For the remaining 20 people, on the other side of the ring, two students that Su Luó didn’t know had already started fighting.

The man standing across from her was wearing a pure white magic robe embroidered with gorgeous gold patterns, with brown hair reaching to the shoulders, clear amber eyes, handsome face, elegant and gentle, like a loyal and powerful knight in a fairy tale.

Perhaps it was because of this deceptive appearance that the original owner insisted on getting engaged regardless of the gap between them.

The two stood at both ends of the arena, crossed their eyes through the breeze, and above their heads was the blue sky, with a few white clouds floating slowly.


A hint of sadness flashed across Phil’s clear eyes, and he made a noble and courteous gesture in a very gentlemanly manner.


As soon as the words were finished, following the extremely fast chant, a ball of white light came out from the girl’s hand, and ruthlessly smashed towards the man’s hypocritical and disgusting face.

Just one second before it was about to hurt Phil, a water-blue wall appeared out of thin air, blocking the white ball out.

Su Luó snorted softly, she didn’t expect this low-level spell to hurt her.

It’s like a signal.

The two people who were looking at each other quietly acted at the same time, the light magic and the water magic interacted with each other, one hole after another was smashed into the ring, and the people below were watching intently, exclamating from time to time.

“As expected of an S-level, it’s so powerful, and the speed is so fast.”

“Wow! Second-level light magic, we didn’t learn this in our courses, my God!! Wait! Damn, Second-level water magic, this, Are the two real?”

“The two lucky trump cards collided here, otherwise the first place would definitely come from these two.”

“However… Ruyi Calder is a woman after all, and her physical strength…”

As soon as the words fell, the situation on the ring changed suddenly.

Level 2 magic – water dragon binding.

Five water dragons about the thickness of Mo’s child’s arms shimmered and reflected colorful light in the sun.
With astonishing beauty and murderous intent, they bound Su Yu before she could react.


The people below exclaimed: “It’s over.”

Casting magic continuously is a big burden for Phil.
Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead.
He stood still and exerted all his strength.
That’s why she didn’t fall down, and maintained a gentle image: “You lost.” The blond girl, with blue eyes, and a face as delicate as a rose, but there was no frustration in those eyes, but a cold murderous look .

It made Phil Jackson startled suddenly.

“No! It’s you who lost.”

He heard the other party’s voice.

But…how is this possible? He clearly has the upper hand. what is the problem? Just when Phil was puzzled, a tiny golden element that seemed transparent under the sun slowly passed by before his eyes.

Could it be!!!!

The pupils shrank suddenly, and the man subconsciously jumped away.

It’s a pity that even if he is fast, Su Luó is faster than him.

The white and weak five fingers, the fingertips are light pink like cherry blossoms, and the bright elements are actively dancing, like a primer, a golden magic circle emerges on the wide ring, binding Phil firmly in the middle, unable to move.

“OMG, OMG!!!!”

“Level 2 magic circle, strangle!”

“Is Ruyi going to kill him? Teacher, come and save…!!!” Su Luó, When she was fighting the man before, she laid the formation little by little.
When Phil thought he had the chance to win, he didn’t know that the trap had been set up long ago, and she was just waiting for him, a big stupid man, to jump into it by himself.

Phil had difficulty breathing, and could no longer control the magic.
The original soft light elements turned into sharp strings, surrounding him like spider webs, and a slight movement would tear him apart.

Is he going to… die?

“It’s over—General.”

That was his extremely familiar yet unfamiliar voice.
In his blurred vision, Phil could only see the golden and smooth hair, with the luster of the sun jumping, and it disappeared in a flash. With a pain in his chest, his body flew up out of thin air and fell to the ground fiercely.
He rolled several times in embarrassment before he stopped.


Phil spat out the sand in his mouth, his hair was a mess, and he stared blankly at the only girl who was still standing on the stage.

Her frail body is facing the sun, her calm eyes, and her solemn expression are completely different from the charming and lovely noble girl before.
It is the light of the strong, so dazzling that people dare not look directly at it.

After watching it for a long time, even his heart started beating.

