Jing Ziheng’s set was sent to him two days ago, and he should be able to wear it tomorrow.


She has no cosmetics here, but she owned a small piece of red paper that was used to write Spring Festival couplets.
She could put it between her lips to transfer some of the color.


Some pigs were slaughtered in the village a few days ago, and every family got a share.
Ye Mi’s work points were less so she only received a half a catty of meat.
Just like what Jing Ziheng said, it was only enough for her to eat.


But at the end of the year, another batch of pigs will be slaughtered, so the meat will be divided up again, and there will be more pigs to be slaughtered at the end of the year.
Ye Mi will be able to get a bigger share of meat at that time.


Jing Ziheng had already bought all the meat for the wedding banquet, and she didn’t know where he got some fish and tofu.
In this way, there are fish, meat and tofu on every table, and even the wealthiest family in the village can’t criticize it……


“Yemi Yemi, wake up, get up quickly, you are getting married today, don’t oversleep.”


Before dawn, Ye Mi was woken up by Gao Yuan’s loud voice.


She rubbed her eyes and got up, but before she could react, Chen Chunxiang covered her face with a hot towel.


“Wipe quickly, wash your face and change your clothes, get ready, your groom is coming.”


“How can it be so fast?” She retorted without any delay in her actions.


Ye Mi quickly tidied herself up and put on the newly-made white shirt and red skirt.
A delicate red silk flower was pinned to her soft short hair.
With the reddish lip color, she looked even more charming than a flower.


Her father was willing to marry her mother, a second-married daughter with two children, because of her good looks.


In fact, Ye Mi’s father is not ugly, he is slightly handsome.


Ye Mi grew up taking advantage of her parents’ merits, and she was the prettiest in the whole family.


However, her beauty is on the delicate and cute side.
Like a ceramic doll, it does not come off as aggressive and overly strong to people, but it is easy to please others.


“I won’t live here in the future.
Thank you for your care over the years.
This is my little thought.
It’s not worth any money.
I hope you like it.”


Ye Mi took out a few small red silk flowers that she had prepared a long time ago and distributed them to the female educated youths who came to express their congratulations.


These are made from the scraps left over from her skirt.
They are really cheap, but they are exquisitely made, and girls will definitely like them.
Sure enough, everyone took the silk flower and smiled happily.
They liked it very much, and some people put it on on the spot.

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