Fu Ping’An guessed that Wang Lixu was a little embarrassed by this because the other party was silent for a while and said after a long time: “I just listened to the subordinates chatting.”

Somewhat surprised, joining the army is equivalent to being a military adviser in the army.
According to the original book, the other party does have some talents in counseling, but she did not expect him to have such an idea at this time.

However, Fu Ping’An also felt that it was inappropriate to put this person on the battlefield just because she had heard about it in the original book, so she said: “You have no reputation, no experience, and no merit.
It would be a bit whimsical to want to join the army.”

Wang Lixu Looking directly at her: “Why not, am I not the number one at the deer feast?”

Fu Ping’An was dumbfounded.

Forget about it.

Although the deer feast was only four days ago; for Fu Ping’An, too many things have happened in the past few days.

She coughed dryly and said: “Speaking of this, you haven't been punished for deceiving the king.”

Wang Lixu said with a righteous face, “This is not what the villain wanted, but was forced by the clan brother.”

Xu Weiqing wanted her to save the colleague, Wang Lixu looked determined to kill Wang Heqin, and Fu Ping’An felt that the two should have an old enmity.

But she is currently too lazy to find out what the conflict between the two people is and she has no time.
She said: “I can't be sure whether you have the talent to join the army just by drinking deer feast poetry.
In a moment of enthusiasm, I will give you this opportunity?”

Wang Lixu's face was quite calm, but at this moment, he suddenly showed shock, and blurted out: “Your Majesty wants to give me a chance?”

Fu Ping’An looked at him; she didn't speak and said for a while: “I have an internal officer by my side that is Di Kun.
I prefer to use talents to identify available people.”

Wang Lixu fell to the ground; he didn't know if the words were true or not but just because of these words, his heart was beating wildly and at this moment he decided that he would do his best to impress Her Majesty enough, he said: “The villain has no talent; at most he is good at understanding people's hearts.
Today, the villain will talk about your majesty's thoughts.
Now that the Bo family has colluded with the three kings to rebel, your majesty is naturally worried, but your majesty is not worried about this matter in Beijing.
Let's go.”

Fu Ping’An raised her eyebrows: “Then what are you talking about?”

Wang Lixu affirmed: “Your Majesty is most worried about the rebellion in Beijing after the army goes out!”

Fu Ping’An's heart skipped a beat, but she was noncommittally asked: “Then do you think this will happen?”

Wang Lixu said: “The villain thinks…it's very possible, the regent has supported the army for a long time, and this time is a good opportunity for her, as long as she doesn't care about the world’s mouth, and don’t care about the name behind him.”

He paused, and then said: “But it is impossible for the regent to ignore the name behind him, she is a person who cherishes her reputation; so although it is possible, it is not critical, as long as your majesty has no flaws, the regent king should not go her own way.”

 “What your Majesty has to do is to take good care of the arsenal, control the city gates, and know the regent's whereabouts, but not make her suspicious, and even burn the arsenal, so that the regent can I can't get the weapon anymore.”

 [Ni Ni Anonymous: Isn't this the same as what Wan Wan said?]

Chen Huijie: But Wanwan didn't talk about burning the arsenal, they were even more extreme.]

 [Chang'an Hua: Actually, he's really powerful; he doesn't look like an adult yet.]

Fu Ping’An was silent for a while before saying: “You raise your head.”

At this time, it had been a while since Wang Lixu finished his last sentence, and Fu Ping’An found that the other party's eyes were red and his forehead was covered with sweat.

Fu Ping’An said: “You should step down first; you still have to be in prison before the fraud case comes out.”

Disappointment flashed across Wang Lixu's face, and he struggled: “The villain still has something to say.”

Fu Ping’An raised her hand to signal him.

Wang Lixuan said: “During the war, the family will take advantage of the national crisis to recruit refugees and take away the land.
This is a moth move to compete with the country for profit.
If your majesty does not stop it, your majesty will lose a lot no matter whether you win or lose this battle.

Fu Ping’An said: “The Wang family is like this too?”

Wang Lixu gritted his teeth: “Of course.”

Fu Ping’An nodded calmly: “I see, let's step back.”

Wang Lixu finally withdrew from the Chaoyang Palace unwillingly, but Fu Ping’An frowned and rubbed her head.

