: sesam has a lot of pride?]

But Heejae just overlooked it and found it funny for whatever reason.
I couldn’t contain the rising anger and started chatting.

[Sesam: don’t talk to me informally ☆☆ you punk] oqkdSH

As soon as he said those words, Heejae’s lance, which he had been circling leisurely with one hand, just stopped.
The clan members who were watching this continued to say nothing.

However, his reaction after that was different from what I expected.

[Heejae: how old are you ㅇ_ㅇ yo]

“What? Fucking…” q5PfdQ

Heejae, who obediently asked for my age, felt like he wasn’t the guy I knew.

Was the despicable bastard who grinded his teeth, saying provoking words while slaughtering my clan members, and who uses these [ㅇ_ㅇ] fucking emoticons now really the same person?

A little confused, I crossed my arms and replied bluntly.

[Sesam: you tell me first]
[Heejae: 21ㅇ.ㅇ yo] GKfF9v

In fact, I knew how old Shin Heejae was.
Sometimes, the YouTube algorithm led me to Shin Heejae’s channel and I had seen some of his content.

Of course, I watched them all and did a lot of ‘reporting’ and left ‘dislikes’ and malicious comments… Anyway, I had heard that Shin Heejae sometimes hosted livestreams and had rambled his personal information so I had gotten it from there.

[Heejae: how old are you ㅇ_ㅇ yo?]
[Sesam: secret]
[Heejae: ?]
[Yewoo: lololololololololololololol]
[Yewoo: ah sorry, my brother suddenly took the keyboard…]

As my forgotten memories came to mind one by one, the hatred I had worked so hard to bury suddenly exploded.
I felt a strong urge to somehow tear him apart.
Of course, there was no way now I would answer him nicely. UwyL5n

But instead of kicking me out of the clan and cursing at me…

[‘Heejae’ requested to add you as a friend.]
[Accept / Decline]
[You declined.]
[Sesam: what—]

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Unexpectedly, he wanted to add me as a friend.

[Heejae: sesam-ah accept me as friend lolol]
[Sesam: i told you not to talk informally]
[Heejae: you didn’t tell me how old you are ㅇ_ㅇ yo] cu68a4

I couldn’t contain my anger because I was so mad at Heejae for walking all over me.

[Sesam: fuck I’m 3 years older than you?]
[Heejae: you are very old ㅇ_ㅇ i’ll treat you comfortably noona ㅇ.ㅇ]

Heejae obviously thought my reaction was funny.

Then, who knows if there was a hot key for [Friend Request] in the system, this crazy guy repeatedly would hit the friend button as soon as I rejected him.
This caused the friend request window to come up over and over again. LKYbtm

[‘Heejae’ has been added as a friend.]

Then, while I was cursing him out and telling him to stop, I tried to hit the enter button when the friend request window came up at the same time.
I ended up accepting it, leaving a stain called [Heejae] in my Friends List.

Of course I immediately tried to block him.
However, that Heejae fellow sent a provocative chat in the Friends window as if he had read my mind.

[Heejae: if you block me, i will follow Sesam everyday ㅇ_ㅇㅋㅋ] 3eiDWP

[Heejae: if you continue to send party invitations and leave the clan, you’re not allowed to join other clans]

[Sesam: do you wanna die?]

[Heejae: i don’t have the skills to do that, noona lol]

Even though I knew that Heejae was provoking me on purpose, I still ended up being agitated. i61ud0

[Sesam: If i get a kill, delete your character Heejae-ya ㅎㅎ]

[Heejae: what if Heejae wins??]

[Sesam: i’ll keep you as a friend lol]

[Heejae: ehh ㅇ_ㅇㅋ that’s a bit little] I7BtZp

[Heejae: how about being my heal shuttle from now on?]

Clutching my fingers, trembling with anger, I struggled to pretend to be relaxed and chatted.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Sesam: then]

[Sesam: since i’m not even at max level while you’re at max level] Ap7zrk

[Sesam: you don’t use weapons]

[Heejae: noona, you know that the handicap is a bit harsh right??]

[Sesam: if you are not confident, scram]

[Heejae: ㅇ_ㅇ… if I do that and you lose, noona will cry] HvoFjR

At the same time, Heejae removed the lance on his back.
It seemed that he actually was going to play PVP with me without using weapons.

“Haha… you’re looking down on me, right?”

I immediately clicked on Heejae’s ID and pressed the [Duel] button.
The game teleported us at the same time to the PVP arena [Bloody Lane].

[A place that contains the souls of warriors, jinglQ

Moving to Bloody Lane.]

[Bloody Lane] was a map that looked similar to the Colosseum in Rome.
After arriving, Heejae and I were standing at opposite ends, glaring at each other.

[Lemonade: rooting for you, sesam-ssi!!]

[Huha: if you’re korean, root for sesam…] bWQS9D

[Yewoo: are we going to change clan master now??]

Even the clan members who were teasing us were watching this showdown with interest.
Perhaps they were not really rooting for me.
They were sure of Heejae’s victory so they must have had a relaxed attitude.

“Ha… Either it’s this guy or that guy.”

I bit my lips and extensively read and checked the key settings I was using once again with fury in my heart.
I tried to recall Heejae’s PVP play style, which I had reviewed countless times. oF8lGS

Nightwalker‘s main skills [Charging], [Breaking Through], and [Ignore Defense] were skills that could only be used when equipped with a weapon, so it would not be possible to use them now that the lance was taken off.
In other words, the powerful head-on attack was prevented for now.

However, Nightwalker was not an occupation to be taken lightly just because he had no weapons.
Because the attack speed was very fast.
I was nervous, waiting for him to move first.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Heejae: i’m going ㅇ.ㅇㅋ]

Shin Heejae was the first of the two of us to move.
It seemed that there was a red aura formed around Heejae’s character for a moment, but he came forward in an instant and narrowed the distance. dgmo6D

The skill Heejae used now was [Flash], which the Nightwalker often uses in PVP.
A skill that cannot change direction until it ends, in return for being able to rush forward.

It was expected to some extent, so instead of stepping back, I laid a [Waterball] in front of him.
Heejae flinched and stepped on the puddle I had made.
It worked since the direction could not be changed during [Flash].

Enemy’s movement speed was greatly reduced.

The [Waterball] was a type of trap skill that reduced movement speed by 120% the moment it was stepped on.
Naturally, Heejae’s movements were noticeably slow, and I did not have difficulty avoiding the attack. 60NTc9

Then, three [Water Arrow] shots were fired while going behind his back.
I aimed at his head, abdomen, and thighs so that no matter how hard he would try to avoid it, he was in a position of being hit by at least one of the shots.

Shin Heejae was eventually hit in the thigh with a single shot.
Seeing that his HP was reduced by a tenth, I provoked him with my boosted ego.

[Sesam: you’re bad at this haha ​​did you buy an account?]

It was something I really wanted to say that as pay back just once, so I couldn’t help but be snide. emLTsC

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