The One Own’s Life Reincarnation was a reincarnation jutsu that used the entirety of the user’s chakra as a medium to give life to others.
At the same time, it could also allow ninja puppets to obtain life.
Because it could cause the death of the user, it was classified as a forbidden technique!

The person who mastered this ninjutsu was none other than the senior of the village of Sunagakure in the Land of Wind – Grandma Chiyo!

The original purpose of Grandma Chiyo developing this book was to revive Sasori’s dead parents, but because of Sasori’s defection, everything she did became useless.

Later, under the influence of Naruto, Grandma Chiyo chose to use this jutsu to resurrect the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara, who died after the Akatsuki extracted Shukaku from his body.
She sacrificed her own life as the cost.

Zhang Miao was naturally very familiar with this plot, so he naturally remembered the super ninjutsu that could be called a BUG!

At this moment, the first thing Zhang Miao thought he should do was: he must go to the Sunagakure in the future and then use the forbidden technique to revive Minato and Kushina!

Zhang Miao was very clear that it was impossible to persuade Chiyo to sacrifice her life to revive Minato and Kushina.

But with the Recruitment System, it would be different.
The recruitment system used Ninja Fragments to recruit Ninjas, and although the recruited Ninjas had the same memory and skills as the original work, they were two completely different individuals.

More importantly, the recruited ninjas would be completely loyal to him!

In other words, as long as Zhang Miao found a way to get Grandma Chiyo’s recognition and collect enough ninja fragments, he could use the System to recruit her, and then order her to revive Minato and Kushina!

This was feasible!

Zhang Miao had already made up his mind.

“Since I have this Recruitment System, no one can stop me from seizing this rare family affection!”

Although he already had a preliminary plan, it was still quite difficult to implement them.
Let alone getting Chiyo’s recognition, just going to Sunagakure was a big problem.

It must be known that Konoha had just ended the war with them.
The anger between the two villages had not yet completely subsided.
At this time, even if Zhang Miao had a way to go there, he was afraid that before he could see Grandma Chiyo, he would be killed by the border guards.

“Sure enough, strength is the key.
Let’s find a way to recruit Kakashi first.
The rest can wait until later!” Zhang Miao thought to himself as he held the milk bottle in his mouth.

After yesterday’s incident, the Anbu’s surveillance today was particularly tight.
They even locked the door.
Zhang Miao observed from the window for a long time, but he still hadn’t found a way to sneak out.

“If I don’t think of a way, I’m afraid that today I will not be able to eat Kakashi’s fried fish.
Well, not being able to eat some delicious fish is just a small matter.
If I can’t meet Kakashi, my plan of collecting his ninja fragments will be ruined!”

Thinking of this, Zhang Miao immediately looked at Naruto, who was sleeping soundly on the small bed next to him and then gritted his teeth.

“It can’t be helped, stupid little brother.
I can only use you!”

Naruto, who was sleeping soundly, did not know that his cruel brother was rolling up his sleeves and swinging his arms at him for his escape plan.


A big slap accurately hit Naruto’s face, immediately waking him up from his sleep.
Three seconds later, a loud cry suddenly echoed in the room.

“Waaah… waaah… waaah…”

Naruto was really talented.
His voice was so loud that even Zhang Miao, who had lived two lives, was very surprised.

But at this time, he did not have time to be stunned.
When Naruto cried, he immediately threw down the milk bottle in his hand and quickly went under the bed next to him.

Zhang Miao had just entered under the bed when he heard the door open.

A female Anbu wearing a cat-shaped mask immediately ran in and quickly walked to Naruto’s bedside.

“What’s going on? Why is your face so red? Is it a fever?”

As she spoke, she touched Naruto’s forehead.
After finding that there was no abnormality, she replaced Naruto’s diaper.
The degree of her attentiveness made Zhang Miao, who was hiding under the bed, nod secretly.

“From writing scrolls with a pen, opening a store to engage in the economy, to changing a baby’s diapers, the Anbu is indeed omnipotent!”

As if she felt Zhang Miao’s praise, after the female Anbu changed Naruto’s diapers, she looked at the small bed where Zhang Miao was.
However, when she saw the small empty bed, she was stunned.

“Eh? Where is he?”

After discovering that Zhang Miao was not on the bed, the well-proportioned female Anbu quickly scanned her surroundings.
When she found the milk bottle that rolled down the window, her expression under the mask suddenly changed.

“Damn, he must have run out from the window!”

Thinking of this, she quickly walked to the door, then took out a whistle and blew it.


Less than ten seconds after the whistle was blown, several Anbu who were also wearing masks appeared in front of her, and one tall and sturdy Anbu immediately spoke to her.

“Ying, what’s going on?”

Hearing his question, the female Anbu called Ying quickly lowered her head.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.
That child ran out again!”

“He ran out again?” The burly Anbu frowned at first, then waved his hand and said, “Let’s not sweat other things for now.
Hurry up and get him back! Scatter!”


Following his order, several members of the Anbu immediately agreed and disappeared.

The people of the Anbu did not expect that the target they were looking for was actually hiding under the bed less than five meters away from them.

In fact, it was not that the Anbu was too careless.
If it was an adult, the Anbu in charge of guarding the house would definitely check the possible hidden places in the room first when they found that someone was missing.

But Zhang Miao was different.
Who would have thought that a half-year-old child would play tricks on them?

After the Anbu disappeared, Zhang Miao came out from under the bed and slipped out with a sly smile.

Zhang Miao did not know that his every move was clearly seen by an old man sitting in front of a crystal ball.

Watching him slapping Naruto and hiding under the bed until the Anbh left, Hiruzen smiled and slipped away.
His face was full of complex emotions.

“It seems that Minato and Kushina are right.
This child really has some darkness in his heart, but I have to say, this kid is really a genius!”

Thinking of this, Hiruzen nodded with satisfaction and then waved his hand again.
The scene in the crystal ball changed again.

However, this time it was not Zhang Miao who appeared inside, but a place full of smoke.

Everyone who was familiar with this place knew that this was Konoha’s bathhouse.

In the fog, there were also a few slim and fair-skinned figures.
Looking at this scene, a stream of red blood flowed down Hiruzen’s nose.


At this moment, the great Third Hokage of Konoha showed a face of satisfaction.

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