Break Through The Catastrophe with Heart and Courage 




The man in the black cloak was named Lou Yefeng, and he was the commander of Pei Nianyu's shadow guards.
Seeing that Pei Nianyu had fainted, he was startled.
He took out the hidden silver needle that he carried with him, pricked his master's finger a little, took a drop of blood and tasted it lightly.


After a while, his brows furrowed deeply, and he muttered to himself:


“Strange, this peach blossom compulsion has obviously been solved ……
why is the master still unconscious ……”


He did not dare to delay, directly turned around and went out, pulled out a small thing from his bosom and plucked it, the thing automatically popped into the mid-air, emitting a short and sharp whistle.


Shortly after the whistle, many black-clothed shadow guards descended silently in the courtyard of the study.


Lou Yefeng was still kneeling beside his master's couch, without turning his head, he only said in a low voice:


“Be on guard.”




Afterwards, more than 20 people were separated from the shadow guards, and they quickly and orderly guarded around the study room, each of them holding a sword hilt and looking vigilantly.
Another four or five men in black and a young girl who looked like a maid entered the room and closed the door behind them.


The few people who entered the room were all the deacons of the shadow guards of the palace.
As soon as they entered the door, they saw Pei Nianyu unconscious on the couch, and they were all shocked.


One of the young men with a thin figure and a stern face spoke first, his voice low and somewhat eerie: 


“Commander Lou, what is this situation? Earlier you moved all the shadow guards away from the study, how come something happened here?”


Lou Yefeng shook his head, then turned to another person and said:


“I don't know at the moment.
Lian Xiao, you come over and take a look.”




A handsome young man dressed in black, except for the cuffs embroidered with dark green vegetation patterns, responded.


The shadow guard named Lian Xiao came forward, bringing a faint fragrance of medicinal herbs with him as he walked.


He half-kneeled in front of the couch, reached out and touched Pei Nian Yu's pulse.
After a while, his expression became more and more serious.


Lou Yefeng took in Lian Xiao's expression in his eyes, and felt a sudden burst in his heart:




Lian Xiao frowned deeply.


“I don't know why, but it seems that an hour ago his heart veins suffered a great shock from an unknown force.
However, there is nothing else wrong with the master's body at this time, no injury and no poison.
I do not know why he is still unconscious, and I do not know when he will wake up.”


Lian Xiao was only good at medicine, and stepped aside after taking the pulse, and didn't interrupt anymore.


Heart pulse shock……..unknown force……


Lou Yefeng's face suddenly turned pale, his body trembled, and he put his hands on the side of the couch, barely maintaining the kneeling posture.
He lowered his eyes slightly, thinking quickly in his heart, but he couldn't figure out what went wrong.




When Pei Nianyu was three years old, he was murdered in the deep palace, and a secret Gu* called Emotionless Peach Blossom Gu was secretly planted in his body.
People with this Gu in their body should not touch the word “desire” among the seven emotions.
If the desire of emotion is touched, the poison in the Gu will immediately attack the heart veins, and they will die in just a moment.


There is no solution to solve this situation of Gu neither medicine nor stone, the person only needs to have sex with someone once, and it will disappear naturally after overflowing the essence.
However, if this Gu wants to move, it is death, so what about sexual intercourse?


Therefore, this Heartless Peach Blossom Gu can be described as extremely vicious.


Pei Nianyu didn't know about it since he was still young.
It wasn't until he ran into an expert when he was out of the palace when he was eight years old, and the expert pointed it out, that Pei Nianyu didn't know that such a dangerous thing had been deposited on him.


The expert said to Pei Nianyu that if he kept his mind cold and kept his mind on himself, he would be safe until he was twenty-three years old.


When he was twenty-three years old, the Peach Blossom Gu had been planted for twenty years.
On a certain day in that year, the Peach Blossom Gu will break out on its own even if no one activates it.


This is a mortal situation, but the expert said, if he can't survive this calamity, he will die; if he can survive this calamity, the peach blossom gu will be dissolved.


The meaning in these words is obviously that there is still a chance to survive.


Lou Yefeng was selected by Pei Nianyu as his shadow guard very early on, and has always been trusted by his master, so he told Lou Yefeng the ins and outs of the Peach Blossom Gu without reservation.


For so many years, Pei Nianyu has been walking on thin ice emotionally, and was almost triggered by this Gu a few times along the way, but fortunately, Pei Nianyu restrained them all, and the outbreaks were not violent.


Years of life in the deep palace have passed like this, the battle for the heirloom is over, and everyone who is hostile is dead.
The people who used the Gu to assassinate them and the forces behind them have long since been wiped out, but the Gu has always existed in Pei Nianyu's body and has never been lifted.


