Chapter 16: I'll see you later


As I investigate and researched the data related to the dungeon and looked at the available scrolls, the two days passed quickly.


The plaza of the Academy's Magic Department was filled with students gathered together for team formation, but I was busy looking at the trivia.


The trivia was filled with humorous posts that gained sympathy from peers, club promotion, troubles with students' love life, and the thing which young people would normally do….


Of course, I was not holding on to trivia because I was interested in those things.


[Auction Board]


What caught my attention was the auction board.
The interesting aspect of this board was that there were no restrictions on the items being auctioned.


[Selling『Magic through Culture』textbook.


[ Voice lessons for sale.
Offering life advice.]


[ Organizing unused clothes ]








Just by looking at the posts that immediately caught my eye, I understood many things such as: Here, when a seller proposes to sell something, interested people bid on the value, similar to an auction, and the transaction proceeds actively.


Recently, I had been trying to solve my financial problems.


Even though I received an A rank and enjoyed various benefits, in the end, the fact that I needed money was still the same.


The reason was obvious: I didn't receive any support from my family.


Scarlett said she would not give me any support, and I readily agreed.


I plan to solve all the problems that arise for me solely by my own efforts.


‘For now, what can I auction?’


[ Magic Teaching Auction ]


I wrote a post consisting of only 3 words.
I really planned to teach magic and receive compensation in return.


It was clearly different from private tutoring auctions.
I won't go out of my way to make the other person understand.




Suddenly, someone tapped my arm with an elbow.


“Why aren't you putting trivia in? The professor will be here soon, don't be so oblivious.”


The strong scent of excessive cosmetics, pink hair, sharp nails, and ears full of piercings…


After a while, I finally remembered her name: Aria Fontaine.


It was annoying to deal with her, and I had already taken care of everything in Trivia.
So Instead of giving a response, I tucked Trivia into the pocket of my uniform jacket.


“We should draw good teams…
Ah, I'm nervous.”


“Why don't we just let the people who want to be together form teams?”


The plaza, filled with A-ranked freshmen, was quite noisy.
It was natural, considering they were in a position with important assignments ahead.


“Is there any progress on the Agora Board problem?”


“It might take a while.
It's only been two days.”


Aria chatted nonstop with the surrounding female students.
Occasionally, conversations about the Agora Board came up.


This darn Agora Board story was heard everywhere.

“Isn't it a bit strange to only maintain anonymity?”


“It is strange, but honestly, there's nothing else to say.
If it bothers you, solve it.”


“Well, that's true.
Anyway, even though we don't know who it is, they're really amazing…
Could it be that Trixie can't solve it either?”


“Hey, hey, be quiet.
Trixie is here.”


Following Aria's gaze, I also turned my head towards Trixie.


Trixie must be….
A drunkard who was so drunk that she couldn’t even control herself.


However, the girl who came into sight was a girl who seemed to have nothing to do with the word drunkard.


There was no sign of dishevelment.
The girl with a serious expression that seemed to make the person looking at her turn cold, stood in one corner of the plaza.


Her white face resembled a sheet of paper with faint dark circles.


“Everyone, pay attention.”


At that moment, a familiar voice resounded.


At the same time, a professor wearing a large cone-shaped hat appeared.
It was Violet.


“Before explaining the exploration assignment, I'll announce the group formation.
They were thoroughly randomized, so don't worry.”


Rather, because they were thoroughly randomized, the surrounding students gulped nervously.


When Violet flicked her finger, a mana board appeared in front of us.
The students' names were grouped in sets of three.


Exclamations erupted as joys and sorrows intersected here and there.
There were voices of relief, and there were also voices that bordered on screaming.


“I'll give you three minutes.
Stand together with your team members.
Introduce yourselves to each other.”


The crowd began to move with a loud noise.
It was only then that I finally confirmed my team members' names.


[Group 11]


▶ Trixie von  Fritz

▶ Martin Luke

▶ Flan


The fact that I was assigned to a team and that there were other students assigned to the same team as me felt very unfamiliar to me.


Moreover, the team composition was not particularly pleasing.
I didn't feel like accompanying a drunkard.


I didn't particularly want to exchange greetings either.


While I was just standing in my place, I suddenly heard a commotion from Trixie's direction.


Could it be that she is causing trouble already? I briefly rolled my eyes and looked toward Trixie.


Fortunately, Trixie wasn't causing trouble.
Instead, a male student was sticking to her, talking busily.


“Nice to meet you.
I'm Martin Luke.
Hahaha~ It's interesting that Trixie is on the same team as me.
This exploration assignment is going to be too easy, right?”


He had a small stature and a slightly mischievous smile.
He was probably Martin Luke, the other member of my team.


“Shut up.”




“You mouth.
Shut up.”


“Ah, yes.


He closed his mouth tightly while still smiling cheerfully.


He looked at Trixie’s eyes like a puppy dealing with its owner.
On the other hand, he didn't even spare a glance in my direction.


That was when I became certain, that the team composition for Group 11 was the worst.


“Enough with the greetings.
Everyone, focus.”


Violet, who manipulated the ground to create a makeshift podium, stood and looked down at the students.


