Some said that he forcibly seized the people's land, some said that he accepted bribes, and some said that the frequent disasters caused the palace to catch fire because there were some virtuous people in the court, and this person belonged to Fan Yi.

Fu Ping’An realized that the fire in the palace might be the last straw that broke the camel's back.
Because of the last offer, Fan Yi resigned.
Seeing that she saw it, the Queen Mother said, “The emperor agrees.”

Fu Ping’An pretended to be puzzled look: “Prime Minister Fan wants to leave, who is the next prime minister?”

The Queen Mother said: “Today, the ministers recommended Fang ZiCong as the prime minister…”

Fu Ping’An had an impression of this person.
Tai Chang and Shi Zhong were old men who were almost sixty years old.

The Queen Mother said meaningfully: “That is who taught the Regent before.”

Fu Ping’An suddenly realized, and hurriedly said: “Then I don't allow it, okay?”

She can be said to be a fool now, which can be said to be handy.

The Queen Mother sighed: “It's not up to us, we can only do this, for now; this time there is a fire in Yunping Palace, they will make a big fuss, this little princess will cause trouble for us.
Heh, and it is auspicious “

Fu Ping’An was very upset that the Queen Mother said bad things about Mu Tingyun, but she only wondered on the face: “Why do you say she is auspicious when there is nothing special about it?”

The Queen Mother sneered: “If an auspicious person becomes someone's daughter, then she is naturally not ordinary.
The emperor's words are awesome, but on the other hand, people's words can also become powerful.”

But as soon as the Queen Mother left, she snickered.

In any case, this time it was the Empress Dowager who was deflated, so she was happy.

What's more, according to the barrage analysis in the past, the court is the Empress Dowager, so now it seems that the Regent is gradually taking the initiative.

Fan Yi resigned, and shortly after Fang Zicong became prime minister, the Regent returned to the court.

After more than half a year, Fu Ping’An saw the Prince Regent again above the main hall and felt a little strange for a while.

The Regent was wearing armor, and she didn't look as thin as before, her skin was darker, her eyes were bright and sharp, and she looked very heroic.

She knelt to salute, and Fu Ping’An stepped forward to help her to show her grace but felt that her arms were extremely heavy, and her figure was extremely tall.
When she sat back on the throne, she saw her thin and pale arms and felt the contrast for a moment.
People are depressed.

 [Eight teeth basking in the sun: The Regent is also very handsome.]

 [Wise men don't fall in love: Indeed, I don't know what to think, but he's so handsome.]

 [Coke with ice: Is this the female general?]

Even more depressed.

When everyone praised her on weekdays, they only said she was cute.

The reward was set long ago.
She heard that Taichang and Zongzheng were scratching their heads because there was no seal to seal.
They dared not give too much and too far away to the Queen Mother.
She was already at the highest, and in the end, she was given the title of Marquis of Wu'an, and a fief and a food town were added to Princess Yunping.

The Queen Mother laughed and said, “It's time for the Regent to marry a wife and have a child of her own.
Now this fief and food town can be given to people with foreign surnames.”

Fu Lingxian glanced at the Queen Mother coldly: “Don't worry about the Queen Mother, Yunping was frightened in the palace, and she is still recovering from illness.
She deserves these fiefdoms and food towns.”

Afterward, the Queen Mother was so angry in the palace that when Fu Ping’An thought about it before going to bed at night, she could laugh out loud.

The wicked indeed have their grind.

Well, the Regent killed her in the original book, and she was a villain to her, yes.

Fu Ping’An can now be said to be having fun while suffering.
After all, once the Regent comes back, she has nothing to do.
All affairs in court are divided between the Regent and the Queen Mother.

The Empress Dowager was losing her authority slowly, she was unhappy, and after a few days, she started acting like a demon again, she said that Her Majesty is getting old and should go to school hard, but the teacher changes every few days, which is useless for teaching.

In the past, there was a post of Taifu, which taught the emperor to study but the previous dynasty abolished this position, leaving only the prince Taifu to teach the young princes.

But now that Her Majesty is young and just needs it, why not choose a suitable teacher for Her Majesty to be the Taifu? The big deal is to wait until the emperor is old and then cancel it.

This statement also makes sense.

After a few days of discussion, the proposal was approved.
At the end of October when the temperature dropped sharply, Fu Ping’An wore a thick leather jacket and went to the Shiqu Pavilion.
When she entered, she only felt the heat rushing toward my face.
Sitting on the front table was a slender woman, wearing a lavender winter coat.
She probably felt hot and fanned her face with her hand.

Before Fu Ping’An came, she knew that this was her newly appointed Taifu, also from the Bo family, named Bo Mengshang.

Fu Ping’An didn't like this person at first and thought it was probably a nephew of Empress Dowager's family who came to occupy an official position and eat some fiefdom.
Unexpectedly, after seeing this name, the barrage said that this person was a good minister who was loyal to her.
It is said that later the Regent came to court; the other party went to live in seclusion.

Fu Ping’An thought that this person was not only her teacher but also her “person” who was stamped on by the barrage, so she wanted to show respect, so she didn't ask anyone to pass information on.

But looking at it now, it seems a bit familiar.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the other party turned around, saw Fu Ping’An, stood up quickly, saluted, and said, “I didn't realize that Her Majesty had arrived, it's a disgrace.”

Fu Ping’An blurted out: “Bo Changshi?”

Escorting her back, until she was whipped outside the city gate and in the Empress Dowager's Palace, it has been almost two years now.

 [Thirteen is not troubled: who is it?]

 [Insomnia day by day: Oh my god, it's been a long time since I saw this.]

 [Chang'an Hua: This is the person who escorted Ping'an to Weijing before.
It used to be Chang Shi.
Oh, it reminds me of the little Ping'an in the past.
I kind of miss it.
In the beginning, Bo Changshi taught Ping'an how to read.]

 [Baby Ping An is so cute: Ah, this little kid; so she is Bo Mengshang.]

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