Some second rate people will think that she is the kind of woman who is casual, and is easy to bully when they have nothing else to do.
Others will stare at her with hateful and judgmental eyes and talk behind her back.
As soon as he did something wrong it was infinitely magnified by them, and a large mess of rumors was compiled to confirm the previous bad words.

These are not Ye Mi’s imagination, but her personal later experience.

Jing Ziheng is a good man; he is willing to take responsibility for Ye Mi, even though saving her means he might be schemed by her.
But back then, Ye Mi ignorantly refused his marriage proposal.
Because she firmly believed in what her mother told her before she went to the countryside, she could not marry in the countryside, otherwise she would never be able to return to the city for the rest of her life.
“But I didn’t go back until I died.” Ye Mi murmured absentmindedly.
“What are you talking about? Go back? Where?” Gao Yuan had gone out and came back at some point with a bowl of porridge.
“I said I want to go home, I miss my mom’s cooking.”

Lying down again and staring at the mosquitoes flying around on the beams, Ye Mi didn’t feel the slightest bit sleepy.

Her body felt like ants were crawling on it.
She felt uncomfortable all over.
Unable to bear it, she lifted the quilt and got up, fumbled, and pulled out a small suitcase from under the bed.

    The suitcase was locked.
Ye Mi reached under her collar and pulled out a thin chain with a small copper key dangling from it.
She opened the suitcase with the key, and the inside was almost empty, just a neatly stacked white Dacron shirt with some money scattered on it.
Counting, all the money doesn’t add up to more than five yuan.
This was all Ye Mi had left.
    “Knock, knock…” There was a sudden knock on the door outside.

Ye Mi was so scared that she immediately covered the box, locked it, and stuffed it back under the bed, all in one go.

    “Who is it?” The illness is not cured, the voice is still hoarse, the voice is too low, the people outside the door obviously didn’t hear it, and they are still knocking.
    “Is Ye Mi there?” In the next room was Zhang Xiaohong, a female educated youth.
    “Yes.” Zhang Xiaohong knocked on the door with great strength.
Seeing the small wooden door crumbling, Ye Mi hurried over to open it and asked, “What can I do for you?”

“There is someone at the door looking for you.” Zhang Xiaohong looked at Ye MI’s pale, little face that had just recovered from a serious illness, and she was a little worried: “Why don’t I ask him to come back next time?” You haven’t recovered from your illness yet.
“Don’t go out to get blown by the wind.”
Outside, the wind was whistling and freezing enough to make the face hurt.
What would she do if Ye Mi’s sickness was aggravated by the cold?

“Thank you, I’m fine; I’ll just go back to the house and put on more clothes.”
Ye Mi guessed who had come.
She turned her head and went back, pulled out the suitcase again, took out a dollar, thought about it, and took another dollar, held it tightly in her hand, and then went out.
As soon as he arrived at the courtyard, she was stopped by someone before he opened the courtyard door.
Ye Mi turned her head and saw Zhang Xiaohong hurrying over with a kettle full of hot water in one hand and a red scarf in the other.
“Wrap this around you, wrap your head well, don’t let the wind blow on your head; I’m in a hurry to bring them water, so I’ll leave first.”

Saying that, without waiting for Ye Mi to refuse, she left her with a back view.
The open courtyard door swung back and forth, half concealing a slender figure.
Through the door, the cold phoenix eyes behind the gold-rimmed glasses looked at Ye Mi quietly.
“Comrade Ye Mi, may I ask you to come out for a moment?” “I have something to tell you.”
    “Oh, Okay.”
Ye Mi wrapped her scarf tightly, followed Jing Ziheng cautiously, and walked to the corner of the yard.
The two stood still, facing each other.
Ye Mi’s thumb was tucked under her sleeve and she unconsciously clasped her index finger, which was a sign of her nervousness.
    “You want to say…”
“Comrade Ye Mi, may I ask if I can get together with you for the purpose of marriage?”

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