“There isn't a single student here who doesn't know what a scroll is, right?”


She held one of the scrolls in her hand and opened her mouth.


“Then the question came, this assignment is an open scroll.


Perhaps because the person who was asking the question was Violet, there was an atmosphere where everyone was reluctant to answer.


But suddenly, Violet looked at me with a demanding gaze, as if expecting an answer.


Since couldn't look away, I had no choice but to open my mouth and answer.


“Because the level of the students is low.”


Upon hearing my answer, Violet twitched her eyebrows.
Come to think of it, I unconsciously used informal speech again.


“What is he saying?”


“I think he's gone crazy.
Who does he think he is…”


The students standing beside me also started murmuring.
But all I did was utter a bitter truth.


The scroll engraved with incantations on paper imbued with mana was quite a useful item for novice magicians. 


It allowed them to experience spells that they wouldn't be able to use based on their own abilities and serves as a contingency plan for emergencies such as mana depletion or mana stagnation.


However, to put it another way…


The fact that the students gathered here hadn't developed the capability to use various spells was why we received an open scroll assignment.


Personally, I didn't particularly like scrolls.
I believed that magic, in its essence, had a unique domain that couldn't be contained within scrolls.


“Where are you all looking? Look at the professor.”


The shocked eyes of the students who were looking at me turned to Violet.
And she stared at me and asked.


“The level is low.
What is it?”


“Using scrolls itself is a low-level and embarrassing task.”


And it would be even more impressive if one could overcome challenges without relying on scrolls.


But that was then, someone shouted as they raised their hands.


“Professor Violet!”


It was a girl with pink hair with a wrinkled expression.
The owner of the hand was Aria Fontaine.
She said in an excited voice.


“I think it's too presumptuous for Flan to say something like that.
It seems like he doesn't even know his own subject!”


Violet alternated her gaze between me, who stood calmly, and the infuriated Aria. 


Then, suddenly, the corner of her mouth was subtly rolled up, and she made a meaningful expression.


“Well then, Aria, why do you think this exam will be an open scroll?”


“Scroll techniques are advancing every day.
Now, even magicians must keep up with the flow of the times.
It's only natural to enhance proficiency in utilizing scrolls to increase agility.”


Aria glanced at me with a sharp gaze and continued her words.


“Is the level of a mage underestimated just because he or she uses scrolls? It’s an idea that only old-time magicians would use.
Don't you think you're just ignorant of the current era?”


The corner of Violet’s mouth raised more and more.
She turned her head and asked me again.


“Flan, is that what you think?”


I didn't show any reaction.
I was getting tired of engaging with them.


“You should give Aria an answer, right?”


However, Violet urged me on.
I sighed inwardly and parted my lips again.


“It sounds like giving up on progress.
I can't imagine a life without using magic that's not in scrolls.”


“What did you say…!”


Veins stood out vertically on Aria's forehead.


“Are you crazy? In the end, you're going to use scrolls in this test too.
What's with this attitude of pretending to be special all by yourself?”


“Student Aria, calm down.
Calm down.”


Violet laughed and calmed Aria down.
She already had no intention of hiding her own smile.


“Student Flan, Aria's words weren't entirely wrong.
If you continue to cling to that attitude while participating in this test, it might be a bit awkward.
Will Flan not participate in this test?”


“I will participate.”


At that moment, sparks flew from Aria's eyes and she spoke.


“Then keep your mouth shut and participate! Why do you keep criticizing everything?”


“I will participate without using scrolling.”




A stillness fell as if time had stopped.


Aria's eyes widened, and her words abruptly halted.
Violet, too, had a slightly bewildered expression.


Violet asked me back.


“In an open scroll test, you're saying you'll participate without using scrolls?”


Instead of answering, I nodded my head.
Violet burst into laughter, this time making a sound.


“Your determination to keep your word is commendable…
but do you have confidence in achieving high grades? Think carefully.
You have two team members, after all.”




“Alright, then.


She looked around at the students and continued speaking.


“If Flan achieves the highest score, Group 11 will be exempted from the next written exam.
That's the plan.
Is there any student who objects to this?”


No one raised a hand.


The eyes of the students who had been looking at me with astonished eyes had already changed into a look of mocking and sneering.


“Alright then, let's do it that way.”


Violet clapped her hands, making a sound.


Then, scarecrows with pointed hats began to appear at regular intervals in the spacious square, and numbers were engraved on the students' name tags.


“I will personally check one by one if you are using scrolls properly.
The rest of you can start self-studying while waiting for your turn.”


At Violet’s words, the students dispersed in order.


Until then, there had been an obvious gaze directed at me, and of course, it was Aria Fontaine's gaze.


She stared at me, her head shaking anxiously.


I snickered and moved my steps, intending to leave, but Aria's voice held me back.
I turned my head slightly to look at her.




No, I was about to move, but Aria's voice stopped me.
I looked at her briefly.


“I'll see you later.”


I pondered for a moment, wondering what to reply.
Aria urged me.


“I'll see you later.
Are you not going to answer?”


After pondering and pondering about what to say.


In the end, I couldn’t stand it and burst into laughter.

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