Chapter 5 – Kakashi's Shock

Kakashi was indeed good at cooking fish, which could be seen from the pile of fishbones on the table on Zhang Miao’s left.

“Well… This fish dish tastes really good.
What’s its name?” After finishing the last fish on the plate, Zhang Miao asked while sucking his fingers.

Looking at Zhang Miao’s satisfied look, Kakashi crossed his arms, and a smile flashed in his eyes.

“Fried River Fish – Kakashi’s Style!”

After saying this, Kakashi suddenly remembered that Obito and Rin were also very fond of his fried fish.

Thinking of this, his eyes suddenly flashed with a trace of nostalgia and pain.

Seeing Kakashi suddenly silent, Zhang Miao, who was familiar with the plot, could probably guess his thoughts, so Zhang Miao suddenly let out a long sigh.

“Ah… such delicious fish, what should I do next time if I can’t eat it? I’m really worried.”

Hearing Zhang Miao’s words, Kakashi temporarily put down the painful memory.
He looked up at Zhang Miao, who was rubbing his temples in pain, and then turned his head again.

“Well, you can just come again when I’m around.”

“You often eat and drink for free.
How can you be embarrassed?”

After hearing Kakashi’s words, Zhang Miao shook his head again.
But soon, he seemed to think of something and suddenly clapped his hands.

“I have! How about this, I use this thing as meal money, what do you think?”

After that, Zhang Miao threw something on the table.

Kakashi did not care too much about Zhang Miao’s words because, in his view, as an orphan of war, Zhang Miao definitely could not give anything valuable.
It would be some beautiful stones he picked up on the road at most.

But when he turned to look at the table, his eyes were suddenly attracted by the things on the table.

“This… this is…”

The thing that appeared on the table at this time was a kunai.
But it was definitely not some ordinary Kunai.

This bitter one was a three-pronged Kunai, and on its handle, there were four small characters visible to the naked eye.

“..Swords of Shinobi’s Love!”

Perhaps ordinary people would feel unfamiliar with this Kunai, but for Kakashi, this Kunai could not be more familiar!

Because this was his teacher’s Flying Thunder God Kunai!

Kakashi grabbed the Kunai on the table and held it in front of his eyes.
He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“This is… This is the Fourth Hokage’s…”

Before Kakashi could finish his words, Zhang Miao’s indifferent voice suddenly came into his ears.

“It seems that you are very satisfied with my payment, so I am relieved.
Also, “Fourth Hokage” is too distant.
I think he wants you to call him Minato-sensei more!”

Hearing Zhang Miao’s words, Kakashi suddenly came back to his senses.
He immediately turned to look at Zhang Miao, and a trace of shock flashed in his eyes again.

“How did you know? Also, where did you get this Kunai?”

Kakashi remembered that when he met Zhang Miao, his hand was empty.
How could he suddenly pull out a Flying Thunder God Kunai?

Did he pick it up on the road?

This was impossible!

One must know that after the Kyubi attack on Konoha, all the kunai had been properly sealed up, and it was difficult to even look for them, let alone pick them up on the road.

As for forgery, it was even more impossible.
Kakashi felt that no matter how stupid he was, this was unmistakably his teacher’s Kunai!

Looking at the shocked Kakashi, Zhang Miao immediately waved his hand at him.

“This is a long story, and I don’t know how to explain it for a while.
Anyway, you just need to know a little bit, and that thing is mine.
Now I give it to you, it is yours, just like that!”

At this point, Zhang Miao jumped down from the chair, patted his belly, and then waved to Kakashi.

“Well, I’m full now.
I should go back.
Thank you for your hospitality!”

After that, Zhang Miao directly stepped out of the door.

When he went to the door and opened it to go out, Kakashi suddenly came back to his senses and hurriedly asked him, “What’s your name?”


Hearing Kakashi’s words, Zhang Miao suddenly stopped.
After thinking for a while, he scratched his head and smiled at Kakashi.

“If I remember correctly, the name that the Third old man registered for me is Ryunosuke.
Uzumaki Ryunosuke!”

“Uzumaki Ryunosuke?”

Hearing this name and looking at Zhang Miao’s fiery red hair, Kakashi immediately thought of a person.

Minato’s wife, Uzumaki Kushina!

The Uzumaki clan had originally lived in the Land of Whirlpools’ Uzushiogakure, but ever since it was destroyed, the people of the Uzumaki clan had been scattered around the world.

Kushina, on the other hand, was the only Uzumaki in Konoha!

Now, Zhang Miao claimed that his surname was Uzumaki, and said that his name was registered by the Third Hokage.
This should be true.
He also said before that his parents were sacrificed when the Kyubi attacked Konoha, which proved that his parents were originally from this village.

Most importantly, he also took out a Flying Thunder God Kunai!

Kakashi was a ninja who was good at analyzing, and when he connected all of this together, he immediately came to a shocking conclusion!

The child in front of him was the orphan of his teacher, Minato!

After coming to this conclusion, Kakashi suddenly calmed down.
He quickly walked to Zhang Miao, holding the door opened by Zhang Miao with one hand and holding Zhang Miao’s chin with the other.

“Open your mouth!”

Hearing Kakashi’s words, Zhang Miao was stunned for a moment, but he still opened his mouth honestly.

Looking at the two lonely little white teeth, Kakashi opened his eyes wide again.

“Only two teeth? Are you not a year old yet? How is this possible?”

“Nothing is impossible!” Zhang Miao pushed aside Kakashi’s hand that was holding his chin and rolled his eyes at him.
“Can’t I mature earlier? And isn’t this exactly the result you wanted?”

“Uh… this…”

Looking at Kakashi’s speechless appearance, Zhang Miao could not help but sigh again and then waved at him.

“Sigh… Alright, you should already know.
I should go back.
I will come back tomorrow to eat more fish.

After that, Zhang Miao opened the door and went out, then closed the door from the outside.


When the sound of the door closing rang out, Kakashi reacted again.

Looking at the closed door and then looking down at the Flying Thunder God Kunai in his hand, he thought of Zhang Miao’s face, which was somewhat similar to his teacher.
A smile appeared on Kakashi’s face.

“I didn’t expect Minato-sensei to leave a child behind.
This is great, really… great!”

At this point, Kakashi suddenly felt his eyes become a little moist.

At the same time, Zhang Miao, who had just walked out of Kakashi’s room, also received a System prompt.

“[Ding… obtained Hatake Kakashi’s Fragment x5!]”

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