Chapter 21: You will never know


“The women's world is really cruel~ Isn’t it Louis?”


Martin muttered next to Louis.


Their seat was slightly separated from the other students, solely because Louis wanted to focus quietly on watching the match.


The two of them were in the middle of talking about the mock battle between Becky and Hailey that had just taken place.


“The women's world?”


“Yes, the women's world.
You're handsome anyway, so you will not understand it…”


Martin continued speaking, clicking his tongue.


“You know Flan, right?  He's been quite the talk lately.”


I know about him.”


Louis nodded his head right away.


How could he not know? If one were asked to name the most talked-about person among the A-rank students these days, it would undoubtedly be Flan.


There were rumors of him engaging in cheating, saying that he wouldn't use scrolls, and he almost made a bet with Aria to drop out…
He couldn't help but be the center of attention.


“He confessed to Hailey, but now he only hangs out with Becky.
That's why Hailey is putting on that act.”


“Is there any reason for her to do that?”


“She is just playing mind games.
'The girl you're hanging out with right now is so pathetic.
I'll show her real place by defeating her,' something like that.”


At Martin's words, Louis looked at Becky and Hailey.


Hailey was supporting Becky to stand up.


To him, it only appeared as a heartwarming scene of the winner taking care of the loser after the mock battle.


“I still don't really get it.”


“You're clueless.
Stay away from women for real.”


Martin shook his head, then suddenly chuckled and jabbed Louis' side with his elbow.


But don't you like Hailey?”


“We're just friends.”


“Just friends…
It doesn't seem that way to me.
Oh, the next match is starting.”


As Violet flicked her finger, the frog spat out a name card.
The announcement continued.


“Aria Fontaine.”


Aria entered the arena, sweeping her pink hair.
Violet parted her lips.


“If you have someone to nominate, go ahead.
If not, I'll draw a name.”


“I will fight with Flan.”


Aria pointed at Flan without hesitation.
Violet nodded her head in understanding.


Martin, who had been watching, shouted excitedly.


“As expected! This is going to be fun!”


“What's so fun about it?”


At Louis' question, Martin replied cheerfully.


“Flan is going to get completely beaten up.
Is there anything more entertaining than seeing a cheater being exposed?”


“…You should try to control your words.
We still don't know for sure.”


“This is already pretty certain.
And isn't this already simplified enough for you?”


Violet once again created a barrier between the audience seats and the arena, to prevent any intense magic from leaking out.




On the other hand, Louis pondered upon hearing Martin's story.




Flan Martin talked about had a slightly different meaning to Louis.


The confident demeanor he displayed, and the power that made Aria close her lips.


‘Can an average commoner do that?’


He seemed devoid of any worries or concerns related to his social status.
There was no sign of the apprehension and unease that a commoner would feel if they behaved like this.


Could there be something completely different about Flan? A speculation quietly emerged from the depths of Louis' mind.


“Hey, are you watching, Louis?”


“I'm watching.”


Louis looked at the male student walking into the arena.


His face and expression were sharp and distinct.
The dignity and self-assurance emanating from his extraordinary appearance were considerable.


Each step he took seemed to turn the surrounding area into his own personal domain.


'There must be something, indeed.'




The energy felt from his frail and thin body was remarkably ordinary.


'It’s too ordinary….'




Louis let out a deep sigh and closed his eyelids.


There was no way that was the case.




I looked at the three randomly drawn scrolls handed to me by Violet.


『Rapid Freezing』


『Point Strike』


『Covering Flame』 


They were destructive spells imbued with elemental properties, namely ice magic, localized impact, and fire element.


Ideally, I didn't want to use all three of them.
However, Violet emphasized that I should use at least one.
Even if I didn't use them during the exploration, I had to familiarize myself with their usage.




In the obstacle-free arena, while contemplating various things, Aria Fontaine stood in front of me.


“Have you decided what you'll do if you quit the academy?”


I refined my mana without any response.


Since I didn't know which scrolls Aria had obtained, I imagined and prepared for numerous possibilities.
Violet inspected me and Aria alternately.


“If you're ready, let's both move to the ends of the arena.”


We moved to opposite ends of the arena.
Due to the distance, she appeared as tiny as a finger.


Violet spoke loudly.


“We'll start on the count of three.


Aria Fontaine began taking deep breaths.




She placed her hand on the scroll hanging on her waist. 


I calmly predicted what kind of scroll it might be.


If she was going to activate the scroll as soon as we started, it was probably related to the summoning type.




Violet's figure disappeared, and Aria confidently unfurled her scroll.
In an instant, a massive shadow engulfed me.


– Grrrrr!


Indeed, it seemed to be a summoning type.
A colossal golem, appearing to be five times larger than Aria, revealed itself on the other side.


Despite the distance, the intimidation emanating from its colossal figure was quite remarkable.


This time, Aria threw a scroll toward the golem.
And flames ignited on the golem's body.


