Chapter 3 – Recruitment System

In fact, Zhang Miao was not the kind of person who liked to rely on external help.
Even when he was in his most difficult time, he did not want to rely on anyone.

But now, he had no choice because this was the world of Naruto.

One must know that the world of Naruto was famous for its background, and the bloodline basically determined the achievements of a person’s life.

Moreover, what was even more terrifying was that even those who looked very awesome in the beginning, or even those with a strong Bloodline Limit, would be eliminated easily.
In the end, they were reduced to just some fodder for the stronger.

In the original plot, Naruto and Sasuke were able to last until the end because the two of them were the sons of the Sage of Six Paths – the reincarnation of Indra and Asura!

However, even with the help of Sage and the Tailed Beasts, they were almost killed by Otsutsuki Kaguya.
In the end, if not for the help of Obito, Sakura, and Kakashi, the two of them might have failed, and the Ninja World would naturally be finished.

The opponent was too powerful, and it was not something that could be defeated by just hard work, so Zhang Miao could only pin his hopes on the System in his mind.

“The protagonists of this series are all so awesome.
You have to be more powerful!”

As if sensing Zhang Miao’s thoughts, the voice from before once again resounded in his mind.

“[The system’s full name is the Ninja Recruitment System.
As the name implies, the function of this system is to recruit Ninjas.
With this system, the host can recruit any Ninja to be loyal to him.
Moreover, the host can also obtain the Bloodline Limit or Ninjutsu of their recruits.
In addition, the host’s own chakra is the sum of the chakra of the recruited ninjas! ]”


Hearing the system’s answer, Zhang Miao couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, his eyes full of shock.

“You said that my own chakra is the sum of all the recruits? In other words, if I recruit ten ninjas, then my chakra is the total of these ten people?”

“Yes, the more ninjas recruited by the host, the greater the total amount of chakra!”


After receiving the System’s confirmation, Zhang Miao could not help but take a deep breath, and his eyes were also filled with ecstasy!

“Great, it seems that this recruitment system is really a powerful system.
I will succeed now!”

Of course, there was a reason why Zhang Miao was so happy.
Chakra could be said to be one of the important criteria to measure the strength of a ninja!

As everyone knew, chakra was one of the important prerequisites for a ninja to use ninjutsu.
Because no matter what ninjutsu was used, it required chakra, and the amount of chakra directly determined how many ninjutsu a ninja could use.

This was like a showdown between two gunmen.
One person only had a few bullets, while the other person had dozens of bullets.
In a situation where their marksmanship was almost equal, then naturally, the person with more bullets had the advantage.

Moreover, the nature of chakra is much more powerful than bullets because once they have enough chakra, some powerful ninjas can also use some super-powerful ninjutsu!

For example, the First Hokage’s Deep Forest Emergence!

That level of ninjutsu can simply be described as earth-shattering!

Of course, these super ninjutsus, like the Deep Forest Emergence, is not something that can be used with just sufficient chakra, it also needs the corresponding Bloodline Limit to support it, but this is enough to show the importance of chakra.
In the most simple words, it is “One Power Could Defeat Ten”!

And chakra was this “power”!

In fact, the reason why the Tailed Beasts were so awesome was actually that they had a huge reserve of chakra, especially the Nine-tails, who was a terrifying Tailed Beast that possessed nearly infinite chakra!

Zhang Miao could already imagine that with the help of the recruitment system, in the future, he would possess chakra that even surpassed the Tailed Beasts, turning him into a “Super Mobile Fortress.”

Thinking of this, Zhang Miao suddenly suppressed the excitement in his heart,

He continued to ask the System inside his mind.

“Then, how should I recruit Ninjas? Should I recruit those wandering Ninjas?”

In Zhang Miao’s opinion, it was generally impossible to recruit a ninja within a village.
Only those wandering ninjas who have lost their country could accept his recruitment.

However, what Zhang Miao did not expect was that the moment this idea came to his mind, it was immediately rejected by the System in his mind.

“[The host is wrong.
With this System, the host will have the ability to recruit any Ninja.
As long as you defeat them or obtain their recognition, you will be able to obtain their “Ninja Fragment”! ]”

“Ninja Fragment?” Hearing this term, Zhang Miao was a little confused.
“What is the Ninja Fragment?”

In the face of Zhang Miao’s doubts, the System immediately gave him a reply.

“[The Ninja Fragment is a necessary tool for recruiting Ninjas.
As long as you collect enough of the corresponding Ninja Fragments, you can recruit the corresponding Ninja.
No matter if it is an ordinary ninja or a strong ninja with an outstanding Bloodline Limit, you can recruit them all! ]”

“Sheesh…” Hearing this answer, Zhang Miao could not help but gasp again, “Doesn’t that mean that I have a chance to obtain multiple Bloodline Limits?”

“[Yes! As long as the host uses the Ninja Fragment to recruit a Ninja with a Bloodline Limit, not only can you obtain their pledge of loyalty, but you can also obtain their Bloodline Limit or ninjutsu, as well as the other party’s full-fledged chakra reserves.
In addition, the system has many powerful functions that need to be explored by the host! ]”

Hearing the system’s answer, Zhang Miao could no longer hold back the joy in his heart and burst out laughing.

“Wahaha… That’s great! With such an ability, why should I be afraid? Although I can’t recruit Kaguya, I should be able to recruit Obito and Nagato.
When I finally get my hands on the two, I must dig out Madara’s pair of Rinnegan and crush them!”

At this moment, Zhang Miao, who had the Recruitment System, suddenly gained a lot of confidence.

“Without that pair of Rinnegan, even if Madara is revived, I want to see if he still could use the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
Without the Infinite Tsukuyomi, what can Black Zetsu use to revive Kaguya? I’m simply too smart, Hahahaha… Wahahaha…!”

Just as Zhang Miao was laughing happily, suddenly, a foreign object was stuffed into his mouth, causing his laughter to stop.

At the same time, a rough voice sounded in his ears.

“Stop laughing, hurry up and drink your milk!”


At this time, Zhang Miao suddenly realized that he was still a baby.
Even if he wanted to clean up the soil, he had to wait until he grew up.

There was only one thing he needed to do at present – drink milk!

What else was there to say? Let’s eat!

gulp… Burp…”


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