Su Luó put her arms around her good sister and looked up at the bus stop sign: “Which way do you take?”


“Are you going to the Shixin Garden?”

“Well, the house I rent is in Zhengyuan Community “

“What a coincidence.” Su Luó raised her eyebrows, facing the man’s suspicious gaze, she said softly, “I’m also in that neighborhood, and I just want to take a taxi home, so I’ll take you for a ride.”

The man hesitated a little . “This…”

Seemingly seeing through his thoughts, Su Luó whispered, “It’s not safe for me to take a drunk to take a taxi in the middle of the night, so you can support the situation.”


It wasn’t until this time that Su Luó realized that Jack was very tall, more than 1.8 meters tall, wearing an ordinary beige windbreaker, with a fashion style, wide shoulders, waist and long legs, handsome eyebrows, casually going to have a beautiful photo.

She hails a taxi casually, Su Luó and her best friend sit in the back, and Jack sits next to the driver.

The road at night was quiet and there was no traffic jam.
The driver drove all the way and arrived at the destination soon.     

Su Luó pointed to building 11: “I’m in 802, how about you?”

Jack was silent for a moment, then slowly said: “The… basement of building 3.”

Under the bright moonlight, the bohemian young man in front of her curled his lips, as if he was blushing a little – for his own residence.

“It seems that you are really short of money.”


“You sing in the bar at night, what do you do during the day?”

Jack thought for a while, and said, “Write songs for dinner.”

Su Luó: “…How old are you this year?Huh?”


“Have you graduated from university?”


“What university?”

Jack opened his mouth and said a well-known foreign university. The kind that is so famous that Su Luó has heard of it several times since she came to this world not long ago.

After listening to this, Su Luó said quietly, “If that’s the case, why are you so downcast?”

“…That’s because I lied to you.” He said without blinking.

Su Lu: “…”

The two of them were relatively speechless, and went back to their respective homes.

The house Su Luó rented had only one room.
She took off her best friend’s shoes and coat, and then wiped them with a warm towel.
Su Luó put her on the bed, and she herself took a chair and sat on the bedside, facing her from time to time.
Take a look at the bedside.

If you are too drunk, you can easily choke to death on your own vomit in your sleep.

Since she said she would take care of her, she must do it.

Time passed by, and after confirming that the woman would not vomit, Su Luó picked up a quilt from the cabinet, and fell asleep on the sofa exhaustedly.
This sleep lasted until after twelve o’clock at noon. Opening the door, the best friend had already left, leaving a note saying that she was going to catch up on the draft, and the script had been sent to Su Luó’s mailbox, and all the roles she could send were marked in red letters.

Just had a drink last night, Su Luó didn’t have an appetite to eat, so she made herself a cup of honey water, and watched while drinking.

This is an enduring love-hate relationship between campus Mary Su and the four major school girls.

Except for the hero and heroine, the rest of the characters are chosen at will.

There are two things that Su Luó is optimistic about.
One is a decent, melancholy and gentle campus genius little prince, and the other is a twisted loyal dog who has been abused since childhood and regards the heroine as the only light.
The villain of the Lord.

Which one should I choose?

Su Luó thought about Jack’s appearance and temperament, and chose the latter without hesitation.

She called the other party: “Have you thought about my proposal yesterday?”



“Okay.” Now that it’s decided, there’s nothing more to think about, Jack asked directly , “When will the contract be signed?”

“Today is the weekend, you will go to the company with me tomorrow.”

“Then I will come to you tomorrow morning.”

Artist, Su Luó’s heart is slightly hot. Glancing at the group of college classmates, she slowly brushed up her sense of existence.
Of course, things like contacts should be used to the best of their ability.

The signing of Jack’s contract went smoothly.
She didn’t know that his Chinese name was Shi Yi until she saw his ID card. In addition to singing, he also plays a good guitar, piano, violin, and hip-hop, all of which are slightly dabbled.

Talking about the current situation, what stocks can rise? If it doesn’t work, you can say a word or two about the situation behind it.

Su Luó was very puzzled: “You are so good, why are you still doing so badly?”

Shi Yi turned his head, shut up, and stopped talking.

Su Luó : “…”

Fortunately, Su Luó didn’t have the heart to gossip, so she handed the script sent by her best friend to the man, and she said, “Let’s see, You will join the crew in half a month.
Before that, you follow the company’s teacher first.”

“Yeah.” Shi Yi nodded, flipping through the pages extremely fast, but he finished it in just a few minutes, and he curled his lips, “There is a problem with the logic of this script, it’s just because when I was injured.
Once I got a lollipop from the heroine, I couldn’t extricate myself from love, lost myself, and had a hole in my head.”

Su Luó : “… the audience just wants to watch it.”

Shi Yi: “…”

“Do you think it’s difficult to act?”

“Don’t worry.”

Su Luó smiled slightly: “That’s good.
When I saw this character, I felt that he must be you.”

Yi looked at the perverted and twisted characters in the script, and fell silent.