Later, his younger brother Pei Niancheng succeeded to the throne, and Pei Nianyu finally had a few years of peace.
However, Lou Yefeng knew in his heart that the master's birthday was just a mirage in the air.


Seeing that the master was approaching the age of twenty-three and still hadn't found a way to crack it, he became more and more anxious every day.
One day, after he looked up some secret books from the previous dynasty, he had a plan and tried to find out about Pei Nianyu's Gu.


Three months ago, in the study of the royal residence.


“Master, regarding the Peach Blossom Gu…
this subordinate has found a method, and it seems to be feasible.
The secret technique originated from the ancient method of dual cultivation.
It can be operated by one person during the joyous rejoicing, and can transfer the internal force to another person's body, and it can be used for a short period of time.
Time is fixed in a certain meridian.”


“If you find a loyal person, use this secret method to protect your heart veins when your Gu poison is onset, and prevent the poison in the Gu from entering your heart veins.
At the same time, you and this person…
have sex once, then The Peach Blossom Gu will dissolve naturally.”


“The subordinates believe that this method can solve future troubles once and for all, and it should be the method for both.”


Who knows that Pei Nianyu listened silently, but he didn't feel happy.
He lowered his eyes for a while, and asked in a rather cold tone:


“The method of both? The person who does this plan ……
will die?”


When Lou Yefeng saw his master's tone down, his heart trembled, he didn't dare to hide it, so he knelt down and said:


“The loss of internal strength will indeed cause future troubles.
After practicing this method, you will immediately become weak…”


Pei Nianyu snorted heavily:


“Then you let the instigator extradite my internal energy to protect my heart veins, and at the same time let me…? The aura of that Gu is extremely violent, dormant in the body, and I can feel it from time to time.
Once it is activated at that time, I'm afraid I'll completely lose my mind.
This person has been tossed by me for half a day, how can there be any life left?”


The night Feng can not not know that in that case again by the violence, it is very difficult to live.
However, as a shadow guard, he has never been as benevolent and kind-hearted as his master, so he said.


“…Although this is the case, the one who does this plan must be a loyal person…”


“How innocent is that person, and he wants to die because of me? Lou Yefeng, you let me ignore human life to save my life, I can't do it.”


Lou Yefeng opened his mouth, and said in his heart that I was prepared to do this by myself, if the master can live on, so what if the subordinate dies for the master, that is the subordinate's wish.


But before he could open his mouth, he was interrupted by an unhappy Pei Nianyu.


“Do not mention this matter again, I still have a few months until I reach twenty-three years old.
I should find another way by then.”




However, the master has been shackled by this Gu for so many years, and finally found a glimmer of life in all kinds of desperate situations.
How could Lou Yefeng give up because of this, and just watched his master die from this Gu?


As the days approached day by day, the master still hadn't found another way.
Lou Yefeng didn't mention this matter at all, and started to plan secretly.


Not long after Pei Nianyu's birthday, Lou Yefeng arranged a kind of spice in the study where the master often goes, which has a slight but not strong effect of stimulating emotions.
As soon as the attack occurred, he immediately used the secret method, while extraditing the internal energy, he let the master do sex with him to release his energy.


At that time, Lou Yefeng was afraid that he would not be able to protect his master, so he unreservedly directed his extremely pure and thick internal energy into his master's heart.
And the pain he endured…for him whose internal strength had already been exhausted, it was really painful.


On the way, Lou Yefeng's life was hanging by a thread several times, and it seemed that he would not be able to continue.
However, he missed his master, and it would be okay if he died, but he was afraid that his death would cause this plan to be abandoned halfway.
So he took a pill that could forcibly extend his life when the shadow guard was in danger.


The pill provided Lou Yefeng with new internal strength at an extremely fast speed.
Although this medicine can relieve urgent needs, it will overdraw one's own life after all, it is really depleting, and it will damage the body's foundation after use.


However, he was already prepared to die, so how could he care about the future?


Fortunately, not long after he took the pill, Pei Nianyu's Peach Blossom Gu was gone, and he picked up a life back.


Although he has deceived everyone and acted on his own initiative this time, everything has been completed according to his plan, and nothing has gone wrong.
The Peach Blossom Gu also disappeared without a trace, logically speaking it should be safe from then on.


However, Pei Nianyu passed out after a short period of sobriety, and he couldn't wake up no matter what.


However, how would he know that Pei Nianyu passed out because of the huge amount of memories he had to receive after the time travel.
He will be unconscious, but it has nothing to do with the Peach Blossom Gu.


Lou Yefeng looked at the peaceful sleeping face of his master in front of him, and felt his heart sink to the bottom of the valley.

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