At this time, Hiruzen was not too worried about Zhang Miao’s safety because from the direction he was headed, Hiruzen judged that he should go to Kakashi’s home.
This was the main road of Konoha, and there were many people around.
The possibility of danger was very small.

Secondly, there were several Anbu members who were searching for Zhang Miao around the village.
In this case, even if there were people with bad intentions, it was impossible for them to harm Zhang Miao at this time, because it would mean death for them.

Because of these two reasons, Hiruzen stopped monitoring Zhang Miao and instead used the crystal ball to peep girls at the bathhouse.
This was his biggest motivation to work.

“Hehe, nice… nice…”

While Hiruzen was busy peeping, Zhang Miao, who managed to avoid the Anbus, arrived at Kakashi’s house and then reached out his hand to knock on the door.

“Knock knock!”

At this time, Kakashi was around.
To be precise, he was waiting for Zhang Miao to come.
When he heard the knock on the door, he immediately ran to open the door.

When he opened the door, he was shocked by Zhang Miao who was standing at the door.

At this time, He was wearing a pink dress, a small round hat with flowers on it, and a cute teddy bear in his hand.

Seeing this scene, Kakashi suddenly opened his mouth.

“Ryunosuke, you… Are you a girl?”

“Bullshit!” Faced with Kakashi’s doubts, Zhang Miao immediately responded with a roll of his eyes, “I am a man, but if I don’t dress up like this, how can I deceive those Anbus?”

“The Anbu?” This time it was Kakashi who was surprised, “Why did they look for you?”

“Stupid! Ssh!” Looking at Kakashi’s surprised face, Zhang Miao once again rolled his eyes at him, “Because I sneaked out.
The Third asked them to protect me, so of course, they went to find me!”

“Uh… So that’s how it is!”

Hearing Zhang Miao’s answer, Kakashi immediately understood.

If it was some ordinary child, it was impossible for the Third to go to such length, but Zhang Miao was the orphan of the Fourth Hokage, so it was natural for him to do this.

Recently, many adults and children have gone missing in Konoha.
Kakashi was also one of the Anbu who was responsible for investigating this matter, so he naturally understood.

Kakashi found that there were many suspicious signs pointing toward Orochimaru about these accidents, but he was a disciple of the Third Hokage.
Without conclusive evidence, Kakashi did not dare to make a conclusion casually.

Thinking of this, Kakashi leaned aside to let Zhang Miao inside and asked: “Ryunosuke, on your way here, did you see… Well, some suspicious people…”

Before he finished speaking, Kakashi suddenly stopped and then helplessly patted his forehead.

“Sorry, I said something strange…”

In Kakashi’s opinion, no matter how smart this little guy was, he was still a child less than a year old.
How could he understand what was suspicious?

But what Kakashi did not expect was that Zhang Miao shook his head.

“No, what you said is not strange!”

As he spoke, Zhang Miao walked into Kakashi’s house, found a place to sit down, and waved to Kakashi.

Looking at Zhang Miao’s movements, Kakashi’s expression suddenly changed.
He quickly closed the door and walked to the baby.

His instinct told him that Zhang Miao might give him a surprise.

In fact, Kakashi was right.
When he came to Zhang Miao’s side, the baby immediately spoke.

“Are you worried that I will be taken away? Don’t worry, no matter how shameless Orochimaru and Danzo are, they will never dare to do anything in the busy streets!”

Hearing Zhang Miao’s words, Kakashi suddenly widened his eyes.


This time, Kakashi was really surprised.
Although he had always suspected that Orochimaru had something to do with the disappearance of Konoha’s child, he did not expect that Danzo’s name would come out now, and it was from the mouth of a child who was not even a year old.

However, the fact that Zhang Miao could directly say the names of Orochimaru and Danzo increased his credibility to a certain extent.

This time, Kakashi didn’t dare to treat Zhang Miao as a child who did not know anything.
Instead, he asked him seriously: “How did you know about Danzo and Orochimaru? Did you hear it from the Anbu?”

In Kakashi’s opinion, since Hiruzen sent some Anbu members to take care of Zhang Miao, maybe he accidentally heard something from them.
Otherwise, he really couldn’t think of another explanation.

However, Zhang Miao did not intend to use such an explanation.
Otherwise, how could he get Kakashi’s recognition, and how could he get more Ninja Fragments?

Therefore, he decided to fool him!