A week later, the previously planned reality show was finally about to start.
Su Luó put down her work and accompanied the artist to the shooting site in person, took him to greet the director, gave him some snacks, and asked the staff to take care of him.

This reality show has a total of seven regular guests.

Two females and five males, two first-tier celebrities with traffic, and the rest are third-tier ones, who can be familiar in front of the audience, but occasionally get stuck and can’t name them. Of course, like Lin Xiusi under Su Luó’s command, the 18th line is also the only one.

It looks like it came through the back door.

cough cough!

People like this, even if they don’t make friends, try not to offend him.

What a wonderful misunderstanding.

Some time ago, Lin Xiusi spent time in the gym for this reality show.
His physical fitness is very strong, and he has eight-pack abs.
Every time he has the strength to work, he finishes it quietly, without complaining about being tired.

The third-line artists who came to the show together gave them thumbs up.

They thought to themself, even big guys with backgrounds are working so hard, what else can they say. The other two big guys love to tease him the most in the camera.
After seeing his bewildered expression, they feel a sense of accomplishment.

Su Luó saw it in the eyes.

Nodding in satisfaction.

The first episode of a variety show is only one and a half hours long, and many of the scenes shot now have to be cut. The focus of the first episode of the program must be on the two big guys.
The other party voluntarily brought Lin Xiusi to the scene to provide popularity, which is not too good.

After confirming that there is no problem here, Su Luó hurriedly returned to City S, and took Shi Yi to take pictures of Mary su drama on campus.

The image and temperament of the two people are very good.
When they entered, the people present thought that the two were entertainers and welcomed them warmly. Seeing a familiar figure, Su Luó greeted with a smile, “I’m here.”

“Sit down, please, this is the artist you brought?” The friend looked at Shi Yi with a smile, and the more she looked, the more familiar she looked, “Are you… the… singer Jack from that bar?”

“Hello.” Shi Yi stretched out his hand.

The woman held it in a trance, and it took a while before she realized it.
She suddenly turned around and grabbed Su Luó’s shoulder, her excitement was beyond words: “You are my lucky star, I love you so much “

Su Luó : “???”

“Ahem! That…” She lowered her voice, seeing that the man didn’t pay attention, and said cautiously, “Actually, I liked Jack very much in the bar, but he was too arrogant.
Don’t usually come out, so I didn’t expect to meet him here.”

Su Luó couldn’t laugh or cry when she heard this: “You’ve become a screenwriter, and there are so many handsome men and women in the entertainment industry just as you like.”

“That’s different.”


“Jack, I just want to sleep.
I don’t dare to touch other people in the entertainment circle.
I’ll be finished if I get ripped off by fans.”

Su Luó looked over with an idiot’s gaze: “From now on, this…” Pointing at the dazed Shi Yi, “He will also be a member of the entertainment industry.”


Su Luó patted her head affectionately: “Good boy.” What a tragedy in the world!

This is just a small crew, except for the hero and heroine who are second-tier artists, most of the rest are unknown young rookies. Su Luó followed Shi Yi to make his room clean, and then helped him analyze the character’s psychological journey and micro-expressions.

Shi Yi’s talent is very good.

A quick learner.

When filming, she brought people to watch, and by the way, she was able to discuss the script with her friend, and used her personal power to change Shi Yi’s character to be more three-dimensional and fuller, and also fixed some plot bugs together.

Filming for the first time.

Shi Yi seemed very uncomfortable, his facial expressions and movements were fine, but he was always in the wrong position, and he had to be reminded repeatedly by the director to find the right place.

Su Luó had no choice but to take on the heavy responsibility of teaching.

Who told her to recruit a layman into the profession?

Time flies by, and when Su Luó surfs the Internet, she can always see the news that the current Little Heavenly King——Ye Wenbin’s concert is a big success.
The man under the spotlight is dazzling and charming, with handsome features, standing on the stage.
Fans, are waving glow sticks.

The praise from the media kept pouring in.

Occasionally in the camera, Yan Yu’s figure can be photographed, a woman with short ears and short hair, standing silently behind him, like his most solid support.

About these photos, Su Luó will not be the only one who noticed.

Ye Wenbin’s fans chirped, some rejected idol love and told Yan Yu to stay away; there were also a few who agreed, and felt that it was only natural for the two to be together for many years.

Accidentally pinched on both sides.

Su Luó put back her phone and raised her eyebrows.
It seems that the way to complete the task is a long way to go!

No hurry, she still has a lot of time.

Just let them relax for a while.

“Do you know them?” A certain voice sounded from behind her ears.
Su Luó turned her head and saw Shi Yi standing behind her at some point in time.
She nodded, “Yes! Ye Wenbin is my ex-boyfriend.”

Shi Yi: ” …Really?”



Su Luó, who was very happy, said: “…”

With an innocent smile

Shi Yi: “You are taking revenge.”

“I don’t care.”

Shi Yi didn’t know why, looking at that soft smiling face, there was a certain subtle emotion in his heart, which slowly passed.

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