Chapter 1 – Nine-Tails' Rampage

“Waah… Waah…”

A loud baby cry suddenly sounded, and Zhang Miao, who was asleep, was suddenly awakened.

“Why is there a baby crying?”

The baby’s cry was so loud that it hurt Zhang Miao’s ears.
Hearing such a loud cry, he frowned and slowly opened his eyes.

However, as soon as he opened his eyes, he was shocked by the scene in front of him.

In front of him stood a man and a woman covered in blood.
A huge claw pierced through their bodies, and he was less than ten centimeters away from the front end of the claw!

In other words, if this huge claw advanced a little further, he would be skewered along with the two adults before him!

“What… what the hell is this? What the hell is going on?”

Just as Zhang Miao was shocked by the scene in front of him, he suddenly heard a crying female voice.

“I’m sorry… Ryunosuke..
Mom woke you up..
I’m sorry…”

Hearing this voice, Zhang Miao involuntarily raised his head and looked at the other person’s face.

When he saw the other person’s face clearly, his heart was filled with shock once again.

“Namikaze Minato! Uzumaki Kushina!”

As a loyal fan of the series, Zhang Miao instantly recognized the identity of the two people in front of him.
At the same time, he, who was familiar with the plot, also understood the situation he was in.

Kyubi’s Attack!

In Year 48 of Konoha, Kushina, Kyubi’s Jinchuuriki, was giving birth.
When the seal was at its weakest, Uchiha Obito suddenly attacked and pulled the Kyubi out of Kushina’s body.
He used his Mangekyo Sharingan to control it, intending to use the power of the Kyubi to destroy Konoha.

Just when the situation turned sour, the Fourth Hokage stepped out and used the forbidden technique, the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, to seal the Kyubi in the body of his son, Uzumaki Naruto, to calm the chaos of the Kyubi and save Konoha.

This was the beginning of “Naruto” and also one of the later tear-provoking scenes.
Zhang Miao was naturally very familiar with it, but what he did not expect was that he seemed to have become one of the people involved.

Looking at the huge claws of the Kyubi in front of him, as well as Minato and Kushina, whose bodies were dyed red with blood, Zhang Miao’s eyes were full of shock and fear.

“They… Are they trying to save me? But… why?”

As an orphan, Zhang Miao had suffered too much, so he understood the cold and warmth of people more than anyone else.
Looking at the two people in front of him who were desperately protecting him, he was puzzled.

However, time did not stop because of Zhang Miao’s doubts.
At this time, Minato’s sporadic voice also sounded.

“Kushina… It seems that we can’t hold on for long.
It’s about time to activate the Eight Trigrams Seal.
I also want to seal as much Chakra as possible on Ryunosuke and Naruto.
We have to separate for a while.
If you have anything to say to them, just do it now!”

Hearing Minato’s words, Kushina looked at Zhang Miao again and spoke.

“Ryunosuke, Naruto.
You can’t be picky in the future.
You have to eat your food every day and grow up healthily.
Remember to take a hot bath every day.
Also, you can’t stay up all night.
You have to sleep well every day and try to make friends.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have many friends.
It’s enough to have a few trustworthy ones…”

Listening to Kushina’s words, Zhang Miao’s eyes suddenly turned red, and two lines of tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

As an orphan, Zhang Miao had never seen his parents, and no one would nag these words of concern in his ears.
So now, listening to Kushina’s heartfelt words of concern made his whole heart tremble.

“It’s obviously just a virtual character from an anime… It’s obviously just a big hole dug by Kishimoto…”

It’s obviously fake, but… but why can’t my tears stop?

Although Zhang Miao kept telling himself in his heart that everything in front of h

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