Su Luó withdrew the leg that was kicking the man, and stood upright on the tattered countertop, breathing steadily, as if she just went to eat a meal, instead of going through a fierce battle.

“Teacher, don’t you announce the results?” she said.

In order to save someone, the teacher who almost ran to the arena was stunned for a while before announcing loudly: “The competition in the No.
2 arena is over, and the winner is——Ruyi Calder, who successfully entered the top ten.” After finish speaking, He whispered again: “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” She nodded reservedly.

As the results were announced, the crowd, who had been stupefied and in disbelief, went crazy.

“Ah, the goddess is amazing, I will be your loyal follower from now on.”

“Oh my God! That kicking action is so beautiful.”

“Miss Yiyi, do you need someone to warm the bed? I am a fire magician, I can handle this role!!!”

In this dangerous world, the strong are always respected, and no one will remember the loser Phil. All the halo of genius that originally belonged to him was stripped away, and it was further crowned on Su Luó.

Lina’s eyes were red, and she jumped up excitedly: “Honey, I knew you are the best.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“The most powerful winner has been defeated, and in one breath, take the first place.” 

“Of course.”

Su Luó rubbed the little girl’s fluffy hair, and the soft touch gradually calmed her down.

The game is still going on.

The top ten were quickly decided.
Su Luó’s opponent in the second round was a cute girl with a childlike face and big breasts.
Just as she was posing for the competition, the little girl raised her hand excitedly, as if she was obediently asking a question to a teacher in class.
Card student: “Miss Ruyi, if I admit defeat now, can you give me a hug?”

Su Luó: “Huh?”

Blank face question mark jpg.

After a moment of hesitation, she nodded: “Yes.”


The girl jumped off the ring resolutely, and after the teacher announced that Su Luó had won, she couldn’t wait to rush up, hugged Su Luó’s slender waist tightly, raised her cute face and said, “Miss Ruyi, may I ask you? Would you like to have another cute little lover?”

Su Luó: “…”

The times are changing so fast that she can’t adapt.

“My name is Karina Donner, and the dormitory is No.
You are welcome to come and see me at any time.”

“…Oh.” Su Luó nodded with a straight face.

Her rare expression of helplessness made Karina’s heart move even more: “Honey, you are so fascinating, please don’t be shy, I am different from those stinky men who only care about the body, the compatibility of the soul is the only way to get married.
It’s what I’m looking for.”

Su Luó took a deep breath: “Sorry, I’m only interested in the opposite sex.”

“I don’t care if you have another man.” Karina blinked playfully, her beautiful eyes were like a fine ruby.

Su Luó: “…”

The conversation between the two of them ended here.

Su Luó knew that the life of the nobles was corrupt now, even the parents of the original owner, the minor nobles in the marginal areas, each kept countless lovers in captivity.

Everyone has their own life, and she has no right to comment, but it doesn’t mean she wants to live the same life.

Ten to five is over.

During the lottery, Su Luó was lucky enough to get a “bye”.

At the time of three and two, it was Lingnuo Pulis who got the “bye” this time.

Su Luó competed with the only one left in the arena.
Maybe she was too tough before, and this one had no fighting spirit at all.
She resisted symbolically and then gave up directly.

In the end, only she and Phil’s current fiancée were left.

Former and current.

A group of spectators kept shouting, but unfortunately this was not destined to be an evenly matched battle.

Lingnuo’s strength is actually very good, but in the hands of Su Luó, who has a strong soul and has learned second-level magic, it is like a fragile crystal toy, vulnerable with a single blow.

The sky darkened at some point, and the wind howled.

Lingnuo clutched her injured arm, looked at the person on the stage with complicated eyes, and bit her lips unwillingly: “I… lost.”

“Yeah.” Su Luó nodded dispensably.

“But next time, I will definitely win.” The girl raised her eyebrows, tied the loose hair back on her head, and said casually, “I’ll wait.”

Such an attitude of ignorance is more embarrassing than hostility.

Lingnuo felt the piercing pain in her arm, and her breathing gradually became cloudy.
She glanced at Phil, who ran over to support her, and grabbed his white magic robe tightly, leaving a black spot on it.

