Raising my Fiancé with Money (1)


“This is the first time in my life that I have ever been so lucky.”

The fortune teller checked the cards and mumbled as if the results were doubtful.

She flipped the cards solemnly and raised her head.

“There’s a lot of luck in the amount of money you’ll get by just picking up money whilst taking a stroll on the street!”

The fortune teller struck the table strongly.

Ilia, startled, looked at her with excitement.

“It’s the kind of luck where you’ll be hit with money while you breathe.
All the money in the world just

gravitates towards you.”

It really was just magical.

As the fortune teller said, Ilia had never had a problem with money.

No, I was worried because I had too much money.

Ilia was born to a wealthy count’s family.

Originally, it was a famous family known for being rich, and since Ilia was born, the family’s money has not ceased.

Each of the businesses that were handed over were successful, a distant relative who did not even know her name, left a tremendous legacy, and was number one at all events that had prizes.

One time I went out without a penny, and ended up picking gold coins while walking down the street.

As the fortune teller said, Ilia was a great person with a fortune.

Ilia sat down and got closer to the fortune teller.

“I actually already know about my luck in wealth, and I’m curious about my luck in love since I’m getting married soon.”

“Of course I’ll see it.”

When asked to draw new cards, Ilia carefully picked out five cards.

After she chose all of them, the fortune teller flipped the cards over, one by one.

The expression of the fortune teller who was checking the cards became more serious.

When the last card was revealed, the fortune teller exhaled the breath he had held.

Ilia nervously looked down at the card.

A man lying in a coffin, a sword pierced through his heart, a skeleton sitting on a chair…

It looked unusual even to her who was not familiar with it.

“Luck in love…”

The fortune teller, who had checked all the cards, shook his head.

“You’re very dry.” (PR/N: Dry as in terms of her love life.)


“To put it simply, it’s ruined.”

Ilia’s face distorted at his gaze of regret.

“No, why?”

The couple, who had an engagement ceremony three years ago, was about to get married.

It wasn’t a political marriage, it was a built on love.

Her relationship with her fiancé was smooth, and there was no specific problem.

The fortune teller who felt like he swallowed needles opened his mouth with a serious face.

“It seems the lady’s luck in love was replaced by her luck in wealth.”

Ilia, who had been told bad news, almost trembled at the fortune teller’s words and barely kept herself together.

And she answered as calmly as possible.


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