Peach Blossoms From The Heaven




“Knead the dough into a rectangle, then cut a few slits with a knife, like this, and put it in the oven to ferment.”


On the computer screen in the living room, the screen of the live broadcast was projected, but the person could not be seen, only his voice could be heard.
In the boxy live broadcast window, only a young man in an apron can be seen wrapping dough on a chopping board.


The man's hands were covered with a layer of white flour, but he did not hide the dexterity of the technique at all.
His long and thin fingers flipped a few times, and he wrapped a spoonful of butter into the soft dough with ease.


“After the fermentation is complete, turn on the oven to 180℃ on both sides and preheat it for ten minutes.”


“Finally, sprinkle a layer of egg powder on the dough after the fermentation is completed, then put the baking pan in and bake at 165℃ for twenty minutes.”


The man's voice was warm and calm, and his tone always seemed to be unhurried.
And when the finished product is about to come out of the oven, this calm voice also inevitably spoke a little faster, with a hint of anticipation.


[Brother Nian's voice is so gentle and warm, please say a few more words…]


[+1, I don’t talk if I can’t see the face, I can’t even hear the voice much, crying.


“Okay! Time is up, let's open the oven to see how the finished product is.
Well, it looks pretty good, so this banana cream roll is done.”


A dozen pop-ups swished past in the live broadcast, and Pei Nianyu focused on the oven, as if looking at some handicraft that was about to be baked, and didn't pay attention to what was said in the pop-ups.


“That's it for this broadcast, see you all tomorrow ~”


Pei Nianyu pointed his phone at the banana cream rolls that had just come out of the oven on the baking tray, and then set the live screen to keep the same shot as when he quit the broadcast, and the next second, he simply closed the live broadcast.


The avatar of the owner of the live room darkened, showing that he was offline, but the live screen remained at the last moment.


In the still shot, the golden rectangular dough that was completely puffed up after baking was like a fat little pig, round and very soft.
The lens is very high pixel, you can clearly see that the skin of the roll is baked to a burnt brown, while the sides of the roll is still very light cream color.


The cut with a knife on the butter roll is emitting heat, and looking into the opening, the thick banana sauce wrapped in butter seems to be gushing out.
Just from a still picture, one can fully imagine how soft and sweet this cream roll should be in the mouth.


The pop-ups in the live broadcast room exploded on a daily basis.


[Alas! Why does this anchor only broadcast cooking and not eating? Put a picture here…
Do you intend to report to the office! 】


[The fans in front are new here, Brother Nian has never shown his face, so every time he turns off the fire and leaves…]


[Hold back, I'm already eating instant noodles in front of the screen…it's so delicious…]


The actual live broadcast's pop-ups were completely ignored, and after Pei Nianyu turned off his mobile push software, he beautifully pinched a cream roll and stuffed it into his mouth, took a bite, and closed his eyes for two seconds to enjoy the pleasure of banana sauce and butter overflowing in his mouth.
And then clicked on the live backstage, looked at the wave of bounty today, satisfied squinting eyes.


Pei Nian Yu was fatherless and motherless, and was born in an orphanage and went all the way to the key university by his own efforts – Huaxia Agricultural University's nutrition major.
After graduation he did not find a job, but started his favorite food anchor.


Maybe it's because Pei Nianyu, who is born with good cooking skills and is gentle and lovable, has become popular not long after the show started.
It's just that he didn't show his face all the time, and he seemed a little cold, so he didn't get too angry.
The live broadcast room has been operating smoothly for two or three years, and for him, a person who feeds the whole family by himself, the income is decent.


After eating the ordinary breakfast, Pei Nianyu checked the time and decided to go out to the supermarket to buy some ordinary fresh ingredients.


However, he did not know that what awaited him would be a completely different day.


The apartment was not far from the supermarket.
Pei Nianyu fed the cat at home with canned food and went out.
It's just that when passing an overpass, he was stopped by a fortune teller who set up a street stall.


The fortune teller slipped a note to him without saying a word, then continued to close his eyes and dozed off, and ignored him again.
Pei Nianyu was puzzled, and as he walked into the supermarket, he unfolded the note:


[You will have luck in love today.]


[Your Excellency will have peach blossom* luck today].


Pei Nianyu snorted: labor-manager gender male, male-loving male, peach blossom luck…these three words have nothing to do with me for twenty-three years.


He then looked to the second line.


[The peach blossoms were in your previous life, I wish you a happy time travel.




Pei Nianyu frowned, what a mess.


Such an unorthodox behavior, he naturally took the other party as a trickster.
Shaking his head, did not put it in mind, casually threw the piece of paper into the trash, then continued to shop in the supermarket.


An hour later, he walked out of the supermarket entrance carrying a large bag full of small bags.
The next second, a car ran out of control onto the sidewalk and instantly knocked him out.


Under Pei Nianyu's blood-stained white T-shirt, a black and green pendant around his neck quietly shattered and turned into dust.




Far away in time and space.


During the Great Jing Dynasty, in the palace of Prince Yu.


A man in brocade clothes was painting with a brush in the study room.
There was no one around, and the faint fragrance of condensed rhinoceros floated in the air.


