Fu Ping’An looked at the girl carefully again.

The other party put her arm on the window, black and thin as if two firewood sticks had been grown, and her cheeks were so narrow that her facial features were sunken except for the bridge of the nose, which was high and protruding, like a steep mountain range, The eyes are slender and upturned, the eyebrows are thick and heroic, and the thin lips are tightly pressed, showing a kind of stubbornness.

 [Ji Qing_: So the original book didn't say that Huo Ping had a boy or a girl or did you not read it carefully?]

 [Tangerine in Orange: After reading it carefully, the original book says it's heavenly, but it doesn't talk about women and men.]

 [Bai Lu: This one also looks like a boy.]

 [Archimedes: No, no, no, she looks like a little girl at first glance, but she's too thin.]

 [Hejin: The voice is a girl's voice, okay.]

 [Qin: Maybe the voice hasn't changed.]

 [Donkey handjob: …
the men here also change their voices? Where is the male daikun? ]

The barrage started to digress.

Fu Ping’An also learned to ignore the barrage and let them discuss it on their own.
She was also in a very complicated mood at the moment.
She remembered the evaluation in the original text of “there is no defeat in life, the golden sword sweeps the world”, and she really couldn't connect with the girl in front of her.

Big Brother Huo stood up to avoid it, and said: “My life, don't, don't let big brother lose face.”

The girl's voice was rough: “You don't feel ashamed of what you said, why should I give you face.”

Fu Ping’An pulled the front of Hua's sleeves, and asked in a low voice: “What's the relationship between them?”

A Hua said: “Brother Huo is the elder brother in this life, but the age difference is a bit older, maybe more than ten years.”

Fu Ping’An sorted out her mood.

Although the person in front of me is rude, he is the brother of her future general after all, so he still needs to be treated with courtesy.
She was about to salute and speak when Brother Huo stood up and grabbed the wooden stick, and said with a cold face: “Don't you think I'm really afraid of you, big brother? I just pity you for not living a good life, so I just let you go.”

Fu Ping’An suddenly thought that they were going to quarrel, Huo Pingsheng sneered, and turned her wrist hard, and Brother Huo was stunned and sat on the ground.

Brother Huo: “…I'm sorry for my life, I was wrong, I'm sorry for Ping An, I won't talk nonsense anymore.”

Fu Ping’An: “…It's okay.”

A Hua rolled her eyes: “I'm here to thank you, although I was it shouldn’t hurt too much when the copper plate hits it.”

Huo Big Brother: “Why doesn’t this sound like a thank you?”

A Hua glared at him: “Who told you to bully Zuo Hufa?”

Fu Ping’An pulled A Hua’s sleeve again: “Why am I the left protector?”

Ahua turned her head and immediately changed a gentle smile when facing Fu Ping’An: “Because I am the right protector.
If you want to be the right protector, I can let you.”

Fu Ping’An: “…”

Is this the point?

Huo Pingsheng turned half of her body from the window, and her tone was a little dissatisfied: “Ah Hua, you clearly said that you would reserve the position of the left guard for me, and you would give it to me when I made meritorious deeds.
Why did you give it to her now?”

A Hua said: “She is educated and knows a lot of characters.”

Huo Pingsheng looked her up and down: “Really? How many do you know?”

Fu Ping’An: “…Although there are not many, reading classics and history is enough.”

Huo Pingsheng Said: “Then come out and read it to us.”

 [Chang'an Hua: Yes, the hard work of studying hard to get rid of the hat of illiteracy has gained a real advantage!]

 [Ten-year-old Qingxuan: Hahahaha, that's right, I let you be the guardian of the left.]

Fu Ping’An didn't know how things came to this point.

After she went out, she was taken through a small alley and came to an open space.
Wang Ji said that this should be an open space for fire prevention, but now there are still people here, most of them children, running like crazy monkeys come and go.

But as soon as they came, the children gathered around like chickens seeing the feeding, and all their eyes focused on Ah Hua.

Fu Ping’An could see that Ah Hua was the central figure.

 [The cat's words are written: the king of children, this girl.]

Ahua pretended to cough dryly twice, and said, “Everyone, today we are going to choose Left Protector.
The test method is…seeing who can recite the most “Cangjie Chapter”!

“Even so, Fu Ping’An didn't rely on this book at the time, because she was anxious at the time, and there were better enlightenment textbooks in the system, so she only read it later in Shiqu Pavilion.

The full text consists of fifty-five chapters, and each chapter has six topics.
Although it is an enlightenment teaching, the content is not simple, and it is also very difficult to memorize.

Fu Ping’An silently glanced at the barrage, and saw that it said –

 [Yunkong may not be empty: Don't worry, we will paste and copy it for you, just read it.]

Fu Ping’An: “…”

It seems that she not only wants to fight for the left protector but also cheats.

This test received a lot of responses, and soon a dozen or so children came over, but the first few only memorized seven chapters at most, and there were more and more after that, but it was inevitable that they would make mistakes when they reached more than a dozen chapters.

