Chapter 26: Oh my god! Sir Flan! Sir Flan!


The evaluation practice continued.


However, Trixie's interest was not in the evaluation.
She was so focused on her Trivia that she forgot about the existence of the evaluation.


‘It's unbelievable.’


There was never a moment in her life when she neglected her efforts to learn.
Perhaps, there was no student who worked harder than her.


However, the spells that seemed to deny those moments were being engraved on the pages of Trivia in real-time.


[▷ From now on, think in three dimensions, not just in the plane.]


In one corner of the page, a spell of a problem that Trixie had previously presented was drawn.


On the next page, the auxiliary spells were drawn, and the process connecting the two was recorded in detail.


It was an analog approach.


But in other words, it was the most orthodox teaching.


[▷ No questions will be entertained in this teaching.]


[▷ If you don't understand, memorize it first.]


The previously black spells were now colored differently in six different shades according to their parts.
It seemed that the colors of the main circuits were changed for readability.


‘It's alive.’


She exclaimed inwardly.


The problem on the agora board this time was a technique that transformed Trixie’s spade into a three-dimensional figure.


Literal as it was,  the spade picture that was only a plane began to come alive as a three-dimensional figure.


Unknowingly, Trixie's hand holding Trivia trembled.


It was because of the excitement of learning, the pure teaching received from others…


All of this was so delightful to Trixie.
No, it could almost be considered her first time, she had spent so much time learning alone.


Her heart raced.


She tried to feel the magic spell engraved on the page with her hand.


[▶ Thank you so much! Hehe.]


Just as she was about to send a reply…




At the sound of calling her, she reflexively covered Trivia.


When she turned her head to confirm….


She couldn't remember the name of this male student who had a somewhat familiar face.
She vaguely remembered that he was also a member of Group 11.


His name tag had the name Martin Luke written on it.


“Did you see what I just did?”


No, she hadn't seen it.
She didn't even know what he was talking about.


Martin's gaze shifted toward the Trivia she was holding.


“Oh, Trixie.
Do you want to exchange our Trivia codes?”


“I don't want to.”


“Hey, I'll only contact you about the exploration assignment.
We're in the same group.
We should communicate well to get good grades.”


Trivia was a system that allowed one to make personal contact by exchanging their unique code.


Come to think of it, Trixie had never exchanged her unique code with anyone.
In fact, she didn't even have anyone to contact, let alone exchange codes with.


'Well, if I really think about it, there was one person.
The teaching auction.'


'What is his true identity?'


Interest and curiosity surged simultaneously in her mind.


“Next, Student Flan.”


At that moment, Professor Leonard called out Flan.


The boy who was called walked forward without any hesitation.
The aura he emitted was no longer that of a commoner.


Martin smirked and opened his mouth.


“Trixie, watch what he does.
It'll be quite different from what I did, you know?”


There was no need to rush.
She intended to observe him.
After all, Flan had shown unexpected skills during the mock battle.


Unexpected, coincidence…
If such things repeat over and over again, they become skills.
She intended to confirm his skill with her own eyes.


“Tell me when you’re ready.
Or can we start right away?”


At the professor's words, the boy simply nodded his head.




“Why is the first-year behaving like that? Just nodding at the professor's words?”


“That is the same kid who acted like he knows everything earlier? Let's see if he is really something or just talk.


I had no intention of engaging in verbal arguments with the second-year students.
Instead of responding, I took a step forward.




I refine my breathing and mana simultaneously.


There was no need to rush.


The process leading up to the red flag was competition, and in competition, if one could excel beyond their competitors, it their victory.


“He is being too relaxed.
Has he gone crazy?”


Starting with someone among the second-year students muttering grumpily, numerous attacks came rushing toward me.






The power was enough to make debris from the training ground floor fly.


Each attack carried an undeniable sense of hostility.
Compared to the attacks poured during evaluations of other students, the intensity was much higher.








'Well, it's just simple attacks.'


I calmly defended and continued to move forward.


I had various choices available to me.


I could defend against the attacks, and it was also possible to dodge the straight attacks and make my way toward the red flag.


On the other hand, it was possible to counterattack too, and it was also worth considering pulling the flag towards this side.




To come up with the best move, it was necessary to begin with objective self-assessment.


After several days of training, the results were simple yet clear.


Mana purification and total mana capacity, these two trainings were conducted in equal amounts, but only the level of purity showed a noticeable improvement.


This body might be somewhat unsuitable for increasing the total amount of mana, but it boasted exceptionally high efficiency in raising the purity of mana.


Of course, I was confident that I would ultimately achieve both objectives.


For now, I would focus on achieving extremely high efficiency with the predetermined amount…


The accumulated experience, theory, and effort that would support them would never betray me.


Ultimately, I would prove myself to be the best in every aspect once again.


‘For now, this is my priority…’


Rather than quantity, I would focus on quality.


Instead of obsessing over the number of times the magic was used, I would maximize its power.




A non-attribute arrow grazed past the ball.
In response, I create a non-attribute sphere myself.


It was a sphere commonly used as a basic elemental attack, known as “Magic Missile” in my previous world.


As an experiment, I launched it toward the wall.
Unfortunately, its power was weak.


In my previous life, I would have created a hundred spheres simultaneously to deliver a hundred times the power…


But this time, it was different.
The magic missile’s circuitry and my body were connected and inducted.


