Elliot, who was wearing his clothes, waved his hand as Doug waited and let the servants go.
Being served by servants in that small room felt like torture.
Especially if those servants were the ones who decided to report anything to the numerous nobles about Elliot and received the money.
No matter how many times he did that, he never got used to it.
Elliot, he always hated the palace.
He didn’t like anyone there, regardless of rank.

Except for her.

“I bought a house.
You can go in anytime.”

At Doug’s report, Elliot nodded his head, tidying up his cravat.
The time had come to get out of that narrow palace.
Interesting story.
People thought that the royal palace was extremely large and splendid, but there were limited people who could live in a luxurious and large room there.
Most guests got a single room with just a bed and wardrobe.
Naturally, Elliot did not like such a small room.

“And this morning Keane departed.
The number of people has increased by five more than the number I mentioned last time.”

At the report that followed, Elliot silently nodded his head.
He told his men that they could live on his estate if they wanted.
That was because most of them were not young people.
Of course, the settlement fee he had to pay to the lord to become a local citizen was also forgiven.

“Let me know when it’s decided.”

Doug nodded his head at Elliot’s words.
Not everyone who went down to the territory settled down there.
There were more people who would take a look and decide.

Elliot took his treasure from the dragon’s nest and divided it among his men according to their contributions.
It was more than enough to buy the status of a resident of any domain even for the person who received the least.
So they didn’t necessarily have to settle down in Count Burns’ estate.
Elliot, too, had no intention of forcing it.
It is up to the individual to decide which territory to settle in.

“The building you mentioned before also closed the deal.

Doug’s report followed.
Those were the things he ordered as soon as he returned to the capital.
He bought several buildings and started a company.
He met and traded with several businessmen for investment purposes.
Some trades were stable, but others were trades that made you wonder why you were doing these trades.
In that respect, Doug was a great subordinate.
Not only did he carry out Elliot’s instructions without questioning them, but his mouth was heavy.

“And one thing…”

After reporting everything Elliot had instructed, Doug cautiously opened his mouth.
Elliot not only paid a fair amount of money to join the Information Guild, but also sponsored several newspapers in the capital.
From that alone, Doug knew how much Elliot valued information.
He had independently gathered information about a few things Elliot cared about, and heard a story on the way about one of them.

“There has been an accident in the case of Viscount Aston.”

Viscount Aston? Doug said something completely uninteresting, but Elliot didn’t say anything.
He trusted Doug’s insight and work.
There’s no way he could bring out a story that had nothing to do with such care.

“There was a report that they knew about the culprit who attacked the Viscount.”

“Jake Aston?”

Doug didn’t say anything at Elliot’s words.
Certainly, the informant said that it was Jake who attacked the Viscount.
But the important thing was not Jake.
Elliot stared at Doug, squinting his eyes as he said nothing.
Doug cautiously opened his mouth at the attitude of continuing to speak.

“Miss Eugenie Biscon.”

“Lady Biscon.”

Doug was taken aback at Elliot’s words, who immediately corrected Eugenie’s title, then spoke again.

“Yes, Lady Biscon.
He said he was involved.”

Elliot’s blue eyes grew cold as ice.
Doug almost unknowingly shrugged his shoulders, but managed to stop.

‘He’s a weird guy.’, he thought, trying hard not to avoid Elliot’s gaze.

Doug had only met Elliot Burns about a year ago.
The reason he became loyal to Elliot after only a year was because the man named Elliot Burns was not only terrifying, but also because he saved his life.
Elliot Burns, both when they first met and now, despite not being very old, was insightful.
Besides, he had a sense of authority and charisma that made it hard to believe that he had never played with people before.

He sometimes doubts if Elliot was really human.
Even he was a little detached from his own life.
All of that adds up to give people around Elliot extreme reactions.

Either respect and be loyal to Elliot like Doug, or be afraid of him.

“What should I do?”

Doug asked impatiently when Elliot didn’t say anything.
He was very curious to see how Elliot would react when he heard the news.

Eugenie Biscon.
She was the second most ordinary girl, daughter of the Count of Biscon.
As far as he knew, that was it.
She had an older brother who would become a Count, and she herself was betrothed to a man who would become a Viscount.
She had a reputation for being a bit inflexible, but that’s it.
She didn’t have striking beauty or coveted talent in any field, just an ordinary noble lady.

Why was he interested in such a woman? Doug’s mind flashed back to the time Elliot had received a letter from Lord German’s messenger.
Elliot, who received the letter, rode away without saying anything, so Doug, who stayed behind, had to look at the letter he had left and figure out the situation.

And when the man and Lady Biscon arrived at the kidnapped house later, Doug could see how much Elliot cared for Lady Biscon.
Of the people left in the mansion, only one mercenary was found passed out in the study.