After half of the people had recited it, Huo Pingsheng couldn't wait any longer, went forward to recite it, and recited it to thirty-two chapters in one go and made a small mistake, Ahua said: “I recited it wrong, I recited it wrong.”

Huo Pingsheng was a little unwilling, but this was enough to repel the remaining half of the children, probably because they felt that they must be inferior to Huo Pingsheng, and the others would not be ashamed, so all eyes were on Fu Ping’An.

On weekdays, she has to face more people, those people are even educated scholars and bloodthirsty generals, but Fu Ping’An feels more pressure at this moment, probably because the eyes of these children are too hot.

She bit the bullet and walked to the center of the crowd, and began to look at the bullet screen and read: “Cangjie wrote books to teach his descendants…”

She quickly read to the thirty chapters and saw that Huo Pingsheng's eyes had begun to become tense.
As sharp as a falcon, Fu Ping’An also looked at her: “…cocoon thread, cloth linen?”

These are the last few sentences of the thirty-first chapter.

Huo Pingsheng put her hands behind her back, her shoulders tensed, and she bit her lips slightly.
Fu Ping’An could see her nervousness and desire.
She didn't know what the “Left Guardian” was for, but the other party wanted it to be her.

She stopped, and said for a while: “I forgot.”

“That's Pingsheng win!”

“Sister Pingsheng will be the left guardian!”

“Pingsheng, you can be the left guardian.”

A Hua took out a bag from her arms.
The wooden sign came, handed it to Huo Pingsheng, and said solemnly: “Okay, Pingsheng, you are now the guardian of the left.”

Huo Pingsheng didn't see how happy she was, so she accepted the wooden sign sullenly, and looked up at Fu Ping’An from time to time.

 [Zhu Wu is proficient in Dadalia: She sees that Ping An is letting her go.]

 [Shanhe Burning Night: Ping An was cheating in the first place, and she couldn't recite in the first place.]

Fu Ping’An also felt the same way in her heart.
It would be too disgraceful for her to win by cheating.

At some point, she was infected by the enthusiasm of these children and seemed to be somewhat involved in this role-playing game.

This is Wang Ji who came over and said in a low voice: “We should rent a car, otherwise it will be late and we will have no time to go outside the city.”

Fu Ping’An also remembered her main purpose, but now her goal was to win over the young Huo Pingsheng, and she was also surprised by the situation here.

The people seemed to gather spontaneously to give children an enlightenment education.

Oh, maybe not exactly spontaneous.

Fu Ping’An looked at Ah Hua.

Ahua was talking to Huo Pingsheng, Fu Ping’An thought for a while, walked over, and heard Huo Pingsheng irritatedly saying: “…I won't go, you go.”

Ahua raised her eyes, saw Fu Ping’An, and said: “If you don't go, she's here too, so you can just ask yourself.”

Huo Pingsheng bit her lip and didn't speak.

Ahua helped her forehead like a little adult, and said: “Okay, okay, I will ask for you, Ping An, she wants to ask you, are you deliberately letting her go.”

Fu Ping’An shook her head very honestly: “I really can't recite you.”

This is of course completely true, if it wasn't for cheating on the barrage, she wouldn't even be able to recite the first sentence.

Huo Pingsheng looked suspicious: “You memorized so smoothly in the front, how come you can't do it in the back?”

Fu Ping’An said: “Because I only learned that, and I didn't learn the latter.”

She thought for a while and said, “Start from the back.
I read other books.”

Huo Pingsheng believed it now, she showed a proud look, and said to A Hua: “Look, it has to be me.”

She also became enthusiastic about Fu Ping’An and stretched out her arms to hug Fu Ping’An’s shoulder, and said: “It’s okay, although you can't be the left protector, you look very smart, and you will be my number one subordinate from now on.”

Fu Ping’An nodded hesitantly, she didn't want to let Huo Pingsheng run away like this, so she said: “…
…We’re going to rent a car to go outside the city, do you want to go together.”

She didn't want her purpose to be too obvious, so she added “we”.

Unexpectedly, Ah Hua immediately raised her hand to respond, but Huo Pingsheng said: “No, I'm going to find my elder brother.
If I don't find him, he might cause trouble again.”

Fu Ping’An said: “It sounds like you are more like an elder brother.”

Huo Pingsheng nodded: “Yes if I hadn't been in charge of my brother, I wouldn't have known where he died.”

Fu Ping’An was surprised: “Huh?”

“Fighting against people everywhere, to put it nicely, he sees injustice, but it's just impulsive and childish behavior!”

A person who was still vying to be the left protector of the children's sect said seriously that her brother was childish, and Fu Ping’An wanted to laugh.

She did laugh, but Ahua next to her said: “Brother Huo is impulsive.
In the past, the Huo family was a little thin, but because Brother Huo was always involved in lawsuits, it didn't take long before they were all sold out.
Now only the Mo Yang sword on his waist is still worth some money.”

Fu Ping’An immediately put away her smile.

It turned out that they were noble whose family was in trouble, no wonder that it was a good sword, but it was left in the market.

