t lights, riding in the dark, you really need to pay more attention, don’t go over into a the ditch in the middle of the night, this is not a joke.

    Last year, someone fell into a ditch and drowned.

    When the back of Jing Ziheng riding a bicycle disappeared under the moon, Gao Yuan was the first to react.
She rushed up and slapped Ye Mi on the back: “You are getting married, and you didn’t tell me?!

    ” You are too unethical.” Chen Chunxiang and Zhang Xiaohong echoed.

    Are they still good friends?

    “Take it easy, it hurts.” Ye Mi hid behind Zhang Xiaohong, who has a milder temper, away from Gao Yuan, and weakly argued: “It’s not settled yet, we’re still dating.” And she only found out today that she was going to get married the.

    Originally, I thought that the two of them needed at least a little time to get to know each other, but I didn’t expect Jing Ziheng to move so fast.

    “That’s fine, you and Mr.
Jing are dating and you’re getting married, and those broken-mouthed women in the village won’t say those nasty things…”

    Gao Yuan quickly covered Chen Chunxiang’s mouth, but it was still a step too late , she couldn’t help but smile embarrassingly at Ye Mi.

    “Don’t listen to her nonsense, no one in the village said anything about you.”

    Gao Yuan couldn’t help feeling annoyed as the narrations became darker.

    It was amazing that the other educated youths also followed Chen Chunxiang’s example comforting Ye Mi, and carried on talking about the outside gossip.

    The time was relatively short, and it hadn’t developed to the extent that Ye Mi’s previous life was so serious, but it was enough to affect her innocent reputation.

    Yemi’s face turned pale, her vision became dark so she couldn’t see.
She forced herself to smile and said, “Everyone is tired from work.
It’s my turn to cook today.
Wait a minute.
I’ll go to the kitchen to cook.”

The hand holding the rice grains from the rice jar trembled a little.

    One hand touched the back of the other hand, it was cold, as if touching a piece of soft ice.

    People who haven’t experienced it personally don’t understand the power of human words.

    When you hear others speak ill of you behind your back, slander your reputation, or even create some trumped-up charges against you, you still can’t refute it.
Resistance is justification, anger is guilt, and there is nothing you can do, you can only let yourself sink into the abyss.

    These Ye Mi have experienced it all.

    Those who are familiar with her know her innocence, and they will only tell her in a tone of indifference or pity, they are just talking,  don’t take it to heart.

    But if she really did not take it to heart, she wouldn’t be what she is now.

    After rebirth, Ye Mi didn’t become stronger, but she at least learned to be strong.

    It takes courage to live, so she needs to be strong and courageous.

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