“Don’t challenge Ruyi for a while.”

“What’s wrong?”

Phil, who was eager to save face, tossed his hair irritably.

Lingnuo pondered for a moment: “Her magic… is weird.
It’s too fast in the combat, but her breathing is very shallow.
In short, don’t act rashly until you figure it out.”


Phil reluctantly nodded.

In the next challenge, Phil got the third place, defeated him, and got his ranking. Afterwards, there were also some people who were unlucky, but not bad, who chose their opponents, some succeeded, and some failed.

By the time the dust settled on the top ten, it was already afternoon.

The dean came to the stage and said some passionate words.
After summarizing the central idea, he waved his hand and gave the first graders a three-day vacation.

Su Luó picked up her things and hugged Lina goodbye at the school gate.

When she got home, it was dinner time and the whole family was in the living room.

“Oh my god! Baby, did I remember the time wrong?” The blond woman screamed exaggeratedly, “Welcome back, dear.”

“Mom.” Su Luó opened her arms and hugged her mother, and came the ceremony, “You remember correctly, the first grade has an early holiday.” Thanks for the quick end of the game.

“Baby, if you only hug Ruyi, I will be very sad.” Baron Calder stretched out his hand, with a warm smile on his face, “We have heard about you, Ruyi, you are our pride.

” You are also my pride, Dad.”

Su Luó said nasty words without blinking.

“Your compliment makes me feel ten years younger.” The man laughed a few times.

At this moment, even the half-sister, who was no longer happy with Su Luó, had a warm and decent smile on her face, as if the previous dispute and ridicule had never happened.

The importance of the emperor, the closeness of the nobles, and recently even the eldest son of a good noble family offered to them to marry the third lady who had been unable to marry the Calder family before.

They all clearly understood that all the benefits came from Su Luó .

Ruyi Calder.
She will be the new leader of the Calder family, without a title, but more honorable than a baron.

With a decent smile, Su Luó accepted the unobtrusive flattery from her brothers and sisters.

“Baby, there is a banquet tomorrow, I have prepared the dress, you must accompany me to attend.”

“Okay, Mom.”

She has been here for so long, she has been familiar with magic, and has never appeared in public.

The Empire worships magic.

And the magic school only has two days off at the end of each month.
In order to build relationships with future magicians, there are always various banquets at this time.

The news of Su Luó has long been a secret in the high society, especially at the end of this month, she beat everyone and became the number one in age, and there are countless people who want to invite her.

Baron Calder and his wife looked at a large pile of exquisitely crafted invitations excitedly, picked out the most expensive one and agreed to it.

On the day of the banquet.
Third Miss Calder was sitting in the living room, next to her soon-to-be engaged fiancé, apparently here to make connections.

Under the service of the servants, Su Luó put on a luxurious light blue court dress, a headdress with platinum gold as the background and ruby ​​embellishments on her head, and red jewelry of the same series on the earlobes, neck, and wrists.

The red color like pigeon blood makes the skin fairer.

It was the set of jewelry bestowed by the emperor.

Except for Su Luó, no one in the Calder family dared to get involved.

The maid deftly wove the headdress into the golden and smooth hair, and the long hair was all coiled up. The exposed face is even more small and delicate, with deep eye sockets, a straight nose bridge, and beautiful eyebrows and eyes.

“Miss, you are so beautiful.” The maid praised sincerely.

“Thank you.”

When Su Luó went downstairs, Mrs.
Calder nodded in satisfaction: “Honey, you will definitely charm everyone, those handsome boys, if you like it, settle down.”

“Sorry, Mom.
I have no plans to get engaged.” She said, “You know, I’ve been busy studying recently.”

“This is just a small proposal, and everything is up to you.” The woman winked playfully, “Okay, baby, Ladies and gentlemen, we should be on our way, being late is not in keeping with noble etiquette.” The Calder family’s carriage is spacious enough to accommodate seven people, and the bottom is reinforced with anti-shock magic.