Facing Kakashi’s questioning gaze, Zhang Miao suddenly shook his head with a smile.

“I didn’t hear it from the Anbu, but I saw it!”

At this point, Zhang Miao pointed his two fingers at his eyes and grinned again.

“The one who took some children was Danzo, and Orochimaru took some adults and corpses!”

“Adults and corpses?” Kakashi frowned, but he soon thought of something, and his face was full of surprise.
“Is it a human experiment?”

Human experiments were forbidden by Konoha and even the whole world, so Kakashi was surprised.
He could not believe that Orochimaru was so bold.

But the fact was often unexpected.
Orochimaru was indeed doing human experiments for a long time.
Of course, Zhang Miao knew about this, but he would not tell Kakashi.

“I don’t know what human experiments are.
I only know that the Hokage old man injured Orochimaru when he tried to capture him, and then Orochimaru escaped from the village.”

“What? Orochimaru was injured by the Third, and he escaped?”

Hearing Zhang Miao’s words, Kakashi opened his eyes wide again, revealing a look of disbelief.
“When did this happen? How is this possible?”

In Kakashi’s opinion, with Hiruzen’s strength, even if Orochimaru was one of the “Legendary Trio”, it was impossible for him to escape from his hands.

Secondly, if Hiruzen wanted to capture Orochimaru, it was impossible for the Anbu, which was directly under the Hokage, to not know.

Looking at Kakashi’s shocked face, Zhang suddenly pouted and shrugged his shoulders.

“He hasn’t escaped yet, but he will later because I saw it! He will definitely escape! This is his future!”

“Orochimaru’s future?”

Hearing Zhang Miao’s words, Kakashi was stunned again, but as soon as he reacted, his face changed again.

“Could he have some kind of prediction abilities? Is this the Bloodline Limit of the Uzumaki clan?”

Bloodline Limit was very mysterious, and some even had unimaginable abilities, and the same was true for the Uzumaki clan.

In the eyes of many people, the Uzumaki clan was a clan with extraordinary vitality and chakra.
At the same time, they were also skilled in various sealing jutsus, so they were the best candidate for a Jinchuuriki.
The Kyubi’s previous Jinchuuriki from Konoha were all from the Uzumaki clan, which also proved this point.

However, as a member of the Uzumaki clan who was a distant relative of the Senju clan, no one dared to say that they all knew exactly what their Bloodline Limit’s ability was.
The Clan was shrouded in mystery.

Now, Zhang Miao suddenly said that he saw Orochimaru defecting, and he was so sure that this was Orochimaru’s future.
Maybe it was his Bloodline Limit ability!

Most importantly, with his years of experience in the Anbu, he could see that Zhang Miao was not lying!

Of course, Zhang Miao did not lie.
He did see Orochimaru defecting, but he saw it in anime before he crossed over.
Objectively speaking, this was indeed a type of foresight ability.

Of course, Kakashi did not know this, but he believed it in his eyes and also believed that Zhang Miao could not joke with him about this kind of thing.

But just in case, he had to confirm it again!

“Then how did Orochimaru escape from the hands of the Third Hokage?”

At this point, Kakashi suddenly stared at Zhang Miao.

Looking at Kakashi’s serious face, Zhang Miao suddenly knew that Kakashi had believed his words, so he smiled even more happily.

“Ha ha ha ha… How can he escape? Is there a need to ask? Of course, it was the Third who let him escape.
I saw a big monkey persuading him not to let go of Orochimaru, but the Third did not listen and still let him away!”

The Third let Orochimaru escape? A big monkey?

Hearing Zhang Miao’s words, Kakashi found that everything made sense.

With the Third’s character, the possibility of letting Orochimaru go was very high.
Moreover, the big monkey mentioned by Ryunosuke was probably Enma, the Third’s personal Summoning Beast.
It seemed that Ryunosuke had really awakened the Bloodline Limit that could predict the future!

Thinking of this, Kakashi looked at Zhang Miao with a different gaze.

“He awakened Bloodline Limit before he was a year old.
As expected of Minato-sensei’s child.
He is indeed a genius!”

At the moment when Kakashi’s eyes changed, Zhang Miao also received the system prompt.

“[Ding… obtained Hatake Kakashi fragment x5]!”

Hearing this voice, Zhang Miao grinned again.

“Haha, another five fragments.
I am indeed a genius!”

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