“Who is the informant?”

Doug sighed inwardly at Elliot’s brief question.
He respected and followed him, but at the same time he feared Elliot.
When he didn’t say anything, he was afraid because he didn’t know what he was thinking.

“I am looking for you.”

“Once we find him, we’ll talk about it.”

“What about the son?”

Viscount Aston’s investigation has already been completed.
No one had a grudge enough to want to kill him.
Of course, people were also beings who killed people for a few pennies.
But Viscount Aston was a decent man, and he had never been involved in an incident worthy of serious resentment.

“Look for it.”

Doug nodded his head at Elliot’s instruction.
As he bowed and was about to step away, Elliott added quickly.

“Look for weaker points.”

“A weak point?”

To the point of killing and framing the other person’s father, he must have a fair grudge.
But Elliott thought differently.

“A relationship where you have dissatisfaction but maintain friendship.”

He wouldn’t kill the other person’s father.
Doug thought so, but just nodded and walked out of the room.
Shortly thereafter, Elliot, who had finished preparing, took her carriage and headed for the Countess of Viscon.

“Count Burns.”

Elliot, who had been waiting for Eugenie, came down from this floor as soon as he heard that she had arrived, but hesitated.

At the foot of her steps stood Elliot in a dark navy suit.
As she had told her beforehand, the new clothes were made with dark navy blue fabric in a design that wasn’t too flashy.
But Elliot’s face was the problem.
His blue eyes stood out against the dark blue suit, and the unobtrusive design rather revealed how outstanding Elliot’s appearance was.

That appearance.
He didn’t think Duke Germalot would like it very much.

Eugenie let out a small sigh and came down the stairs again, but stopped when she saw Elliot staring at her.
He was staring at her as if he had seen her for the first time.
She seemed slightly shocked and somehow blank, an expression she had never seen in her life from anyone around her.
Why was he making that face? Eugenie wondered if there was something wrong with her outfit, so she quickly checked it out.
She too wore a dark navy blue dress.
Her hair was tied in a ponytail and curled up behind her.

Was it too deep? In her worried mind, Eugenie’s gaze turned to her own breasts, but her dress cut only to her collarbone at most.
Her evening dresses often reveal her shoulders.

“Count Burns?”

Eugenie raised her head and called for Elliot, and her long earrings dangling from her ears gleamed.
Elliot held out her bouquet, which he quickly brought to her, he said.

“It is an honor to escort you today.”

Where did he learn to say that? Eugenie admired Elliot’s greeting and accepted the flowers.
The bouquet was so large that she had to hold it in her arms.

This is the first time I have received such a large bouquet.”

He knew, but Elliot put on a look of surprise and he asked.

“Is that so?”

Eugenie passed the bouquet to the butler who approached her, greeted her family, and left her mansion.
Contrary to her worries, Elliot appeared to be riding in her carriage.

She was glad he was not talking.
Eugenie let out a sigh of relief as she recalled the last time Elliot rode a carriage together with her.

“Ah, today is very nice.”

After getting on the carriage, Eugenie quickly praised Elliot.
Complimenting your partner was polite, but not necessarily polite.
Actually, Count Burns was very cool today.
Although he was handsome usually.

Elliot’s eyes widened softly.
He looked at Eugenie, who was more elegant than usual, and smiled.
Eugenie’s heart sank at that smile.

“Thank you.
Lady Biscon is also very beautiful.”

It’s a word of caution.
Eugenie thought so, but she didn’t care.
Being polite was very important.
Being able to be polite according to the situation for whatever reason means that that person was a person who could understand the situation to that extent.

Eugenie’s face turned red as she suddenly remembered that she had never seen such a large bouquet.
It was like receiving a bouquet of flowers for the first time.
She spoke in a volume that rivaled the sound of the wheels of her wagon, but was audible outside.

“Oh, and thank you for the bouquet.
This is the first time I received a bouquet of flowers from a man other than Awning.”

He knew.
Elliot laughed silently.
He knew that these men of society were stupid enough not to give Eugenie flowers.
And he knew that Eugenie’s fiancé, Awning, had given her a bouquet of flowers just twice, once during her courtship and once on her birthday.

“Is it disrespectful if a man other than your fiancé presents you with a bouquet of flowers?”

Elliot asked, giving her a worried look.
He knew it’s not.
Fortunately, Eugenie, fooled by his acting, said with a smile.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re not courting me.”


He sighed with an overly relieved expression.
When Eugenie burst into laughter at that expression, a smile appeared on Elliot’s face as well.


Translator Note:

Burns was fast in get rid of her fiancé, right?

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