le would remember that it happened a week ago, and maybe people who didn’t know will know.
What if she apologized publicly after that? This time, it’s completely coming back to the surface.
Those who were quiet would start talking about how Count Serado treated the child he sponsored, regardless of Lord Masterson’s declaration of correction.

“As an aristocrat, and as someone who grew up in a county family, I would say that being noisy is something the county never wants.”

Wasn’t her mother like that too? 

“Be quiet for a while If you keep quiet, people will forget.”

All Count Serado would have wanted was for her to come quietly to his house and hang her head and apologize that it had been a mistake.
And she would be the first to attend all the events held at Count Serado’s family.
People would know that this was a misunderstanding and that she had apologized to Count Serado just because she attended all the events held at Count Serado.
After that, no one would care what Count Serado was doing to the children he sponsored.

Then the Queen asked if you would apologize publicly earlier…”

“You helped her.”

Of course, she lightened the Queen’s burden first.
She said she would apologize if Lord Serado was wrong.
Now the Queen has to say this to Count Serado.

‘Lady Biscon says she’ll apologize if Lord Masterson is wrong.
That too in public.
Now that I’ve done this much, all you have to do is get Lord Masterson to tell that he’s wrong.’

She allowed Her Highness the Queen to open her shoulders to Count Serado and she made a hole for her to slip through.
At the same time, she returned Count Serado’s arrow from Elliot to Sir Masterson.


Elliot was looking at her with a curious expression.
He held out his arm to her and asked.

“What if Count Serado wants your public apology?”

It couldn’t be.
She was about to say that it could never happen, but then stopped.
Yes, as Elliot said, the Count might want it at least once in a lifetime.
Because he didn’t know how people work.
She put her hand on the inside of his arm.
Then she said as he walked along the small trail made for walking.

“Then you have to.
I’m happy.”

“Are you happy?”

“Will my apology make people look back at what happened? If that’s the case, the child that Count Serado is sponsoring will get people’s attention.”

Then she might be able to help them.
The more eyes they gather, the greater their strength.
Elliott was still curious. 

‘Oh, did I just explain it?’

Suddenly, she started to regret it.
A little while ago, the Queen and she made a deal of some kind.
She judged whether the Queen was on her side or the Countess of Serado, and when she seemed more sympathetic to her, she extended her hand to her.
And she, too, held out her hand to Eugene.

She stood up and looked up at Elliot and said.

“I know that all this looks sinister to you.
This is how nobles do things.
It’s about getting the best results possible with the least amount of damage.”

As a commoner, and for someone who ventures out to slay the dragon, these aristocratic tasks can be inconvenient.
Oddly enough, she didn’t want him to be disappointed in her over this.


Elliot bowed his head towards her.


She was taken aback for a moment, then he took her hand and kissed the back of her hand.
Oh, he was just trying to kiss the back of the hand.
For a second, she thought he was trying to kiss her.
So embarrassing.

Her face was about to heat up with embarrassment, but Elliot took his lips off the back of her hand and continued.

“I want everyone to get the most out of the least effort.”

That’s it.
When she didn’t say anything, he took her hand and stretched his back.

“And I have never seen anyone do things with as much grace and generosity as you.”

What? Her surprise was to the extent that her head turned white because of the excessive evaluation.
She stood with her mouth open, not knowing why he thought so highly of her.

‘Uh, should I say no? I felt compelled to say no.
Not because I’m humble, but because I’m embarrassed.’

But then, Elliot let go of her hand and slipped away.
She was about to ask why, but she felt a presence and turned around.

“Lady Biscon, from the Iron Palace.”

It was the Marquise of Henderson.
She reflexively looked at Elliot.
As an attendant of Her Highness the Queen Mother, she was staying at the Iron Palace of the Queen Mother.
So when she saw that the Marquise of Henderson came out of the Iron Palace, it meant that Her Majesty the Queen Mother was calling her.

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