Chapter 20: Becky is way better than you


Since the tone was so peculiar, I hesitated for a moment whether to respond or not.


However, I decided to respond.
After all, I was in a position where I needed to earn money.


I refined my mana into the shape of letters and wrote them in the empty space at the bottom of the page.
These letters would now be delivered to the other party.


[ ▷ If I know it, anything.


[ ▶ What's the price? ]


[ ▷ It depends on what I teach.


[ ▶ What is your experience? 0ㅅ0 ]


'What is this 0ㅅ0 symbol?'


At least among the languages I knew, there was not a letter like this, and even when I magically examined it, there was nothing.


In the end, I decided to exclude the symbol that was attached to the end of the words.
Even so, it seemed there won't be any communication problems.


'About my experience…'


I pondered briefly on how to introduce myself to others in the teaching auction.


But that contemplation didn't last long.


Since the teaching auction was conducted anonymously, it should be fine to introduce myself from the previous world.


[ ▷ Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D., Professor.
I've done almost everything.


[ ▶ Oh, really…? ]

With that answer, there was no response.
I wondered if the other party meant to withdraw in this manner.


[ ▶ By any chance, could you solve this once? ㅎㅅㅎ ]


After that, a complex spell was drawn on the page.


The complex spell was made up of complex spells like tangled threads, circuits forming mazes, and numerous curves that seemed to mock the viewer…


I knew this spell all too well.


It was the spell written on the Agora Board when I first met Becky, created by Trixie.


The solution and teaching the answer was an easy task, but before that, there was something I needed to mention.


[ ▷ Are you requesting teaching? ]


[ ▶ Oh, yes.
I'll give you ten gold coins.


Although the other party said he would give me ten gold coins, it seemed to be an intention to explore my skills.


I called Becky, who was sitting next to me.






“How much do you spend on monthly food expenses?”


Upon hearing that, Becky's eyes widened.


“Food expenses? Why, why suddenly? Do I look fat?”


“Just answer.”


As if an embarrassing question had been asked, Becky scratched her cheek and parted her lips.


“I spend quite a bit…
About one gold coin per month…?”


I nodded.
If it was about ten gold coins, it was not a bad deal.


The other party probably had the great financial resources to spend ten gold coins on just a test.
The fact that the customer was wealthy was good news for me as well.


[ * Received 10 gold coins.


Just in time, the other party paid ten gold coins.
After this, I could exchange money by visiting the bank inside the academy.


I gave the answer and explained the solution to the other party.


From finding the vertices to approaching them, it wasn't a very detailed explanation, but it was enough to be the answer.


[ ▶ Oh, I see.
It works when I do that.


[ ▷ Is there anything else you want to learn? ]


With this, I had sufficiently proven my abilities.


While calmly waiting for the next problem, a message that was far from my expectations returned as the answer.


[ ▶ It seems like the presenter is a genius.


[ ▶ How did she come up with the idea of drawing pictures with spells? ㅎㅅㅎ ]


Considering covering up the trivia, I decided to give another piece of teaching and added.


[ ▷ The idea is good, but the composition is sloppy.


[ ▶ Don't be so harsh.


“…… ?”


'Don't be so harsh.' 


The reply that was clearly written like that was quickly erased.


[ This message has been deleted.


[ ▶ Then, can you solve this one too? ]


This time, a different spell came through Trivia.


It was a question that I was very familiar with because I had created it myself, and now it was currently being presented on the Agora board.


As I was looking at the Trivia, around that time…


“Hey, Flan.
What have you been staring at?”


Suddenly, Becky leaned her face toward me.
I reflexively covered the trivia.


“…Is she your girlfriend?”




“I wasn't wanted to see…
Who are you talking to.”




But at that moment, in the middle of the arena, Professor Violet appeared with another professor.


Violet was dressed in her characteristic attire.
A broad robe and a large cone hat.
However, her graceful curves, which were not hidden even by the robe, were truly attractive.


She had a displeased expression, which was like her own sign, and then she opened her mouth.


“I will begin the lecture.”




Mock battles were conducted in a simple manner.


Whether designated or randomly selected, once the opponent was determined, the goal was to unleash magic and defeat the other party.


Since Violet had set up support magic on the students in advance, if it detected damage above a certain intensity, it would forcibly send them to the spectator zone.
Therefore, students were free to exert all their efforts to defeat their opponents.


However, since it was a mock battle held in preparation for an exploration assignment, Violet instructed students to use scrolls.


The price of scrolls varied greatly depending on their performance.


Therefore, this mock battle might seem like an unfair method that was determined by wealth, but Violet was not a professor who would think that lightly.


There was some fairness to it.
The fact that Violet randomly drew three scrolls of the same grade and personally distributes them was one such aspect.


Currently, Becky and Hailey were engaged in a mock battle.