She thought about it: “Brother Huo is considered a ranger?”

Huo Pingsheng said: “What kind of ranger is he? Now the imperial court prohibits unreasonable fights, and private revenge is not allowed.
Everything must be done according to the law.
He is a ranger when he was young.
I’ve read too many rumors, and I’m still dreaming.”

Fu Ping’An said, “He’s a martial artist, why didn’t he serve the court?”

Huo Pingsheng said, “Come on, is he the only one who still wants to be an official?”

Huo thought he didn't seem to care much about it in her life.
After chatting for a few words, she went to look for Brother Huo, leaving Ah Hua looking at her with a smile, and said, “Let me take you to the car rental place.
I know the boss, and he will give us a cheap price.”


Although the ones left were just associates, the other party seemed to have a good relationship with Huo Pingsheng, and it could be regarded as a communication channel, so Fu Ping’An said “thank you” and decided to bring her along.

This girl…
her identity must be suspicious, but she should be harmless.
After all, if it is harmful, she can do it in the palace on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

As for the identity, just ask Chen Yan to check later.

Because they stayed for too long, there was not enough time, so they simply rented a carriage, and Fu Ping’An, Chen Yan, and Wang Ji took Luo Qionghua and accelerated to the outside of the city.

This carriage is completely incomparable with Fu Ping’An’s usual ride.
The carriage is built with a few wooden sticks and covered with some straw.
Ahua said that this kind of carriage usually pulls goods, so it is not so suitable for people, but she is used to the bumps.
After that, it's not a lot of fun to travel like this.

It was early spring, the vegetation was sprouting, the air was moist and fresh, and the sun was high above, shining warmly on her body.
Fu Ping’An lay on the straw, feeling as if she had returned to the Lingting Pavilion, and even felt relaxed.

She turned her head and saw Ah Hua lying beside her, her eyes closed, her curled eyelashes trembling slightly like butterfly wings.

She couldn't help asking: “Are you deliberately trying to teach the children in the market to write?”

Ah Hua opened her eyes and turned her head.
Under the sun, her eyes were light brown, like aged honey.
Because they are so close, the aroma of straw that has been basking in the sun lingers in their noses.

“It wasn't intentional,” she said.
“It was just a coincidence.
I brought “Cang Jie Pian” there.
I didn't expect many people to want to learn it, so I taught them.
I want to see if this is true.”

This is a bit like what the barrage often told Fu Ping’An in the past.

The bullet screen often reminds Fu Ping’An that education for all must be universal after taking office.
Although it is difficult, the benefits of education are not in the immediate future, but in the future.

This kind of thinking is different from that of many elders and scholars in the court.
This kind of thinking is different from that of many elders and Confucians in the court.
It is said that Bo Mengshang, who is said to be a direct minister, once said, people are born to play their roles, and everyone doesn't need to read books and know how to be polite.
Ordinary people will become chaotic when they read.

She stared at Ah Hua, she wanted to ask “Who the hell are you”, but she felt that asking this question would destroy the leisurely atmosphere at the moment, so she hesitated for a moment, and she couldn't bear it, so she asked instead: “What about you?” What do you think now?”

A Hua thought about it, and after a while, she murmured: “I don't know, it seems to be like this.”

Fu Ping’An was a little curious: “Who is the person who taught you this?” “

Luo Qionghua was about to speak when the carriage stopped suddenly, and a carriage came in front of her, with three horses and luxurious horses, blocking the road.

Chen Yan, who was driving, turned around and asked Fu Ping’An: “Sister, do we want to let go?”

Fu Ping’An didn't even think about it: “Let it go.”

They stepped aside, and Fu Ping’An stood up straight and looked at the carriage.
She saw that the carriage was made of high-quality sycamore wood, jade ornaments were hung on the four corners of the carriage, and hollow flowers were carved on the windows.
Rich aroma.

“I don't know which official's family is it?”

According to the etiquette, only the official's family can use three horse-drawn carts.

A Hua pointed to the decoration on the carriage: “This is the family pattern of the Wang family.
This is the carriage of the Wang family of Yuezhou.
I don't know if it is a public servant or not.
Anyway, the Wang family is rich.”

Wang Ji on the needles.

Wang Ji lowered her head, pretending she didn't hear anything.

[Insomnia's day and day: Now that things have happened, I think it's time to say it.
Didn't someone say that you killed a whole family in the original book…?]

 [Insomnia's day and day: cough cough, it's the Wang family.]

 [Bobo milk tea with taro paste: But looking at it now, the reason should not be just the tyrant…
Well, it should be because the Wang family is rich.

 [Chang'an Flower: The Wang family escaped only from a young man named Wang Lixu.]

Fu Ping’An couldn't help but sighed but Wang Ji trembled, she thought that Her Majesty was dissatisfied with the Wang family's outrageous behavior, and worried about being implicated, she hurriedly said: “The Wang family's behavior is excessive and rude, and I…
I also spurn it.”


Then Her Majesty asked, “Do you know Wang Lixu?”


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