n't dare to let go, holding her breath and didn't speak.

 [Meteor Fish: Wow, she's so handsome.]

 [Donghuang: Is this the angle of view of 1.8 meters?]

Fu Ping’An looked at the scenery and kept retreating, suddenly thought of something, and asked, “How do you deal with those little tails?”

The little tail of the man may be a palace man or something.

Maybe he ran out after her to find her.

What does processing mean? Did she kill him?

Thinking of this, she was a little nervous, and couldn't help tightening her arms.
Chen Yan first said “huh?”, and then smiled suddenly: “Oh, haha, what is Your Majesty thinking, I just tricked them to fight the fire.”

Fu Ping’An breathed a sigh of relief, but said: “I just thought, if you hurt someone tonight, the Queen Mother will investigate thoroughly.”

Chen Yan just said “Yes” with a little smile.

After a few words, she was already near Qingquan Palace.
Chen Yan put her down, and said: “Your Majesty must not act rashly in the future.
If there is something to tell, I will find a way.”

After saying this, she hid in the shadows in the blink of an eye, she disappeared without a trace.

At this point, Fu Ping’An couldn't help feeling unreal like a dream, but now the barrage became lively, and she kept brushing what happened.

 [Insomnia day by day: Don't ask, I don't know, I will always tell you when I get back safely, don't make noise.]

 [Vic, what can you do: Anyway, it seems to be a good thing.]

Fu Ping’An thought about it, and felt that it would be unnatural for her to pass by at this time, so she bumped her elbows and knees against the wall a few times, wiped the blood, and rolled around on the ground before stumbling to the on the palace road; she got down on the spot.

I didn't expect to come and go around, but it took a while before someone found her and screamed: “Your Majesty is here!”

Fu Ping’An squeezed out tears and choked up: “What's wrong with Qingquan Palace? Take me to Qingquan Palace quickly.

The palace staff hurriedly set her up, and when they arrived at the gate of Qingquan Palace, Qin He rushed up with a group of Jingui Palace people, seeing her “fall and hurt”, Qin He's face changed drastically, and said: “Yes The servant is in default of duty.”

Probably because it was too late, the Queen Mother didn't come, but the Quan Nai beside her was already there, she was beside the disgraced Princess Yunping, she glanced at Fu Ping’An, and ran to Fu Ping’An in a panic beside her.
She cursed at the palace servants beside Fu Ping’An: “How did you serve me? How did Your Majesty do this?”

But Fu Ping’An only said: “How is the princess? Help me to the princess!”

The people wanted to see each other again this night, their eyes met, and they burst into tears in tacit understanding, hugging each other.

It's easy to pretend to be crying, after all, both of them know that if they say goodbye today, they won't know when they will meet again.

But Fu Ping’An knew that they would always meet again.

The fire had been extinguished, but there was a strong smell of burning fire in the air.
Fu Ping’An inhaled too much soot and started to have a headache and cough.

While coughing, she was taken to the Empress Dowager's Palace together with Princess Yunping.
The Empress Dowager had obviously fallen asleep, she took off her makeup and hair, and sat in the palace wearing a robe.
Seeing the two of them in such a state of distress, she became even more gloomy, and said, “Does the princess know what happened?”

Princess Yunping blushed from crying, “It must be the villain who hurt me, someone hurt me!”

The Queen Mother's face changed slightly, Hurrying to show embarrassment at Mammy Quan, Mammy Quan stepped forward and slapped the maid behind Princess Yunping twice: “How do you serve, you don't even know it's on fire?”

The palace maid hurriedly knelt down, shivering and said, “I extinguished all the fires in the palace before I went to sleep.
I really don't know how they started.”

Princess Yunping screamed, “I said it! Someone hurt me!”

Fu Ping’An looked at Princess Yunping's acting skills; I am deeply admired.
The other party is usually gentle and quiet, but I really didn't expect that there is such a side, probably infected, she is also half-truth, coughing piercingly, as if she was frightened generally pale and panting.

The Queen Mother gave up asking them, and must have found them annoying, so she waved her hand and said, “Take Your Majesty and the princess back to rest, are you already frightened like this without seeing it? How did you do it?”

After saying that, as if thinking of something again, she hurriedly said: “Princess Yunping will rest in the side hall of my palace, and Your Majesty will return to Jingui Palace.”

This was actually expected, Fu Ping’An was disappointed, but she didn't show it.

After returning to the palace and washing up, it was almost dawn.

Fu Ping’An was so tired that she fell into a deep sleep.
When she woke up, the sky was bright and the barrage was full of excitement – she was too tired yesterday, so she didn't turn off the live broadcast.

But before Fu Ping’An had time to watch the barrage, she sat up suddenly from the bed and called out loudly: “Come!”

Two people came immediately outside the door, but it was Wan Feng and Zhao Nai, the maids who came with Qin He was not as clever as Qin He, but they were also very quick.
When she came in, she knelt down and saluted, and said: “The Empress Dowager has already been exempted from Her Majesty's lessons today, and told Her Majesty to rest well.
May Your Majesty wash and eat? “

Fu Ping’An frowned: “Why are you? Where is Qin He? “

Wan Feng showed embarrassment , and Mother Zhao stepped forward and said in a low voice, “Your Majesty was injured yesterday.
I can't get up for the time being.”

Fu Ping’An's face changed slightly.

She didn't expect this.

But when you think about it, it's only natural.

She reluctantly said: “Give her some good wound medicine from our internal storage.”

After a while, she asked again: “Then…
where is Princess Yunping?”

Mammy Zhao and Wan Feng looked at each other, and after a long while, Nanny Zhao said, “The princess has already left the palace.”

It was as expected.

But for some reason, my heart still hurts a little.

She waved her hand and said, “Go out, I'll sleep for a while.”

Zhao Mama and Wanfeng hurried out, and Fu Ping’An started to flip through the barrage, and found that the person in the barrage passed what she saw yesterday.
I almost guessed what happened, so I said: “You guys guessed very similarly, it's almost the same thing, sister Yunping tricked us to meet, but unfortunately, she also left…”

She felt depressed.
In the depression, there is another kind of anger.

This anger was directed at the Queen Mother.

After being silent for a while, she said: “You said before that we are all characters in the story, can I ask; what is the ending of the Queen Mother?”

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