Due to the delay of Su Luó, when they arrived, there were already many people in the spacious and luxurious European-style hall.

“The Calder family is here.”

When the surname was announced, the lively atmosphere in the banquet stopped suddenly, and almost everyone subconsciously wanted to see that Miss Ruyi who was favored by the emperor.

With just one glance, everyone couldn’t help being dazzled by the extreme beauty.

Afterwards, those calm eyes, calm expression, every move of hand and foot, was even more elegant and charming, with the aristocratic atmosphere accumulated over time, many people who watched couldn’t help but admire in their hearts. The veteran aristocrats are really powerful.
Even if they are down and out, the daughters they teach are no worse than the big families.

As soon as they entered the banquet, everyone mingled inside like a fish in water.

There are many people around Su Luó, if you look carefully, you will find that most of them are young men, they are handsome, charming and personable, they obviously want to win the favor of this young woman who is both beautiful and powerful.

In this case, Su Luó had countless experiences before.

Changed the topic without a trace, letting everyone back out.

“Excuse me.” A familiar voice sounded, and Su Luó turned her head subconsciously, only to see Lina, who just parted ways yesterday, was holding a glass of red wine, reserved and noble, completely different from the crazy appearance before.

Noticing Su Luó’s gaze, she showed a big smile: “Ruyi.”


Su Luó slightly nodded towards the crowded men: “Please let us go, you are blocking my friend.”

No one wanted to acted like a rascal in front of the beautiful woman, no matter what he felt in his heart, his legs gave way honestly. After they dispersed, they realized that the person who had spoken before was actually Princess Catherine’s cousin.

Could it be that the Calder family has already embraced the thigh of Her Royal Highness the Princess??

Subconsciously, they paid more attention to this family.

“Ruyi.” Lina smiled cutely, she put down her wine glass, and generously gave the girl a warm hug, “I knew I could see you here, let’s go! I have a friend who I want to introduce to you “


“Ruyi, you don’t seem to know my identity, right?”

Su Luó: “Sorry.”

After coming, she entered the magic school.
She is naturally not familiar with the intricate relationship between the empire.

“There’s nothing to apologize for.” Lina turned her head, “Then please allow me to introduce myself again.
My name is Lina Ulrida.
The current queen is my aunt, and the little princess Catherine is my cousin, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Su Luó was stunned for a moment when she heard the words, and then quickly realized.

“It’s nice to meet you, too.”

Lina looked at Su Yi carefully for a while, and saw that her eyes were clear and generous, obviously looking like she had no desires, she felt happy again, and took her hand enthusiastically : “Let’s go, dear.” The empire currently has only two heirs.

One is Angus, the eldest prince born to the deceased queen.

The other is Princess Catherine, who was born to the new queen.

Before that, Catherine actually had a very good elder brother.
Even if he was the second in line successor, countless people asked him to take over.
Unfortunately, he died suddenly three years ago, and the murderer has not been caught so far.

Catherine has the same red hair and green eyes as Lina.

Her facial features are extremely sharp, like a sword, as if she would be stabbed if she looked at her a few more times. Su Luó saluted without being humble or overbearing: “Hello, respected Princess Catherine, I am Ruyi from the Calder family, and it is my honor to meet you.”

The breath coming out of the blood, fortunately, Su Luó has experienced countless big scenes, so she didn’t show timidity. Seeing this, she nodded in satisfaction: “Get up.”

“Thank you, Princess.”

“You are Lina’s friend, so you don’t have to be so restrained.” Catherine pointed to the chair opposite, “Sit down.”

“Then I will.
Respect is better than obedience.” Su Luó curled her lips and smiled slightly.

Catherine is a double A-level magician of wind and fire.
She is 23 years old this year and has a level-5 strength.
She can be called a genius in the last sentence. When she agrees with a person and stops using her aura to test her, she is like a caring big sister, gentle and polite.

No matter how many whimsical ideas Lina has and the strangeness of the questions, she can answer them one by one.

Because of the memory of the previous world, Su Luó occasionally put forward opinions and words, which made the princess who had been in the center of the empire feel very strange.
The two chatted all over, and unconsciously, they threw Lina into the side of the conversation.

