On the way back, Jing Ziheng talked with Ye Mi about the wedding.


“I want to set the date of the wedding banquet for December 12th, what do you think?”


“It’s up to you.” Ye Mi had no objection.


It is now November 28th, and there is still half a month before the wedding, which is enough for her to finish all the clothes.


“I’ve already bought the wedding candy.
Uncle Wang will be the cook at the banquet .
We have no relatives here.
The set up doesn’t have to be too big, only six tables, which isn’t too eye-catching.
Each table must have a few meat dishes.
The village plans to kill a pig the day after tomorrow.
Our Share of the meat can be kept for ourselves.
I will buy some from the villagers, which will be enough…”


Jing Ziheng seldom rambled, but he arranged everything properly, Ye Mi has little to do.


She is just an emotionless nodding machine, whatever Jing Ziheng said she didn’t object, just nodded until he was done.


This time, Jing Ziheng directly sent Ye Mi back to the gate of the Educated Youth Court.


He stopped the car, waited for Ye Mi to get down, and handed her a small cloth bag, which was bulging and full of wedding candy.


“Take it and share it with your good friends.”




Ye Mi took took the bag, and quickly peeled the wrapper off, taking advantage of the his unpreparedness, she stuffed it into Jing Ziheng’s mouth, smiling like a flower: “Teacher Jing Happy newlyweds.”


Watching the little girl’s bouncing back disappear behind the door, it was only after this did his mouth register the taste of sweetness.


Raising his hand to lightly adjust his glasses, he couldn’t help but lower his head and laugh.


It seems that the life after marriage will be more interesting than he imagined.


Ye Mi, who returned to the Educated Youth Academy, became a sugar-scattering boy, who had to give two wedding candies to everyone, and told her wedding date by the way.


The people who received the wedding candies were all smiling and laughing loudly, saying a few good words of congratulations, and both parties were happy.


But when it was given to a female educated youth named Su Yu, it was rejected miserably.


Su Yu was squatting at the door of the kitchen washing clothes with hot water, when suddenly someone handed her two wedding candies, accompanied by the marriage news that Ye Mi happily announced.
Su Yu’s expression changed on the spot.


“What do you mean?!”


She violently knocked over the dirty water basin.
Fortunately, Ye Mi retracted her hands quickly, otherwise she would have got a hand full of sewage.


The candy wouldn’t have been saved either.


“What are you doing?!” Ye Mi gasp in surprise, and screamed out: “If I kindly offer you candy, and you don’t want it you can just regect it.
What kind of temper tantrum are you throwing? Do I look like your mother who as to put up with you.


Ye Mi might look weak, but she is not a gentle and good-tempered person.


On the contrary, her temper is very voilent and will explode easily.


Su Yu obviously didn’t expect Ye Mi to scold people so fiercely, and her face turned pale with embarrassment at Ye Mi’s insult.
Her reaction was stalled, and she didn’t dare to say anything.


Seeing her like this, Ye Mi didn’t bother to make any noise, and left with her candy in her mouth with a cold snort.


If she doesn’t eat it, she can keep it for herself!


After entering the room, Ye Mi was pulled over by Gao Yuan, and the two hid in the corner and whispered, “Why did you give her candy? You must want to be scolded.”


“What’s the matter with her?” Ye Mi felt that Su Yu was neurotic.


“What’s going on? Is it not the trouble caused by jealousy.” Gao Yuan nodded to Su Yu, who was still angrily washing the clothes outside, with a very meaningful expression.


Ye Mi understood: “She likes Jing Ziheng.”


This is not a very unexpected thing.
Jing Ziheng is good-looking, with a slender figure and a jade-like temperament.
He is also a teacher in the village elementary school.
He has a fixed monthly salary, and his family sends a large package of subsidies every month.
Money isn’t tight.


Although they are all educated youths, Jing Ziheng can live as delicately and decently as a young master.
He doesn’t have to point his face to the earth with his back to the sky and work hard in the fields for a whole year to earn enough food.


Such a good partner, not to mention female educated youths, many girls in the village, big and small, couldn’t help but fall in love with him.


That’s why when Ye Mi fell into the water and was rescued by him, so many people gossiped behind her back, saying that she jumped into the water on purpose, just to take advantage of Jing Ziheng and force him to marry her.


Is it not all out of jealousy?


Knowing the reason behind the matter, Ye Mi immediately calmed down, and went to dig out the pile of fabrics that she hadn’t finished, and picked them up and threaded the needles.


Seeing her so calm, Gao Yuan was not so calm.
She couldn’t help but leaned over and asked, “Do you not care if someone covets your partner? And I also heard from Zhang Xiaohong in the next room that Su Yu followed Jing Ziheng to come to Xiaotian Village.”


Ye Mi hands did not stop, and her head did not look up to answer Gao Yuan: “ Care about what? Why should I care about her following Jing Ziheng to the countryside, but there’s still no result after three years.”


So much so that Jing Ziheng even got the marriage certificate with someone else.


Although she has only been in contact with him for a few days, Ye Mi has a certain understanding of Jing Ziheng’s temperament.


He is a very upright and serious person who acts decisively and never procrastinates.


If he really had a girl he liked, he would have chased her and proposed to her a long time ago, and he would never have dragged on without giving her an answer.


Otherwise, how could she get her turn today?


In fact both he and Su Yu’s baby would be old enough to buy soy sauce.


Since Jing Ziheng had nothing to do with Su Yu, she believed in him, and there was no need to speculate blindly, which would easily cause trouble between the two of them.


Ye Mi admitted that the reason they decided to get married was not because of love, and they really have no relationship at present.


But they have all obtained their certificates, and the wine will be served in half a month.
She also intends to live a good life with others, and doesn’t want to make trouble.


Rebirth didn’t increase Yemi’s IQ, but at least it gave her two more years of experience, making her more perceptive when looking at things.


Su Yu’s matter was overturned easily.


Ye Mi didn’t want to mention it, and Gao Yuan didn’t want to talk too much, and the days returned to the calm of before.


Except that she had to use her free time at night to make clothes, Ye Mi didn’t really realize the fact that she was getting married.


So much so that until the day before the wedding banquet, she still felt that time slipped away quietly while she was not paying attention?

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