ave prepared magic that you are most confident in.”


“Well…I do have one.


Flan took a step closer.


His red eyes shone particularly brightly between his bangs that reached down to his eyebrows.


For a moment, Becky felt like it wasn't a fellow student Flan but a professor approaching, so she unconsciously took a step back.


“I’ll review it, if I have the time.”


Flan's attitude was relaxed.


One second.
Two seconds.
Three seconds.
After a brief moment of silence, Becky, who realized that they were both newcomers, kicked up a fuss.


“Who told you to review it? It’s really ridiculous.”


“Of course, the choice is yours.”


An attitude that seemed to say that you would be the only one at a loss if you miss this opportunity.
Becky resented Flan's arrogance.


“You… You, yes.
Come to think of it, you're not even an A rank.
What are you going to review?”


“Ranking… “


Flan was still relaxed, just smiling.


“Well, it's definitely not an A.”


“I can make it A rank…!”


What advice would he give as a person who didn’t get an A? Becky really didn't like his attitude when he confidently comes out on a topic with a lower ranking than herself.


She wanted to say something more, but she gave up.


It was because something began to stir inside the boy’s transparent red eyes.
Before she knew it, she was overwhelmed by its intensity.


Furthermore, new possibilities began to emerge one by one in Becky's head.


‘Non-standard Ranking… ?’


Through Trivia, she had heard rumors that there was such a rating.


The non-standard rank was classified higher than the top rank A and becomes the top priority for scouting officials both inside and outside the academy.


'Hmmm', Becky cleared her throat.


“Flan, what rank are you…?”


The person in question was still smiling.


“If you hear it, you'll be very surprised.”


“Very surprised?”


Becky asked again, but no answer came back.
As If Flan’s relaxed expression was the answer itself.


‘Is it real?’


Becky finally nodded.


“Well, okay.
But don't do anything weird while you're there.”


“I promise I won’t.”


“… And you have to review it.”


“If I have the time.”


Eventually, the two of them started walking side by side.


After walking in silence for a while, Becky suddenly seemed to remember something and sniffed her own sleeve.
Then she extended one arm towards Flan.


“Does this scent smell strange to you?”


Flan didn't hesitate for a second to answer.


“It's gross.”




“It's strange? I followed the theory exactly as it was supposed to be…”


“No, no, the problem is that you applied a completely different theory now.”


The laboratory where Flan arrived along with Becky was not tidy, but it was full of life.


It was clumsy, but filled with youth and passion, among other unique sensibilities that could only flourish in such an environment.


“…… “


Except for Becky and Flan, there were only two commoner female students in the laboratory.
Seeing Flan, she abruptly stopped their research.


Then, one of them grabbed Becky abruptly.


“Is he your boyfriend?”


The eyes of the two questioners sparkled, and the person in question widened her eyes in surprise.


“Are you crazy? What are you talking about?”


“Ah well, there is no way you would have made a nobleman your boyfriend.”


A girl with orange hair and freckles, Tyr was slightly relieved.
Becky shook her head.


“I am neither a noble nor her boyfriend.”


“Ah… Really? Aren’t you noble?”


They weren't particularly moved by the fact that he wasn't Becky's boyfriend, but the fact that he wasn't a nobleman seemed to surprise everyone quite a bit.


The other two, excluding Becky, looked at Flan with suspicion.


With a high nose, fair skin, and a frowning expression because he didn’t like something, they didn't seem like commoners at all.


Above all, one person was transforming this insignificant space into a luxurious one.


‘Can a commoner like that do this?’


She narrowed her eyes, making it seem like she was watching from this side instead.


“Hey, what's your name?”


With her navy blue short hair, Rinne asked outright.


It was a childish attitude, which made Flan a little displeased.


“Everyone here except Becky is in senior year.
Well, first of all, did our newbie come here for something?”




“This isn't a place to hang out.
If you're interested in Becky, come back another day.”


Anyway, Flan's gaze was fixed on her hand.


Her nails were cut short, but not burnt. 


Becky stepped in and tried to explain that Flan didn’t come for that reason, but Flan spoke faster.


“Did you major in destruction?”




“Are you not dealing with explosions or just unable to? Your fingertips aren't burnt.”


I haven’t dealt with it yet.”


Rinne slurred her words and quietly put her hands behind her back.


“Is the lab used by a total of three people?”


Becky nodded quietly.


Flan narrowed his brows slightly and looked around the laboratory.
Flasks that were red and black and stuck together, dust that stuck to his hand when he swept it across with his index finger.


After blowing off the dust, Flan muttered.


“It's so miserable.”


“Uh, there, there, well…”


Fortunately, Becky was quick-witted.
She held out both palms and slipped between Flan and Rinne.


“There's a new student rank test in the Department of Magic tomorrow.
I brought him because he said he would do me a favor.
He will just watch and leave right after.”


However, Rinne's expression wasn't pleased.


“Who asked you to bring someone here? Is he your friend?”


“No, it's Flan's friend.”


“He… your friend who will help me?”


Rinne's sharp gaze scanned Becky up and down.


“Didn’t I look after you enough?”


“Ah, so.
It’s absolutely not that I don’t trust my sister…
I just thought it might be good for new students to get to know each other…”


This was not good.
Becky had tried to mediate but only managed to aggravate Rinne.


Rinne's cold attitude was terrifying to Becky.
Suddenly, beads of sweat formed on her forehead.


“I was the one who suggested that I would do you a favor.”


But then, Flan intervened with a calm voice.


Becky turned around with a pale face and mouthed something to Flan.




However, it seemed like neither Rinne nor Flan cared about Becky's words.


Rinne sat down at her desk, dumbfounded, and crossed her legs.


“You say you'll do Becky’s favor and help her in magic too.
You follow her to the lab.
I only see you as bluffing because you are just interested in Becky.”




“Yes, and it's irresponsible to criticize the lab other people use without a good reason.”


Rinne continued to speak in a tone that seemed to hold back her anger.


“How good are you that you can say that? If you want to impress a girl you're interested in, you need to have a reason.”


Rinne trudged past Becky and finally stood right in front of Flan.


“… Becky has already been looked after by me.
Are you sure you can do better?”


“It depends on Becky's ability.
Still, I'm not lacking in confidence.”


Rinne snorted and looked in Becky's direction.


“Try it.


“Yes? What…”


“Try the magic that you'll use in the test tomorrow, as I taught you.”


“Ah… Yes, yes.”


Becky gulped down her saliva and focused her mind.


Soon after, Becky’s mana began to surge in the lab.

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