Even from the point of view of a man like myself with a similar nature, Yatta was a fool.
He always talked to any female characters in the clan to ask them about their gender and age.

Then, he would try to talk to those female users who turned out to be between the ages of about 20 and 23 on Discord or exchange personal messenger contact.



Naturally, the rumors within the clan took a turn for the worse as he finally reached Hyejin and flirted with her, before leaving and moving to another clan right after.
It was there that he met and went out with a healer spirit user named ‘Sweatdew’.

[Me: hey… do you remember sweatdew?] 

[Hyejin: lololololol i do lol why?]


[Me: i suddenly remembered yatta and sweatdew lolol]

[Hyejin: omg]

[Hyejin: actually just now i was thinking about them too lololol]


[Me: yatta and sweatdew were really loud about their relationship]

There was a high-performance ‘megaphone’ cash item that could be delivered into the chats of the entire server.
This was called the ‘high-perphone’ for short.
Yatta and Sweatdew used to talk about their love and gratitude and plans for children in the future with all sorts of sounds for almost 30 times a day, which was basically the whole day.

At that time, the love between the two was so disgusting that whenever their ‘high-perphone’ went off, other users shoved their own ‘high-perphones’ in their faces to push them away.


However, as time went on, everyone just pretended that they couldn’t see it.
To put it bluntly, Yatta and Sweatdew were not an understanding couple.
People got sick of the fighting and ignored them instead. 

[Hyejin: the two of them would use the ‘high-perphone’ day after day]

[Hyejin: it was so annoying]

[Hyejin: lololol ah fuck clan leader, look at this screenshot i found lololol]

Then Hyejin sent me a screenshot from the old days of [Youngil] from a few years ago.
It was a clear picture of Yatta’s confession to Sweatdew. 

[Yatta: The pitiful woman that i assessed with much difficulty… that’s you, sweatdew]

[Hyejin: lololol fuck lololololololol remember when we joined and put our heads together?]

[Hyejin: There’s only one woman vs pitiful woman]

[Me: lololol] 

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.
If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Ca atja alwf, Lsfplc, ktb kjr rlmx bo Tjaaj jr rtf kjr mbcrajcais yflcu tjgjrrfv ys tlw, rfca wf j mbwqifaf mbiifmalbc bo Tjaaj’r ifufcvjgs ‘tlut-qfgqtbcf’ wfrrjufr.
Qtlif P kjr ijeutlcu ja atf rmgffcrtbar Lsfplc rfca wf P kjr rajgalcu ab atlcx bo rbwfatlcu firf.

Ktf gfjrbc P revvfcis atbeuta bo atja gbjmt mbeqif kjr yfmjerf Vkfjavfk ijafg aegcfv bea ab yf j cfaxjwj.


Moreover, Yatta had posted [This is unfair] on the free bulletin board and complained about how much Sweatdew had made him waste.
Yatta was saying that “he”(Sweatdew) had robbed him of a large sum of about 3 million won for 6 months.
(actually, if you look into the details, he just gave him a laptop he had used, and bought him a couple of 2,000 won royal hair coupons).

Well anyway, at that time, Yatta quit the game after saying the shock was too much for him and never connected to [Arcadia] again. 

This part caught my attention.

I came with a revenge plan Heejae would never expect.

What if, just what if Heejae really is interested in me? What if I trick that Heejae bastard by pretending to be a real woman? If I stick a straw in and suck everything, then later reveal that I’m a netkama…?

‘Possibly, Heejae, that bastard will get so embarrassed that he’ll quit the game and go off the grid?’ 

How satisfying would that be?

I fell to the bottom in my own castle, which was off to a good start, all because of that Heejae bastard.
And I had to sell my account at a bargain price.
Just the mere thought of it made me gnash my teeth.
I wanted to give Heejae the same feeling of injustice and misery that I felt at that time.

No, even if it’s not to the point of quitting the game, if I could somehow engrave a line “Got cheated on by dating a netkama” on his Namu Wiki… Wouldn’t that still be a pretty good revenge plan for me?

‘The question remained, was that guy really interested in ‘Sesam’…’ 

However, what Hyejin said to me was like a joke so I couldn’t be sure.
I thought it would be okay to look at the possibility rather than abandoning the game as it is.

After thinking about it, I sat down in front of the computer.

And, with a pounding heart, I logged into [Arcadia].