The little girl was not annoyed either, she held her face in her hands and watched the scene with a smile.

Until the banquet came to an end.

Catherine smiled: “It’s the first time I feel that time passes so fast.”

“Me too.” Su Luó looked at her.

“Looking forward to meeting you next time.”

“It’s my honor.” Su Luó stood up and saluted gracefully, “Please forgive me for being rude.”

Su Luó walked into the crowd, wanting to meet with the Calder family.
Even among countless luxuriously dressed ladies and ladies, she is still the brightest star.

“Miss Yiyi.”


Hearing someone call her name, Su Yi turned her head subconsciously.
The beautiful little girl with childlike face and big breasts was wearing an incomparably gorgeous palace costume, with a cute and lovely smile.
Eyebrows curved: “It’s really lucky to see Ms.
Yiyi here.”

Karina, hello.”

Karina pouted, her ruby-like eyes shining brightly: “Tomorrow.
Do you have time, Ms.
Yiyi? I would like to invite you to participate in an auction.” She took out an invitation card, “A special seat reserved for you~~”

Su Yi: “I don’t like women.”

“I know .”

“For no reason, I can’t accept your kindness.”

“Miss Yiyi, please don’t be so unfamiliar, this is not an invitation from me as a suitor, but as your admirer.” Karina covered her mouth and smiled coquettishly.
She said , “I hope we can become friends.”

Su Luó hesitated for a moment, and took the invitation: “Thank you.”

“Please let me pick you up tomorrow.” She nodded slightly and walked into the crowd.

Catherine, who was still sitting on the balcony on the second floor, looked down at the scene below.
She asked Lina, “Is Ruyi and Karina familiar?”

“No.” Lina shook her head.

“Then what’s going on?”

“During the group arena yesterday, Karina took the initiative to admit defeat to Ruyi.
She probably has a crush on Ruyi.” Lina shook her head indifferently, “Cousin, you know Karina, this woman has always been a vegetarian.”

“Really?” The red-haired princess stood up and said, “We should go too, today’s trip is not in vain.”

“I knew you will fall in love with Ruyi.” Lina excitedly said.

“You little witty ghost.”     ………………

After Su Luó got into the carriage, she had time to open the invitation card that the girl had given her before, and tore off the red wax paint, revealing the luxurious and exquisite invitation card inside, which was pure black.
The time and place are written with a quill, and there is a signature at the bottom.     

—Karina Donner.     

Donner, this surname… sounds familiar. Su Luó frowned, thinking carefully. Unknowingly, she tilted her finger down, exposing the invitation to everyone.

“Karina Donner??” The only outsider, the fiancé of the third Miss Calder, yelled, staring at the thin invitation card with burning eyes, “Yiyi, you are actually on good terms with the Donner family.”

“Karina is the only daughter of the Duke of Donner.
If she inherits the family business in the future, she will be the Duke.” He continued.

These words woke up everyone who had been drowsy after drinking.

And Su Luó finally remembered.

Donner family.

A big family that has been in the empire for thousands of years, with countless fortunes and inhumanity.
The current Duke is an eighth-level magician who likes to run casinos and auction houses.
In terms of wealth, even the emperor of the empire may not be able to match him.

This is really… an amazing golden thigh.

Seeing this, Baron Calder was very excited and kept praising Su Luó .

Let her have a good relationship with Karina, even if she takes a step back, she must not offend anyone.

“Dad, don’t worry, I understand.” Su Luó carefully put away the invitation.

Baron Calder was very pleased: “Okay, okay, you just need to understand.”

At the same time, in the palace of the prince of the empire.

“Phil, did you lose to a woman in this test??” The handsome prince looked down at the figure below, without the slightest smile on his face, “And this person is still your ex-fiancee who divorced with you?”

“It was my mistake.” Phil bowed his head and said respectfully.

“I just received the news that Ruyi Calder is quite familiar with my royal sister, Catherine.” Angus gave a light ‘tsk’, “I hope they can be more honest and don’t make small moves, otherwise…”


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