 “He…is it…”

Fu Ping’An hesitated to speak, but didn't know what to say, and said on the barrage –

 [Qing Ji: This man is ruthless; he would rather drag his entire family into trouble than jeopardize his future…]

 [Lone Star Wanderer: Such a person uses it well…
It is a sharp sword.
Ordinary people can row hands.
You are different.
You are the emperor.

Fu Ping’An didn't speak anymore, she asked Wang Heqin to be called.

Now that we have spent so much time, let's meet all of these people.

But seeing Wang Heqin's incident quickly made Fu Ping’An regret it.
The other party came up with tears, shouted for mercy, and cursed Wang Lixu.
In the first half, he continued to say that there was no fraud, and in the second half, he began to say that Wang Lixu deliberately framed him.
It can be said that the foreword does not match the afterword, and it is completely out of proportion.

What's more, the other party didn't know that the imperial court was about to go on a crusade, so Fu Ping’An saw the barrage and complained –

 [No update on the bald head: Did other people miss him when discussing this matter?]

Fu Ping’An nodded sympathetically.

Seeing her nodding, Wang Heqin asked with surprise, “Does Your Majesty agree with what I said?”

Fu Ping’An said, “I just got a headache from your quarrel.
Come and take him away.”

Wang Heqin was quickly taken away, and Fu Ping’An decided in her heart that unless Xu Weiqing did a good job in the separation, he would be locked up forever.

Tired, she rubbed her head and closed her eyes to rest for a while, then raised her eyes, and saw that there were already more people in the middle of the hall.

Fu Ping’An was taken aback, and said, “Why don't you talk when you get here.”

Tian Anzhi straightened up and saluted respectfully, and said, “Seeing that Her Majesty looked tired, she didn't dare to speak.”

“Innocents have been imprisoned for such a long time, but there is no movement.”

Tian Anzhi said: “Your Majesty is troublesome with state affairs, and it is right for you not to think of such trivial matters for a while.
I believe that as long as time goes by, Your Majesty will always remember.”

“Then just in case, if I had forgotten?”

“I heard that Your Majesty is well-read and has a great memory, so I don't think I will.”

Fu Ping’An looked at her carefully.

Tian Anzhi doesn't seem to be such a flattering person.
Although she was locked up for a few days, she still looks very personable.
In the pine-colored dark clothes with pale edges, she looks like the blue sky reflected in early spring.
The lake water is warm and calm, which is amiable.

Perhaps it was, precisely, because of this trait of the other party that Fu Ping’An didn't pay attention to her during the deer feast, compared with Xu Weiqing and Wang Lixu, two people with distinctive styles.

So Fu Ping’An smiled and said, “You also know what worrying state affairs have happened recently, right?”

Tian An tasted this sentence in my heart, especially the word “also” in it, and then raised my head to glance at the smile on Her Majesty's face, and said, “I went to see the villain the day before yesterday.
I talked about the current situation, but I just mentioned it casually, and I told the villain not to disturb Your Majesty over trivial matters.”

Fu Ping’An looked at her, and a thought suddenly popped up in her heart.

“You are very cautious.”

“Who dares to be careless in front of the emperor?”

“So this is why you saw that Wang Heqin was deceiving the emperor, and you still covered it up for him?”


Tian Anzhi fell on the ground Land, dare not speak.

Fu Ping’An's tone was indifferent: “Xu Weiqing can tell that the poem was not written by Wang Heqin, why can't you tell? How did I hear that you often hold poetry gatherings and banquets together? Are you not familiar with him?”

Tian Anzhi was very surprised.
Wronged, she felt that Her Majesty was messing around, but she couldn't say that, even begging for mercy.
After all, if she begged for mercy, it would be like admitting that she was deceiving the King, but denying it would be like trying to argue in front of Her Majesty.    

The atmosphere in the hall is thick, so she said quietly at this time: “But now I have something to do, and I need to send someone to do it.
If you do well, you will be considered a crime and a meritorious service.”    

Tian Anzhi hurriedly said: “The villain will die.”    

“Now that the war is about to start, there must be people who are displaced, and the family will gather the people.
I need someone to investigate this matter and gather the refugees for me…”

“The     villain will bow and do her best…”    

“This person is not you.”    

“Wan Shi…

Tian Anzhi raised her head with a blank expression on her face.

This matter will offend the family; Tian Anzhi has already begun to worry about what to do after agreeing.

“I'm going to let Wang Lixu do this.
If you assist him, I will make you…
a regular attendant of Sanqi.
It is a member of Shangshushe.”

Tian Anzhi was even more confused.

What kind of official is Shang Shusheren?