A world full of adventure, 

Welcome to Arcadia.

When the loading was finished, my character was left alone in the waiting room of [Bloody Lane].
After losing to Heejae, I thought I was moved to a nearby arena.

“I… guess I wasn’t kicked out of the clan.”

I was wondering if there still would be a [Rolling] clan name left above my character’s head. 

And As if they were waiting, there were a flurry of chats welcoming me from in the clan window.
It was the trio who had invited me at first.

[Huha: omg]


[Huha: it’s sesam-nim!!!]

[Huha: sesam-nim please wait okay? don’t go out ㅠㅠㅠ] 

[Yewoo: omg hello]

[Yewoo: sesam-nim, please wait a minute??]

[Lemonade: sesam-ssi… take it easy…]

Maybe they were afraid that I would leave the clan since I lost to Heejae… I just stayed still because I was going to decide my future course of action after seeing Heejae’s reaction. 

‘Heejae has logged in.’

I didn’t wait long.
but A message popped up saying that Heejae logged in.
I thought he might have told the clan members to call him when I logged in.

[Heejae: where’s sesam?]

I clenched my fist at the rascal who cut right in to talk as soon as he logged in.
On the other hand, it confirmed that he was not losing much interest in me.
Heejae quickly appeared in the [Bloody Lane] arena where I was standing. 

I was in agony as I watched Heejae stand in front and observe me as if he wanted to coax me.

‘Close your eyes and act like you’re in a relationship.
And when he confesses, you strike him by saying that you’re a man? Well, it’s not bad…’

The question is if I’d be able to control my temper and get along with Shin Heejae.
Just looking at him standing in front of me right now makes me want to stab him with a knife…

[Heejae: sesam noona] 

[Heejae: ㅇ_ㅇ]

[Heejae: no matter how much you’ve done, how can you just go off the grid like that]

[Heejae: i thought you jumped off so i was worried ㅇ.ㅇ]

This bastard also seemed to be more interested in acting like the one who puts people down, rather than care about romantic feelings or anything like that. 

More than anything else, I honestly wasn’t confident enough that I could ignore that cheeky attitude and act as if I was ‘flirting’.
My fists were trembling right now…….

[Sesam: mm]


Still, I managed to suppress my emotions and answered.

Perhaps it was because of the thought that the real revenge battle starts from now.
Also, since he doesn’t know who I am, now is the best chance to screw him over. 

Shin Heejae used a smiling gesture without knowing what I was thinking inside and continued to talk.

[Heejae: then, noona from today onwards you’re going to clear the instance dungeon with me right ㅇ.ㅇ?

[Sesam: mm]

[Heejae: but your level’s too low ㅇ.ㅇ…] 

[Heejae: i think i’ll have to ride the bus for you for a week ㅇ_ㅇㅋ]

[Sesam: mm]

[Heejae: you’re so grateful ㅇ.ㅇ?]

I invited Heejae into a party, without answering that.
However, Shin Heejae did not stop talking nonsense even after receiving the party invitation. 

[Heejae: are you still upset?]

[Sesam: no]

[Heejae: then why are you replying in such a rude way ㅇ_ㅇ?]

[Heejae: they say a mature person is one who can accept the outcome, noona ㅇ.ㅇ] 

In the end, I exploded.

[Sesam: shut up!]

[Sesam: i held myself back from killing you but you just don’t stop with your chattering like whatever you’re doing is so fucking annoying]

I wanted to say ‘oops’ after saying all that, but I had already hit enter.
However, Shin Heejae, who heard my abusive language, started to giggle and laugh. 

[Heejae: lol]

[Heejae: lololololololololoololololl]


[Heejae: the level of the game is originally like a gangster’s ㅇ.ㅇ…]

[Heejae: if you’re so annoyed then you should hurry and level up right ㅇ_ㅇㅋㅋㅋ?] 

Then, he added this bullshit.
There was no cure for my very low blood pressure.
I gritted my teeth and muttered.

“Son of a bitch! If only I hadn’t quit the game back then because of you..!”

Even though Heejae fucking humiliated me like that, my main character was at a higher level than Heejae.
So what he said struck my heart even more.
But isn’t that what a guy, who interrupted my happy life and ruined everything, would shamelessly say?

I clenched my fists in anger while looking at Shin Heejae’s giggling chat window. 

“Ok… I’ll do whatever it takes to get you out of this game.”


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