The Educated Youth house was very lively today, and even the whole Xiaotian Village was filled with joy.

    Ye Mi finished dressing up, and sat patiently in the room waiting for Jing Ziheng to pick her up.

    Her bed was already vacant, and her small suitcase and packed bedding were piled up on it.

    When the groom officially comes to pick her up later, all these things will be taken to Jing Ziheng’s house as her dowry.

   When daylight started to break across the sky, there was suddenly a lively clamoring from the outside.

    Jing Ziheng is here!

    Ye Mi clenched her hands nervously, her heart beating a little faster.
    She is getting married!

    She didn’t know how many times this thought crossed my mind, but each time it brought her more tension and anticipation, as well as a hint of fear.

    After all, it is a major event in life, and she has no experience, so it is inevitable that she would be scared and confused.
Afraid that if she does something wrong, the entire wedding will be messed up.

    The hustle and bustle outside was getting closer, and the house became more quiet, as everyone ran out to watch the excitement.

    Ye Mi couldn’t help but incline her head to listen, if the other Educated Youths were teasing Jing Ziheng.

    This was usually apart of the wedding process, the groom is always tested a little to show that his family attaches great importance to the bride’s maiden home.
At the same time, it is also a warning to the groom to treat the bride well after marriage and not to bully her.

    There is someone supporting her.

    This task should have been done by Ye Mi’s brothers, but now it is a group of sisters in the educated youth courtyard, and maybe a few male educated youths next door.

    Ye Mi heard a familiar male voice.

    One of them is Bing Shuyuan’s object, Chen Zetao.

    Suddenly, there was a feeling that the fifty cents that came with the gift in the previous life was worth it.

    The educated youth inspecting people did nothing more than ask questions.
Everyone racked their brains to think about difficult problems, but Jing Ziheng easily answered them all, and among them there was no sense of accomplishment.

    In the end, Chen Zetao had an idea, and signaled to the others with a wink: “Brother, we young people pay a lot of attention to getting married and finding our best match.
If you want to gain a bride, you have to state your intent to her, right?”

“What?” Gao Yuan and the others on the side didn’t understand.

    “For example, a loud declaration of your love or something.” The teammates are too innocent, Chen Zetao has no choice but to express it directly.

    “It’s so bold?” Everyone was shocked.

    Even though free love has become popular these days, people are generally conservative in their thinking and concepts, and very few people dare to declare their love in public, even if the object is their own daughter-in-law.

    But after being surprised, everyone couldn’t help but look forward to it.

    Especially girls, imagine a tall, handsome and rich man who is willing to throw down his face and confess to her in front of so many people.
even if she doesn’t reciprocate his feeling it was enough to gratify her vanity and give her face.

    The sound outside was loud and confusing, but Ye Mi could hear it clearly inside the room.

    She was a little anxious, and almost couldn’t resist running outside to stop the group of people who were watching the fun and didn’t think it was a big deal.

    How could you embarrass the serious teacher Jing this much?
    And with his temperament, how could he possibly…..

    “Comrade Ye Mi.”

    A cold and solemn voice came from outside the room, which belonged to Jing Ziheng.

    He didn’t shout loudly on purpose, but his voice could clearly reach Ye Mi’s ears through the closed door.

    “Our marriage started from an accident of fate.
Faithfulness and responsible.
But now I want to beg you, please be my partner every day, every month and every year into the future, and spend it with me hand in hand, Let’s form a new family together!”

    These were Jing Ziheng’s thoughts.

    Ye Mi knew it, and so did Jing Ziheng.

    The closed door was suddenly opened and neither of them new didn’t know when it happened.
The two faced each other, ignoring everything around them and only looking at each other.

    Her eyes were suddenly blurred by tears.

    Ye Mi cried, maybe because of the influence of the atmosphere, or maybe she was really moved, so she couldn’t control her emotions for a while, the tears rolled down her fair cheeks, but the corners of her mouth curled up.

    “Why are you crying on the big day? Stop crying and wipe your tears.” Gao Yuan quickly ran into the room to wipe Ye Mi’s tears, and the others reacted and helped warm up the atmosphere.

    The scene quickly returned to normal.

    However, many people kept looking at Ye Mi with envious eyes.

    If, in the past, there were still many people who whispered in private that the reason why Jing Ziheng married Ye Mi was because he was forced to do so, but now everyone thinks that they really love each other.

    The days of going to the countryside are indeed bitter, but the flowers of love that bloomed in the suffering can even move this group of young people whose dreams and hopes have not been wiped out.

    “Hurry up, escort the bride to the car, don’t waste time.”

    The little sisters who are good friends with Ye Mi surrounded her and hugging her.
Everyone was smiling happily before, but after they stepped outside the gates of the Educated Youth courtyard some eyes became red with emotions.

    “Ye Mi, are you not going to come back?” Chen Chunxiang asked.
She always looked a bit strong, but in fact she still had a soft heart.

    “How come? I have to go to work tomorrow, and then we will meet again.” Ye Mi’s honest words broke the sentimental atmosphere of everyone.

    After a while, everyone suddenly burst into laughter.

    “The ground is almost freezing, and I have to go to work tomorrow.”
    Thinking about it makes me even sadder.

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