Lu Yiyuan got the news early about Su Luó wanted to take a movie directed by Chen Yousheng.

A week before the audition, when the two were having dinner together, the man was cutting the steak elegantly, while ruinously inquiring: “Do you really want to act in a movie?”

“Yeah.” The woman nodded.

As a result, Lu Yiyuan’s expression suddenly became a little sad.
After a faint sigh, he made a cautious decision: “I’ll give Chen Yousheng money when I go back today.
If it’s not possible, I will find a relationship to block his way, the hostess.
It will definitely be yours.”

Su Luó … Su Luó felt that she was more sad than Lu Yiyuan.

She took a sip of the mellow red wine and refused: “No need.”

“There are so many people looking for relationships in the entertainment industry.
Don’t feel embarrassed.
It’s all of my own will.” Lu Yiyuan said that he was quite proud of himself, his eyes were bright, and he just wrote’Quickly praise me’ on his face.

“It’s okay.
Don’t interfere with Chen Yousheng’s affairs.
I have a plan.” After that, Su Lu emphasized: “Don’t make trouble.”

Lu Yiyuan: “…”


“It has something to do with Ren Xuesheng?” He hesitated for a moment, and asked instinctively.

Although Su Luó was a little curious about how he guessed it, she didn’t show it.
She nodded directly, indicating that he was right. Speaking of this, Su Luó thought that Lu Yiyuan should start asking,’Why are you feuding? ‘Wait…

But She heard the man say very decisively: “Do you need me to kill her for you?”

Su Luó tilted her head: “Huh?” Maybe there is something wrong with her ears, why do she always feel…something is wrong?

Lu Yiyuan repeated it slowly again, his words were clear, and he even raised his hand to swear to make sure that he can do it cleanly, so that he can’t make mistakes.

Is this the point?

Su Luó was in a complicated mood.

“That’s…that’s…I have a small wish.” The man’s pale face was stained with a layer of crimson, and his eyes flickered, “Can you give me a kiss?”

Su Luó : “…” Heh! man.

Su Luó felt that she was still too pediatric for anyone who could make such a request openly, so take a drink and calm down.

She didn’t speak, and Lu Yiyuan blinked at the opposite side.
His long eyelashes were like a small fan, and a small shadow fell on the lower eyelid.
His brows were slightly lame, with a little sadness, and the whole person looked like A reserved little prince.

“Can’t you?” His voice became lower and lower, “Do you hate me so much?”

“You are like this… I’m so sad.”

The dark aura in the man’s body was about to overflow, like a rabid dog that would blacken at any time.

“Hands out.”

The familiar voice sounded, Lu Yiyuan’s brain hadn’t reacted yet, but his body had already made a decision subconsciously, and he stretched out his right hand. Then, he felt a piece of soft skin and touched it.

Two people shook hands on the table, crossing their fingers, and they could clearly feel the hot temperature of each other.

“Huh?” Lu Yiyuan tilted his head blankly, still a little unclear about the situation.

Su Luó sighed helplessly.
She asked: “Will you go out for dinner with someone you hate?”

Without even thinking about this question, Lu Yiyuan shook his head directly.

“Will you hold hands with the opposite sex casually?”

“No.” The man said, his eyes getting brighter and he was surprised, “So, are we dating now?”

Su Luó thought about it for a while, reluctantly said, “It’s a probationary period.”

“Wow!” Lu Yiyuan exclaimed, very excited: “Ask a question, when can I turn into a real position.”

“Three months.”

“Hey? Isn’t it usually a month?” The man made a big protest against this unfair agreement, “A good employee like me, don’t you consider accepting it sooner?”

The corner of Su Luó ‘s lips curled, and Yun Danfeng said softly, “You can consider not to do it.”

Lu Yiyuan: “…”

This is the only post, capricious.

At any rate, he could barely be regarded at Su Luó’s eyes at this moment.
Lu Yiyuan was so excited that he didn’t even mention the previous movie.
After the whole date, he was immersed in this beautiful atmosphere until he sent Su Luó to the doorstep.
He also asked for a parting kiss.

It was just a kiss on the forehead, but his face was flushed, and he looked innocent and helpless.
Su Luó looked a little helpless: “didn’t you never kissed before, is it necessary?”

During the relationship between the original owner and Lu Yiyuan, although they didn’t roll the sheets, they still did a simple kiss and hug.

“That’s different.” His voice was as thin as a mosquito.

“Good, good.” Su Luó said she surrendered.
After waving to him, she entered her apartment until the floor where she was on was lit and Lu Yiyuan, who had been waiting at the bottom of the community, drove away.

