However, the queen, like an extremely aristocrat, continued her introduction at length before moving on to the main topic.
Thanks to that, their conversation continued from today’s weather to walking trails and summer vacations.


It’s nice to talk about summer vacation with Her Highness, but she didn’t think she would be able to go home this week, not tomorrow.
So she interrupted her while she stopped to drink her tea.

“Is there anything we can do to help?”

The queen hesitated, as if she was right.
She looked back and forth between her and Elliot, then put the teacup down.
And she spoke slowly.

“They said that there was some misunderstanding with Count Serado at Viscount Rencid’s ball.”

“Is that so?”

Elliot said this time.
He looked like he didn’t know, and she tried to remain as expressionless as possible.
She didn’t think they should call it a misunderstanding.
But the queen didn’t seem to think so.
She straightened her posture, looked straight at them, and said majestically.

“Wouldn’t a misunderstanding cause trouble between you and Count Serado? Besides, how difficult would the Viscount Rencid be in the middle?”

The last words were directed at her.
Since the incident happened in the Rencid family, it meant that the Rencid family would also be in trouble.
That’s right.
However, at most, there were all sorts of problems, and it’s not so difficult that you have to solve it according to the queen’s words.
Perhaps the Viscountess of Rencid thought that she should not invite Count Serado to her next event.
So, when the queen mentions the Viscount Rencid here, she intends to put pressure on her.

But she pretended not to know

“I guess the Viscount Rencid complained to Her Highness that they were in trouble?”

A troubled expression appeared on the queen’s face at her question, pretending not to know.
If she says yes, she was lying, and if she says no, her own words become bluffs.
She stared at Eugenie and said.

“I mean, several families are in trouble.”

“Then it seems Count Serado appealed.”

At her words, the queen shut her mouth again.
She looked at her again and said.

“I see.”

“Her Highness intends to order me to apologize to Count Serado.”

This time, she tried to be a bit more straightforward.
It must be a pretty embarrassing situation for an extremely noble queen.
Because nobles, especially royalty, speak round and round in every situation.
As she thought, the queen hesitated, not knowing whether to accept or deny it.
She looked back and forth between her and Elliot, then let out her sigh.

“I have no intention of giving orders.”

Maybe that’s what she thought was natural.
The queen was in a position where she could order her to apologize to Count Serado at any time.
That was, she was in a position to favor someone.
If she’s a proper royalty, she’s trying to avoid showing favoritism, or at least not appearing to be.
So, it meant that the queen was a proper royal family.

She liked her a little bit more.
So she smiled.
She understood the queen’s position, which was going to be difficult right now.
Count Serado would have chased the queen, and she would have whined, and she would have asked Eugenie to apologize.

“I am suggesting.
There’s nothing good for you guys by tarnishing Count Serado’s honor.”

She thought it was strange at the queen’s words that followed.
It was Lord Masterson, not her, who brought the accusation against Count Serado.
So, it was also Lord Masterson who had tarnished his reputation.

“Have you talked to Sir Masterson?”



She could not understand.
Shouldn’t Lord Masterson drop his charges first? That way, she could apologize or do whatever she could.
However, the queen seemed to have a different idea.
She put her arm on the armrest of her sofa and leaned over.
And she asked her quietly.

“Do you know what Count Serado’s ball was like?”

She read in the article that people who were invited canceled one after another, so it was said that it was quite empty.
In particular, many unmarried women canceled.

“They canceled because of you, Lady Viscon.”


She was taken aback by the queen’s words and opened her mouth.
Her? Was it because of her? She said it with an expression that made no sense.

“Your Highness, I am not that influential.”

It takes considerable influence to get people to cancel their attendance just two days before the event.
The Queen could do ir, or even a duchess, but her? Perhaps the Marquise’s wife could too.
And a very popular lady would be able to.
But not her.
She had lived a quiet life and did not attend an academy, so her circle of acquaintances was narrow.
The queen looked at her strangely for a moment.
And she looked up at Elliot and she said.

“Of course, Count Burns, it’s also your fault.”

“I didn’t know I was being criticized.”

Elliot said with a grin.
Sometimes she didn’t know if this guy was polite or rude.
The queen was also taken aback by Elliot’s rude words, but she said calmly, perhaps remembering that he was an upstart aristocrat.

“If you are a noble, you have to think about the consequences of your words and actions.”

“Isn’t that the same for Count Serado?”

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