If I continue to train consistently, I should be able to possess a mana capacity above average.


However, the growth efficiency in terms of capacity was low.


It was possible to forcibly increase it, but it was hard to call such a growth method the “best.”


‘That’s why…’


I focused only on the purity of mana and eliminated the reason to obsess over capacity.


I modified the circuitry to use the same amount of mana but enhanced the power to the maximum limit.


This modification of the Magic Missile was the first step in that direction.


As I emphasized the circuitry related to destructive power, I must discard anything that corresponds to it.


I discarded the “form” of the Magic Missile.
The originally well-formed sphere could no longer maintain its shape and distorted.


And in the next moment, the non-attribute element that left my hand surged toward the second-year students.






With a thud, the second-year student who was hit on the forehead fell backward.


Confusion spread across their faces like spilled paint.


‘That's quite satisfying.
I like it.’


The modification of the Magic Missile was successful.
Discarding unnecessary elements and maximizing their power worked well.


The power exceeded even my expectations.


Since it was a method that I didn't adopt in my previous life, using it now brought me a lot of fun.


“When launching a surprise attack, counterattack should be expected as well.”


Removing obstacles was also an excellent strategy.
I said a word to the second-year students.


“Well, what is it?”


“Wait, he is retaliating? Professor, is that allowed?”


In response to the second-year students' protest, Professor Leonard only burst into laughter.


“Is it not okay for you? Is it alright for second-year students to retaliate against first-year students?”


With that remark, the mouths of the second-year students shut tightly.


I dispelled the defensive barrier and allocate the remaining mana solely to attacks.
Two neutral spheres float around my body.


what is this?”


The sound of murmurs from the onlookers behind could be heard.
That was how quiet the second-year students have become.




“Ah, ow!”


This time, the second-year student who was hit on the wrist grabbed his hand and sat down.


Now, with only two people down, the attacks rushing toward me had already ceased.


I was still walking.


The second-year students no longer used magic, and there was no reason to run, since the wall with a different height wasn’t such a big restriction in the first place.


Suddenly, I lifted my head.


I looked at the second-year students who were incredibly arrogant with a scornful gaze.


Already, there was no one daring to meet my eyes.




The evaluation proceeded smoothly after that.


“Today's practical evaluation ends here.
You all did well.”


As Professor Leonard spoke, the training ground returned to its original cuboid shape, and the second-year students left their seats first.


As they left, they glanced at me from time to time.
I didn't avoid their gaze.


Professor Leonard's words continued.


“Today's evaluation doesn't carry much weight, so don't be too disappointed.
After all, we didn't even use scrolls.
What's important is the exploration assignment in two days.”


The exploration assignment.


At those words, dry throats could be heard throughout.


Everyone knew that the exploration assignment was important, as it carried significant weight in the grades.
It was expected that everyone's mindset won't be ordinary.


“Prepare suitable scrolls for your group strategies, take care of your condition.
Well, it's the basics, right? Today's lecture ends here.”


The professor left the training ground first, and the other students scattered to fulfill their next schedules.


At that moment, Trixie approached me with a subtle look in her eyes.
It was the moment her small lips opened wide.


“Trixie, the lecture is over.
Want to grab a drink together? I know a nice place with a good atmosphere.”


Martin Luke intervened.
His gaze, which had followed Trixie's gaze, turned towards me.


“Do you have a moment, Flan? You did well…
Honestly, I could have retaliated against the second-year students too.
But I held back.”




Trixie let out a deep sigh and nervously swept her hair back.
Then she stretched her long legs and walked towards the exit of the training ground.


“Oh, Trixie? Are you busy? Then let's just exchange trivia codes today!”


After that, Martin hurriedly followed her.


Trixie's legs were long, so Martin, who was short in stature, had to practically run to keep up.
It was such a comical sight that I unintentionally chuckled.


“Well then, Becky will do that.
I'll prepare the scrolls from my side…”


“Yes, that sounds better.”


Becky was busy discussing with her group members.
While doing so, our eyes met for a moment.


“Hey, Flan…”


As soon as she noticed me, she started coming towards me.


“By the way, Becky, did you check this part?”




Another member of her group firmly grabbed Becky’s arm.


– 'Re.


Becky formed the shape of words with her mouth, directed towards me.
Then she effortlessly pulled away and resumed talking with her group members.


I also took a step forward.


I determined the direction in which I would develop my magic.
My mind became much more at ease, and naturally, my steps became lighter.


As I walked through the dimly lit academy courtyard, I carefully laid out my plan until right before sleep.


I planned to visit the bank inside the academy to exchange gold coins, then after taking a bath, I would devote my energy to mana purification.


If there was still spare time, it would be best to delve into knowledge.
Figuring out how to have a meal posed a small challenge for me.


“Ah! Oh my god! Sir Flan! Sir Flan!”


My thoughts were broken by someone’s call.


Moreover, that someone even tried to embrace me.
Naturally, I twisted my body to avoid it, but my wariness increased twofold.


'Who is it?'


'A second-year student? Did they rush at me with resentment during the practical evaluation?'


In the moment when I willingly prepared for a battle,


Something snuggled into my embrace.
Before I could even grasp what it was, a fragrant scent tickled my nostrils.


At the same time, a cheerful voice echoed in my ear.


“Oh My God! Sir Plan! It's a pleasure to meet you here!”


…An angelic-like being was in my arms.

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