Unquenchable flames.
It was the same scroll that Mabel had misused, which had led to the incident before.


While taking a deep breath, she directed the flames toward the golem.
The flames spread evenly across Golem's body.


And then, Aria unfolded her final third scroll.


Her body was enveloped in a blue aura.


‘Interference resistance, huh’


It appeared to be a magic that increased resistance against external interference.


Up until this point, exactly three seconds had passed.
Aria swiftly completed the combination and drew a large magic circle in the air.


Upon doing so, the boundary between the arena and the spectator stands gradually darkened.
Soon, the spectator stands were completely obscured from view.


Aria smirked.


“It would be troublesome if someone saw.
We're going to fight until the brink of death anyway.”


– Grrrrr!


At the same time, the golem covered in flames started charging toward me.


I remained in my position.


As a magician, Aria was receiving assistance from an interference resistance scroll.
So it would be appropriate to utilize the golem's side.


I spread my mana wide like a net in the surroundings.
I meticulously examined the structure of the golem that had jumped into the range.


Although more than half of my mana was consumed in understanding the golem's mobility mechanism and physical structure, it was a fair trade-off considering its value.


I retrieved the mana net all at once.


With a swift motion, my mana interfered through the golem's imperceptible crevices.


The golem's movements noticeably slowed down, but its momentum remained.
The colossal entity continued to charge straight toward me.


'Should I move and avoid it? No, my pride wouldn't allow it.'


I simply increased the speed of penetrating mana.


Gradually, the golem's charging speed noticeably decreased.


The charge turned into a run, and the run soon transformed into a walk.
Eventually, it came to a complete stop.


– Grrrrr!


The golem's intelligence was not high.
The realization that its movements had slowed down only made it frustrated and roar in annoyance.


“Why are you like this? Keep going!”


Aria shouted in the same frustrated manner.
However, she had no respite in supporting the golem's vitality.


If she stopped the assistance, the golem would collapse, so Aria was practically bound and unable to move.


She pushed mana and tapped the golem's back with the flick of her wrist, encouraging it to move.


“Why is it behaving like this? Is it because of insufficient mana?”


Aria forcefully pushed her own mana into the golem.
It was a sight where my interference made it easier.


The limits of the scroll were as clear as this.
If a magician couldn't surpass the level of the scroll's magic, they would be devoured by the magic without even understanding the cause.


I modified the paths of my mana that had infiltrated the golem enough.
The mana that penetrated in all directions found the circuitry of the golem that recognized Aria as its master.


And once I found it, the next steps were already decided.


Reluctantly, the golem that had walked right up to me swung its fist.


– Grrrrr!


A massive fist descended like a meteor.


But the moment I flicked my finger, it stopped in midway.




Embarrassment spread across Aria's face.


“What are you doing? What's with the hesitation, damn it!”


Aria had no ability to perceive and defend against my interference magic.
She could only scream nervously.


– Gigigigㅡ


Mechanical sounds echoed.




At that moment, the blazing golem turned its massive body towards Aria.


Thigh, shoulder, heel…
I interfered thoroughly with every part of the golem.
The colossal summon was now nothing more than a puppet acting on my will.


The golem's gaze now turned towards Aria Fontaine.




Golems rushed toward Arya, who was her master just a moment ago.


-Thud, thud, thud… 


With each step, the golem's legs took, rocks scattered into the air.
Aria's face turned pale in an instant.


“Why, why is this happening? Don't come.
Don't come!”


Aria pushed her mana with all her might, trying to divert the golem rushing towards her.


It was futile.
Her mana and mine had different densities.


– Thud, thud, thud.


Still, the golem continued its relentless steps toward Aria.




Aria finally gave up control of the golem.
She ran toward the corner of the arena in a frantic manner, as if her heels were on fire.


At that moment, I felt the gaze of Violet and Leonard watching me from somewhere.


‘I must utilize at least one scroll’


Rules were rules.
I unfolded the scroll and activated the Covering flames.


However, it was not towards Aria but towards the ground.




Flames surged upward from the ground, restricting the area where Aria could move.
She could no longer jump out into a wide space.




Being cornered was Aria's only option.
Aria leaned against the wall.


– Thud.


The golem took a step towards Aria.


With nowhere else to retreat, Aria, with a pale face, looked up at the summoning creature.
A gigantic shadow enveloped her surroundings.


Her legs trembled as if there was an earthquake.
On the other hand, I casually walked toward the golem.


I observed Aria's magic that stained the surface of the barrier black.
I activated the 『Point Strike』 scroll, aiming for the critical area.


With a snap, the magic, like an arrow, pierced the black curtain, creating a white crack.


The crack, which was just a point, split open like spider webs in no time.
Before long, the entire audience would be able to see Aria.


I walked and walked until I finally stood next to the golem.


Aria alternated her gaze between me and the golem.


what is this? What's going on?”


I asked back to Aria, who was muttering in vain.


“You will never know.”


— End of The Chapter —

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