The man who was painting did not notice at all that when the stick of incense in the incense burner was about to burn to the bottom, the fragrance gradually changed.


When the strange fragrance wafted into his nose, the man in brocade clothes suddenly felt a tyrannical aura in his body rushing to his chest and veins, and he thought something was wrong in his heart.
The hand holding the paintbrush trembled suddenly, and the pen holder fell off, staining the precious paper, then his body softened, and he fainted directly on the desk.


Immediately after, from the beam of the room noiselessly fell a man dressed in black, draped in a long black cloak, the cloak as deep as the ink color rolling, the corner of the robe inconspicuous, embroidered with a silver sword.


The man in black didn't look very young anymore, with a serious face and an astonishing aura.
Although his expression barely maintained his composure, the anxiety in his eyes was beyond words.


He embraced the fainted brocade-clothed man in his arms, and then placed one hand against his back, passing the thick internal energy to him continuously, then he picked him up with the other hand, and walked towards the east wing of the study.


But at this time, inside the man's clothes in brocade clothes, a stream of light suddenly flashed on the surface of an exquisite black jade pendant on his chest, and then it lost its luster and became extremely dim, as if it had turned into a piece of inferior jade in an instant….


After a long while, the man suddenly woke up in the arms of the man in black, but he was already a soul who had traveled through from later generations.




In the wing room, the man in brocade clothes, who has always behaved elegantly, now has slightly disheveled hair and lost his mind.
And the man in black seemed to have expected this situation long ago, tightly grasping the man's palm, never stopping the transmission of internal force.


At the same time, his eyes flickered slightly, and with the other hand he slowly and firmly…
took off his long black cloak.




So what happened later? Many years later, Pei Nianyu gave He Qi, the deputy commander of the shadow guards, a task.
This task was to record the past history.


However, it is clear that He Qi has not been able to complete the task of the master well.
He knelt on the ground, not daring to look at the stack of files in his master's hand.




“This is the result of your research? — “I have consulted the information for many years, that the historical research here is still blank, to be studied by future generations” ……
what a set you have written this literature review! Do you know that the external review of the paper will be unqualified!”


He Qi is very aggrieved: “Master, it's not that I'm not diligent to check.
It is the record of that night, I have checked many documents, the abstracts of those documents are all the words, full of content, full of dry goods, I think it is a record of what happened between you and Commander Lou that night.”


“But when I opened that document, I saw that it was full of four words that were repeated – Wen…Ming…Qing…Lang!”


“This cryptic language is full of three hundred and ninety-four words that should have been recorded, my subordinates are incompetent and really can't decipher this mysterious secret language.”


Pei Nian Yu sighed: “So that's how it is, it's not your fault, I think it's because the history of that day is not to be heard in the world, so the heavenly law let you not see.”




I do not know how long has passed.


are you awake?”


A low, hoarse man's voice woke Pei Nian Yu from the darkness.


Pei Nian opened his eyes and his mind sank, as if he had just had a deep, long and pleasant sleep.


——However, his heart was very heavy.


Car accidents happen every year, and it's not uncommon to be worn out because of a car accident.


But after wearing it, he found that he didn't know what kind of indescribable medicine he had taken.
He was in an indescribable state.
His body was in great pain as if it was about to burst.
In the end, he couldn't control himself and finally put a subordinate in black to sleep.
It didn't seem so good…


God is so pitiful, he has always been a law-abiding citizen since he was a child, who would have thought that he would encounter such a bloody thing during this time travel.


Pei Nian Yu sighed silently in his heart, could it be that ……
the fortune teller he ran into this morning was telling the truth?


He was quite unbelievable.


The note that the fortune teller gave him said that he would travel back to his previous life to have good luck.
This fact was too unbelievable, and he naturally didn't believe it at all.


But now…
He recalled the short memory when he first transmigrated, and Pei Nianyu, who had been single for more than twenty years, suddenly felt some indescribable subtle emotions.


“Master ……?”


Pei Nianyu turned his head to look, and there was a man in black kneeling by the couch, his hair untied and his clothes a little messy.


The man was about thirty years old, and his face was not very young.
His brows are calm, although his facial features are not very handsome, but they are upright and straight, his eyebrows are long and powerful, as unshakable as a mountain.


The first impression it gave him was…
like a light-colored painting with neat strokes, although it is not thick and colorful, it is very eye-catching.


It's just that the man's complexion was a little pale, his lips were faintly blue, and he seemed to be enduring something, but he didn't seem to realize it, and still looked up at Pei Nianyu intently.


“Lou…Ye Feng…?”


A familiar memory of déjà vu ran into his mind, allowing him to call out the name of the person in front of him at once.


Pei Nianyu's heart moved, is this his own peach blossom luck, and what did the so-called “past life” refer to?




Thinking about his past life, Pei Nianyu suddenly felt countless information and memories pouring into his brain, and he suddenly had a splitting headache.


Before he could say something to comfort the man he had “bullied”, before he could ask why this man had not resisted him, his vision went dark and his consciousness sank instantly.


“Master ……!”


The last image before he fell unconscious was the suddenly concerned and anxious gaze of the man named Lou Yefeng.





*Peach Blossom Luck – Good Luck 


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