This is currently Fu Ping’An's idea.
She thinks that Shangshu will change from an internal official to a court official sooner or later.
After all, it is really useful to have a group of officials who serve as her secretary, so while no one cares about it now, just go inside.
It can also be used for experiments if people are plugged in.

Of course, there is no such official position at present.

Fu Ping’An said: “Your official rank is four hundred stones, and he is eight hundred.
He will be your superior for the time being.

There may be some inconveniences, but Tian Anzhi is a cautious person, the two of them can use it together, and they can also supervise each other.

Fu Ping’An decided this, and let her go regardless of Tian Nazi’s hesitant appearance.
At this time, she looked at the barrage again and found that the barrage didn't say anything just now.
Even Fu Ping’An thought she was it’s not that the live broadcast is turned off.

She had turned off the live broadcast before.

When Chen Yan was ordered to deal with the former Taiwei Xu Yue.

This treatment was actually to kill Xu Yue.
In the end, Fu Ping’An didn't ask whether Xu Yue was forced to commit suicide or Chen Yan took care of it himself.

But she also made it clear that the audience in the live broadcast room may not want to see her blood donation so intuitively.

Up to now, Fu Ping’An will not be like a child, hearing the word “tyrant” is like facing a big enemy.
Being a tyrant is not just as simple as killing people.
She also knows that as a monarch, blindly benevolent is not enough-advocating tolerance, It will lead to a gradual decline; a little cheering up will lead to a harsh wind*, and the degree of this is something she needs to spend a lot of time to grasp.

But what the audience wants to see may not be the naked truth—this is the same for her courtiers.
What they want to see must be a benevolent and tolerant monarch.

But she didn't turn off the live broadcast today, and sure enough, after a while, a comment finally appeared –

 [Chang'an Hua: I was just overwhelmed by Ping An, Ping An feels like an emperor now.]

 [Refused to be bad, love life: what I said, I was the emperor in the first place.]

 [Ye'an: Did you scare that Tian Anzhi just now? Beat first, and then give orders.

 [Talking about giving a spring: But should we deal with the aristocratic family now? Will it be too hasty? ]

Fu Ping’An said in a low voice: “I just don't know who is right to entrust this matter to, and I also want to use this matter to see if they are really capable.
If we talk about dealing with the aristocratic family, I know it's too early.”

[Cute: Hehe, it's so cute, it sounds like a baby when talking to us.]

Fu Ping’An's face turned hot slightly: “The sound of milk? This…
It's not like that.”

She cleared her throat with a few dry coughs and took another sip of tea to moisten her throat.

In the next few days, she arranged the two people whom she had taken a fancy to at the Deer Banquet into the newly minted department.
Fu Ping’An later learned that one of them was from a merchant family.
In theory, merchants cannot be officials.
She should It was buying an identity, but Fu Ping’An turned a blind eye for the time being.

Three days later, amidst the sound of trumpets and drums, the British princes led the army to gradually leave Weijing like a stretch of sand dunes and also started some lighter conversation.

Recently, they like to chat the most, and Her Majesty seems to favor the Regent more and more.

Every two days, the regent will be left to eat.
Even Princess Yunping, the adoptive daughter of the regent, is loved and cherished.
Waiting and watching, discussing in private whether Princess Yunping will become a concubine in the palace.

After all, although the princess is nominally the adopted daughter of the Prince Regent, she is not related by blood.
It seems that she has not changed her surname, and has not joined the clan.
The relationship is only in name.

This is also a matter that people often discussed before because it seems to show that the regent did not pay special attention to this so-called adopted daughter, but now there are other explanations for this matter-maybe this girl is to play the role of getting closer to Her Majesty?

The big deal is to pass it on to someone else when the time comes.
Princess Yunping will still have an adoptive mother-daughter relationship with the regent.

Of course, these discussions have already caused Confucian scholars to talk about the demise of the world, so everyone will not say it in the open.

But Luo Qionghua eavesdropped on the conversation between her mother and her best friend and soon heard about it.
She was depressed for a while because her father departed from home, but now because of this matter, she is ready to move again.

She wants to know if it's true.

But now servants are patrolling everywhere in the house, and two nannies are closely following her.
Her mother made up her mind not to give her the chance to go out.
Luo Qionghua lay in bed for several days, and finally one day, her mother had to let her go out.


Because Princess Yunping handed over a post saying that there was going to be a small banquet at home and hoped that she would go to the banquet.


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