‘She will not win.’


I was certain that becky would lose.


Becky's proficiency in handling ice elements was commendable.
However, she was not utilizing any scrolls at the moment.


Solving every situation solely with ice elements was not ideological; it was just stubbornness and pride.


…But it seemed that it was not just a matter of utilizing scrolls.
I didn't know the reason, but Becky was completely unable to concentrate on the match.


It felt like her mind was filled with other worries.
As a magician, it was a disappointing attitude.


This time, my focus shifted to Hailey.


‘But she does have a foundation.’


Alternating between using scrolls and her own magic, Hailey was compensating for each one's shortcomings.


However, there were still vulnerabilities.
If one looked closely, there were many.
Just digging into one of them would be enough to win.
But Becky, who had already lost her advantage, had no chance to dig into it.


A training ground in the shape of an arena was surrounded by spectator seats.


“Ah, ouch!”


With a sharp scream, Becky rolled on the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust in a picturesque manner.


“That's enough.
Hailey wins.”


As expected, Hailey emerged victorious.
There were no surprises.


When Violet's command to end the match was given, Hailey approached Becky and extended her hand.
Her kind smile was like sunlight.


“Are you okay? I'm sorry if I was too aggressive.”


“Oh, no.
It's fine.”


Covered in dust, Becky grabbed Hailey's clean hand and stood up.


Hailey, shining golden in the sunlight, and Becky covered in dirt.
Their appearances were particularly contrasting.


“Neither of you is seriously injured, right?”


At Violet's question, Hailey and Becky nodded in unison. 


“Then let's return to our positions.
Let's proceed to the next order.”


“Yes, Professor.”


With a bright smile, Hailey took the first step toward the spectator seats, and Becky followed behind, looking exhausted.


“I will draw the next student.”


As Violet flicked her finger, the frog spat out a name card.
The announcement followed.


“Aria Fontaine.”


Aria swept her pink hair and entered the arena.
Violet parted her lips.


“If you have someone to nominate, go ahead.
If not, I'll draw a name.”


“I will fight with Flan.”


Aria pointed at me without hesitation.
Violet nodded her head in understanding.


The simple fact that Aria chose me became a big topic of gossip for others.
The other students began whispering loudly.


“Flan should have made a bet and dropped out.
Then we wouldn't have to face this humiliation today.”


“Hey, keep it down.
Everyone can hear you.”


“So what if they hear? Just let them hear.”


I calmly passed through their midst, as I had not been expecting any of this, and there was no reason for me to pay attention.


“Hey, hey.


At that moment, someone walking in the opposite direction called out to me. 


It was Becky.


She stood in front of me, hesitated, and finally opened her mouth with difficulty.


“I lost.
So you have to win.”




Becky was completely covered in a clump of dirt and dust.


I didn't feel pity or sympathy for her.
However, the acrid smell of the dust was so unpleasant that I involuntarily narrowed my eyes.


Then Becky sniffled her sleeve.


“Sorry, is the perfume smell strange?”


Instead of answering, I used wind magic to clean off the surface of her clothes.
As I watched the dust gather like a sculpture, I felt suffocated.


The dirt and dust that had been evenly distributed on her uniform and hair gathered into clumps.


By the time Becky became clean, the clump of dust had almost become the size of a ping-pong ball.




Suddenly, another voice called me. 


Golden hair and a gentle smile…


It was Hailey. 


Although she had just finished a mock battle with Becky, she was completely clean without a speck of dirt.


“I don’t think you have time to take care of the girl, aren’t you in a hurry with your match?”


“Oh, sorry.
I shouldn't have said anything.”


Becky mumbled softly and quickly passed by me.
But Hailey seemed to have something else to say to me.


“By the way, why is Flan always with Becky?”


I ignored her and continued walking.
It wasn't worth answering.


“Oh, wait.
Do you like Becky? How long have you been following her?”


But it seemed that this kind of person was designed to complain if I didn't respond.


What should I do if I beat Becky? Do you resent me for that?”


'What should I say to make her shut up?' 


After a moment of thought, I flicked my finger.




Then the clump of dust that had gathered like a ping pong ball burst, covering Hailey.
The mouths of the watching students dropped open in surprise.


As Hailey checked her appearance, unbelievably furious, she shouted.


“What, what, what are you doing!!?”


Ignoring her question completely, I calmly added just one sentence.


“Becky is way better than you.”


Becky was good at giving directions.
She was also good at handling leftovers.


Hailey's expression turned to astonishment upon hearing my words.


The surroundings seemed to have frozen in silence.
I moved toward the arena.


Aria, who was waiting for the match, looked at me with hostility.
She stared at me with an expression as if she would chew me up.


But I felt bad for her.


Because I wasn't in a particularly good mood.
I had no intention of giving her any attention this time.


— End of The Chapter —

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