ey saw the meat, fish and tofu on the table, which raised the faces of the newlyweds.

    After a day of trouble, it was past four o’clock in the afternoon when it ended.

    Everyone walked and scattered, leaving a mess everywhere.
    Gao Yuan and Chen Chunxiang wanted to stay and help clean up together, but Ye Mi refused.

    “I’ll just do it myself.
We have to go to work tomorrow.
You guys have been tired all day helping me, so go back and rest early.”

    Looking at the clean dishes on the table, which were whiter than when washed, Gao Yuan and the others didn’t insist either: “That’s fine, we’re leaving now.”

    “Wait a minute!” Ye Mi quickly stopped them, “You guys wait
    a moment.

” She came out with large bowls and handed them to Gao Yuan and Chen Chunxiang respectively.

    “Uncle Wang made too many dishes.
We can’t finish them.
If they are left for a long time, they will be wasted.
Please help me.
Take them back and add another dish tonight.” In the bowls, one is full of fish head tofu soup, and the other is oily braised pork, where was there too much, it was clearly reserved for them.

    This is a thank you gift from Ye Mi to them.

    Gao Yuan and the others swallowed subconsciously, and did not pretend to refuse, and took them away: “Okay, I will wash the dishes and return them to you tomorrow.”

“Okay, there isn’t any rush .”

After they left , Ye Mi thumped her aching shoulder, turned and entered the room.

    Jing Ziheng was lying on the bed, reeking of alcohol.

    He had drunk too much today, he couldn’t hold on anymore, so he was helped back to the house to lie down.

    Originally Ye Mi was also one of the people who were drunk.

    The old men and women in these villages drank wine as if it were water, and they liked to coax and persuade them to drink, and they can’t reject them.

    Fortunately, Ye Mi was smart, and together with Gao Yuan and others, they poured water into the wine, then every time she was forced to drink she would pretended to be shy, and just took a sip, so she seemed to drink a lot, but she was not very drunk.

    Now she still has the strength to help Jing Ziheng clean up.

    She shook the thermos.
The sound of water sloshing, signaled there was still hot water inside it.

    She mixed hot water with cold water, adjusted it to a suitable temperature, wet the towel, and wiped Jing Ziheng’s hands and feet, so that he could sleep more comfortably.

    This person looked very serious when he was awake, but unexpectedly well-behaved when he was drunk, he just lay down and slept in a well-behaved manner, neither noisy nor crazy, and let Ye Mi fiddle with him.

    She helped him take off his glasses and wiped his face.
Halfway through the wipe, a muffled voice came from under the towel: “All the guests have left?”

    Ye Mi paused, and continued: “Hmm.”

    ” Was the food delivered?”

    “I sent it”

    “Is the house cleaned up?”

    “Not yet.”

    “Then you rest, I’ll get up and clean up.” Jing Ziheng wanted to get up, but was pushed back by Ye Mi: “Don’t you realize your still drunk, If you smash a bowl you have to pay for it, let’s rest together today, and get up early tomorrow to clean up.”


There was a moment of silence under the towel: “…Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

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