r, in terms of cost-effectiveness, it is the best in the same price range,” the shop owner explained.

Yang Xiaolong tried it out and found it to be pretty good.
After negotiating with the boss for a long time, he managed to get a discount of about thirty yuan and was also given a lot of bait.

With his new equipment in hand, Yang Xiaolong walked back to his dormitory feeling satisfied.
On the way, he ran into Liu Yufei, who had resigned from his job.
Liu Yufei was wearing a local deliveryman’s leather jacket, riding a large delivery electric bike, with messy hair like a chicken coop, no longer shiny and black, and his skin had darkened a degree.

“Lao Yang, what’s in your hand?” Liu Yufei asked.

“A fishing rod that I just bought.”

“Oh, you’ve changed your gun in just two days,” Liu Yufei teased.
“What’s the use of buying such a good fishing rod? The big fish are all inside.”

Yang Xiaolong smiled and didn’t explain.
He hadn’t caught any big fish before, but it was different now.
He planned to use it to get rich and marry a wife.

After chatting for a while, Liu Yufei mentioned that he would be going out to sea over the weekend and asked if Yang Xiaolong wanted to come along.

“Is there a fee?” Yang Xiaolong asked.


“Then forget it.” Although he had earned some money today, he had already spent it on new equipment and his hospital bills.
His salary for this month had not yet been paid.

“I’m just kidding.
Just let me know if you want to go.”


The next morning, Yang Xiaolong went to work as usual.
A new employee had started in the shop today, and because she was a girl, Fan Zhengqing, who was not very diligent, was suddenly working hard today.
This gave Yang Xiaolong a chance to take it easy.

After roll call, the manager came over and asked Yang Xiaolong to take care of the new employee.
It turned out that the girl was his cousin, Wang Haiyan, who had come to work as a summer intern.

She looked like she had never worked before, not speaking unless spoken to, blushing like an apple when she occasionally spoke.

Today, the shop’s business was normal, with occasional customers sitting for a long time with a cup of coffee, but otherwise, it was a great place to retire.
Except for the lack of benefits and low wages, everything else was good.

The next morning, he went to work as usual.
A new employee had joined the store and because she was a girl, Fan Zhengqing, who was not very diligent, had suddenly become energetic and was doing everything she could to help out.
This allowed Yang Xiaolong to have a more relaxed day.

After roll call, the manager came over to ask Yang Xiaolong to show the new employee the ropes.
It turned out that the girl, whose name was Wang Haiyan, was the manager’s niece and had come to work during the summer vacation.

The young girl clearly had no work experience and would blush like an apple whenever someone spoke to her.
The store’s business was normal that day, with occasional customers coming in for coffee and staying for a while.
The store was particularly suitable for retirees as it offered a comfortable environment, but the wages were low and there were no social security benefits.

It was now lunchtime.

“Master, the manager asked me to come and tell you to make two more dishes for lunch, there may be leaders coming to inspect.” Wang Haiyan ran over and whispered shyly.


Since Yang Xiaolong came to the coffee shop, the others have never cooked staff meals again, not because they don’t want to, but because the food they made was really bad.
A simple dish like sour and spicy cabbage could turn into a white-boiled dish, and it was still too salty.
But he wasn’t working for nothing, he could earn an extra two hundred yuan a month.

“Master, do you need any help?” Wang Haiyan asked weakly.

“No need.” Yang Xiaolong smiled.

“By the way, you can call me Yang Xiaolong from now on.
It sounds weird to call me Master.”

“Okay, Master.”

Seeing the two of them chatting happily, Fan Zhengqing on the side began to act up again.

“Yang Xiaolong, come over here.”

“I’m busy, I don’t have time.”

During lunch, the manager chatted with Yang Xiaolong and asked about his harvest at the seaside yesterday.
When he heard that he had caught two fish, he was a bit skeptical, and Fan Zhengqing on the side rolled his eyes at him, thinking that he was bragging in front of the girl.

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