The house that Su Luó lives in is in a high-end residential area.
There are two-story duplex apartments.
The security is well done.

She stood on the balcony and watched the car leave below.
The cool breeze in the night blew away and took away the hot summer temperature.
Su Luó listened to the system yelling in her head, and couldn’t help sighing: ” Can you calm down?”

How come it disappeared in just two or three months.

System 520: “In this way, we can complement each other!”

Su Luó : “…”


A week’s time passed in the blink of an eye, and soon it was the audition day for Chen Yousheng’s new movie “Undercover”.
Su Luó received the news that the male protagonist had been scheduled for a long time, Chang Tianyun, and this time it was all coming.
Running towards the heroine, the second woman, and the second man.

When Su Luó arrived at the place, she unexpectedly found that Ren Xuesheng was also there.

Today she wore a dark red deep V-wrapped hip skirt, charming red-brown wavy curls, heavy makeup and bright red lips, and the whole person looked very turbulent. Of course, it is not that Ren Xuesheng’s aesthetics suddenly changed, but because the heroine of the drama “Undercover” is a girl who sells and sings in a bar.

Su Luó has read the entire script because she has accepted the system plot.

Generally speaking, as the undercover actor, when Ma Tsai collects protection fees in a bar, he meets the poor female protagonist in the bar.
From the beginning, the two people look down on each other to attract each other, and then get evidence together.
Sent the gang boss to prison.

During this period, there are also the weak and kind-hearted female second, and the seemingly righteous male second who is actually an undercover gangster.
All kinds of plots are intertwined and all kinds of reversals make people unable to stop watching.

Su Luó glanced casually, and she knew whether the other party was going to audition for the heroine or the second woman.

“Is that you?” Ren Xuesheng sat on the chair and sneered, “Hey, what are you wearing?” She looked up and down, rather disdainful.

“Better than yours.” Su Luó shot back.

Ren Xuesheng lowered her voice: “I won’t fight with you.
Don’t think that if you have a burst of acting skills before, you can beat me now.
Don’t run out crying and beg the master’s father to love you later.”

Su Luxiu’s eyebrows were slightly awkward, and she seemed to be embarrassed.
Ren Xuesheng’s current mentality had long been wrong.
Seeing that she was sad, she was happy. Unfortunately, this joy did not last long.

“The person who talks the most nonsense is you from the beginning.” After she finished speaking, she didn’t forget to mock, “the defeated.”

The last four words almost made Ren Xuesheng vomit blood.

Whether it is Lu Yiyuan or her acting skills, she has lost before.

But this time, she definitely got it back.

There were many actresses waiting at the scene.
Ren Xuesheng came one earlier than Su Luó.
When she got her number, the woman stepped on enchanting cat steps and walked in confidently. Inside was a bright stage with five people sitting on the stage below.

They are Chen Yousheng, screenwriter, producer, deputy director and male lead Chang Tianyun.

“Hello Director Chen, this is Ren Xuesheng, this time the audition is the heroine of “Undercover”…” Ren Xuesheng introduced herself generously, and she knew that she had used her clothes when they looked at her clothes.
The director nodded, randomly from the side Drew a card from his card box and handed it over.

Chen Yousheng said: “If you play this paragraph, I will give you three minutes of brewing time.”

“Okay, director.”

Ren Xuesheng took it, and only a few simple words were written on the card—’It was raining, the male protagonist saved the female protagonist, and she hugged him and said thank you. ‘

Ren Xuesheng: “…”

Can this be considered a plot??

The crew had only given them a very simple and rough script before.
The character of the heroine was entirely up to her.
Ren Xuesheng took a deep breath and told herself not to be nervous.
Three minutes later, she made a request: “Excuse me, let Chang Chang Is the actor playing against me?”

Chen Yousheng glanced at Chang Tianyun, who was tight, and nodded: “Yes.”

Chang Tianyun had to stand up, smiled bitterly, and took a shot in the past: “I said in advance, I only read half of the script.
I haven’t figured out how the male lead will act, so I can only stand still.
As a prop for you.”

When Ren Xuesheng heard the words, the expression in her eyes was bitter, and when Chang Tianyun walked in, she whispered: “Now you don’t even want to play with me?”

“…” Chang Tianyun shut up and said nothing.

He had found out that Ren Xuesheng was a brain-filled.
No matter what he said or did, the other party only wanted to understand what she wanted to see.

At this time in the last life, Ren Xuesheng and Chang Tianyun had already fallen in love, and the attraction between each other was infinite, which led to a very good chemical reaction during the acting, resulting in the effect that one plus one is greater than two.

And now…

Facing the cold humanity props, Ren Xuesheng’s eyes dimmed a little before she spoke.


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